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  1. Since were getting ready for Justin's return to the Super Bowl stage, something I still can't fathom as I thought they literally said he could never come back again...? Does anyone think he was trying to upstage Britney and Madonna's kiss that happened a few months prior at the VMA's? I must have forgot this and it's probably not talked about outside of their fanbases but do you think that's why he did what he did and caused nipple gate that fateful February day in 2004? Hmmmm... Also do you think Britney will ever have her own Super Bowl show? She's what Janet's age is now when she performed I believe (or around it).
  2. The Single That Could Have Been

    Thinkin' About You What U See (Is What U Get) When I Found You Shattered Glass Unusual You Inside Out It Should Be Easy Tik Tik Boom Man On The Moon Just Luv Me Clumsy
  3. Is Britney big gay icon?**

    Work Bitch says Hi.
  4. What doe she need to do to get her self back together?

    If you mean party, that won't happen. She's in a conservatorship...
  5. What does she need to do to get her sh!t back together? Let's make a list... 1. Stop Lipping 2. Dye her hair darker (medium brown) 3. ?...
  6. 2001 AMAney performing TTWE

    More like 20ney
  7. I hate Britney's lack of evolution...

    She's updating the same exact sh!t every year since 2008. She's barely trying anything new, out-of-left-field, taking chances like she used to. Slave, MATM, Gimme....I can't even say Womanizer or anything off of Circus. HIAM maybe? But other than that she's a scaredy cat for lack of a better term to try something new.
  8. She used to change every album and she seems exactly the same since Circus. It's like she's afraid to lose control and change from the polished popstar image or something. Like look I got better and I'm going to stay like this so they don't talk sh!t about me anymore. Bitch, evolve! Otherwise you're gonna be 45 here in 10 years with the same horrible bleached blonde hair, ill fitting leotards, crusty leathery skin, singing about sex. It's the most frustrating thing. I used to look forward to what she had to say each and every album. Baby, Oops, Britney, ITZ, Blackout and even Circus. But since then it's been the same song and dance. Literally.
  9. I mean, the bitch can sing Happy Birthday with her tongue tied. So why not the national anthem? Trumps impeachment, perhaps? No but seriously that could do wonders for her career. Maybe like a major baseball game or something? (I don't know sports.)
  10. Since we know they love each other and Britney has no idea what cool is anymore and insists on dressing like an 18 year going to the club for the first time in a 30 dollar Dillards dress...
  11. Fun Fact!

    Flop fan.