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  1. "It's like opening the gates to heaven"

    Her raw voice is so sexy
  2. Did James Corden Avoid Shading Britney?

    Nico Tortorella, I wish it was me
  3. I want them both to come out already and finish with this PR forever
  4. Guys did you actually read at all? He's not shading her, he's defending her in fact He's just pointing out back then the GP saw Britney as a crazy celeb who would end up in an hospital. He's not saying that, just quoting that. He's criticizing GP and media for the sh!t they make up. Don't try to create drama because he's a Britney supporter
  5. Did James Corden Avoid Shading Britney?

    I mean she's the only one singer who did lipsync during some of the songs so, only for that, she could be chosen as the worst Anyway, there's worse ones like Iggy or Jason Derulo (who barely sang as well)
  6. She literally sued her fans for selling cute handmade dolls of her
  7. Britney mocking herself from Vegas

    Were they high here?
  8. May I ask why do people hate this movie so much? I mean, I've watched it and I don't find it that bad. It's not worse than any superhero movie from the early 2000's. A cheap plot with a villain and a sassy superhero. Is it cause it's a female superhero and we live in a sexist world or what?