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  1. Stay strong!!
  2. Wtf?? How can a language scare someone? Arabic is one of the most beautiful scripts to write in calligraphy.
  3. That is so so sad. Im so sorry. I feel like giving you a big hug
  4. Thanks!
  5. I feel its placement on the album is a bit weird....I feel after The Hook Up, there should have been DHU, then Shadow, then Everytime. Scrap that unnecessary MATM remix and put BNG there. Add Girls and Boys as Track #15.
  6. Ik, but I'm in the US for a whole month (till the end of June). A part of me is scared tbh...
  7. Im going to Vegas in a few days......
  8. Absolutely. If you're performing, you oughta know the lyrics, especially if the song is a massive hit.
  9. ^title. Like the one in the video?
  10. How Britney sings we aint gonna sleep to-nay-ay-ay + day = Nay-day
  11. She did not sing ALL songs on BJ. She has some lead vox in Alien, WB, BA, TIG and Passenger, BG vocals in TTB, HOT.
  12. This attack is regarding Thai military (and a coup that took place 3 yr. ago), because the current military situation in Thailand is pretty unstable. Nothing to do with religion
  13. Idk what you are trying to say linking this to an attack that happened a month ago. All I'm saying is not every attack has religious motives