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  1. He's not wrong. They're doing it now to Katy Perry. Before that it was Justin Bieber. I bet Taylor Swift will follow after this album. It's bandwagon hate. People don't actually hate the people (Britney) they just see other people hating her so they join in because they want to be a part of it. The media is so shitty sometimes.
  2. Let's say her first single was a ballad off of album 10 and she performed it at the American Music Awards for example. How do you think the world, media, online would respond? Surprised? Impressed? Respect? Would it be a positive mood for her career? What if her whole album were songs she wrote, like "Everytime"?
  3. New, Up coming talent. It's like saying Beyonce should work with Timbaland. That sh!t wouldn't happen because he's dated. It would flop harder than a fat kid at a weight loss camp.
  4. PG's aside you're not wrong and they kinda do, at least when she's in Vegas. I'm hoping she changes once she's finished.
  5. how? (face)

    Literally age.
  6. Did James Corden Avoid Shading Britney?

    What a fan you are.
  7. Britney thoughts

    SO funny!
  8. AMA's this Sunday?

    Any talk of attendance, etc. Fill a bitch in.
  9. GiGi Gorgeous giving Britney tees on TRL

    Britney would have never done that, even at her most outgoing. Messy.