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  1. [POLL] The most annoying move on POM?

    OMG that made me cry laughing, no joking it's hilarious!
  2. You misunderstood, I was talking about the video of the OP, not their career in general!
  3. I agree that after the last 2 intense ones, this is kinda bland.
  4. She doesn't bring anything to the song... I hate that I like so much JB's singing, cause he's such a douch...
  5. As sad as it is I'm not surprised. Beyonce felt the same at once, and honestly Michelle had really hard times with the jokes being on her.
  6. Can anyone find a moment when the 4 of them are doing the same movement??? I actually really like this group, but here it's tragic. Who said yes for those costumes, it's 2 sizes 2 small...
  7. I loved many of her songs and I have like 5 of her albums, but Anti was not good to me, I only listen to Only if For a Night remix and sometimes Kiss it Better. I want pop again
  8. Smart move. And those haters must be glad too, they won't hear anything from her anymore