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  1. Starting to believe this is true. Guess I'll find out when I wake up tomorrow. Fucking lovely. It never ends.
  2. Sure there was. It was called eFG.
  3. That costume is pretty beysic doe...
  4. I wish she still worked with them tbh
  5. "And that's a lie, Maury Povich!" I've been on a Britney fan forum since 2001.
  6. Never stop not being you.
  7. I know this is Exhell, the majority since day one have been drama filled nancy's but I think it's only gotten worse since Femme Fatale. I think we're bigger critics than the media, the general public and even her actual haters. Britney has never been perfect, from day one of her career. We need to remind ourselves of that. She's had bad styling, awkward interviews, skipped red carpets, made terrible career decisions...etc. I don't know why we come down on her like a harpoon all of the sudden?
  8. How would you rate the 2016 Video Music Awards performance?
  9. No, but I don't think she knows half the words to oops either...
  10. Besides maybe Taylor nowadays. Adele and Beyonce both sold crazy amounts of albums but the singles themselves were pretty much flops in comparison to Rihanna or Ariana who are singles artists. I feel like even if you make an amazing album (like "Glory") it can still flop. I wonder what her next album will be?