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  1. Can somebody explain me the lyrics? cuz idgi "'Cuz all I want is what you want And all you want is me" so she wants herself? she wants what the boy wants -> she "Yeah, all you want is what I want And all I want is you (Yeah)" and the boy or the other person wants himself? am i wrong? is this correct? cuz it doesn't make any sense for me. what an egoist and narcissist bish
  2. what about @Neemz ?
  3. I love your comments so fucking much
  4. am i the fucking idiot? that "why should I " was mean to be why should i tell her to " be so mature since you discuss and waste your time with everyone who says something good about britney " since you asked me "how come u didn't say this to your 15 year old friend" i didnt get what you said so,
  5. I did tell her to stop her as much as you did, there's your answer are u happy now? really I don't know why you are so pressed since it was not me wishing deaths to somebody and the supposed mod isn't mad about that. Live in the present hun, if i was not banned or didn't get warning points must be for something. i'm tired of this thread, but i'm glad you stopped (for now) bashing britney, it's an improvement
  6. i'm sure you are so mature since you discuss and waste your time with everyone who says something good about britney
  7. Since you love so much receipts I want a receipt of that. you are really asking me for an explanation of why I didn't do nothing since you didn't too? that's double standard
  8. I want the receipts of that tbh. why are you even here if you are not fan
  9. with my feelings on fire, guess im a bad liar and I'm the repulsive one, lol
  10. and again, why only me? why didn't you stop her from the harassment and the deaths threats since you witness that? I want the receipts of you reporting of telling her to stop wishing someone's death, cuz you love those so much
  11. so you are asking and questioning me something that your friend told you. why should I explain something to somebody that it's none of his business and it's something he did not witness? idgi and you are avoiding my question, do you bash britney when it feels necessary too?