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  1. Taylor Swift Posted Another Video Of A Snake

    this is a form of sarcasm right, we're not really talking about weird conspiracy theories? lol
  2. Taylor Swift Posted Another Video Of A Snake

    I mean at least she shows some humor with this. She knows how to create hype, I still don't like her, but she's smart, obviously the GP is eating this up. Just look at the views her snake videos get, it's rediculous.
  3. Lana Del Rey Announces World Tour

    No shade intended, but does she sell in the US and the UK, I mean I know she has some stans, but are there enough ppl who'd buy tickets? Sorry, I just didn't expect her to announce a tour, she needs another hit first.
  4. OH.my.god she actually did it! And she sounded SO good too!! Give us MORE of this Britney pls, loved her sassy little speech, now where's her country EP?!