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  1. Ok so this isn't the usual garbage thread bashing her weight, but this just confuses me. On the opening night she wasn't in good shape, and she wasn't in Europe either. However on the ff DVD from Toronto her body was banging. Those two shows were between opening night and Europe. Is it really possible for her to have lost all that weight just to gain it back again in such a short time span??? Or was her body digitally altered on the DVD ???
  2. They did like the revamp at first. Well the majority anyway
  3. Oh really?? What was so wrong the revamped show last year. The choreo was better and more intense than it had been in years( not prime level but still)her energy was in point, she had choreo throughout the whole show, which back then was perfectly executed. We got the flawless bom and tomh performances......so what was so wrong with it??? And since what I think if it is what the majority of fans think, your obviously the delusional one. Now go take a seat
  4. No I couldn't make it . But yes she did!! I think that was one of her largest audiences on that tour
  5. I just feel that the u.s and Europe are her biggest market. I can't speak for everyone, but I have friends here who don't even know that britneys still making music, and they certainly don't know about Pom. She needs to tour here, to let people know she hasn't gone anywhere, and regain popularity. People still generally love her music. I'm sure she could sell out many places
  6. Well it was most of last year. Go back and watch videos of the show back in February of last year.... educate yourself
  7. She needs Europe more than Africa in regard to her commercial success. Touring here in Europe would make more sense!! And I doubt it's even true, since there's nothing official yet.