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  1. Bonnie Raitt - Something To Talk About

    Can someone link me to the video?
  2. Top 5 | Britney

    Oh no lol. Im Indian. Mais, je suis un étudiant de français.
  3. Top 5 | Britney

    Wait Glory didn't reach a 100? Thats news.... Also, what the hell was up with Exhale for ITZ. Like everyone praises it, but fails at voting for it lol
  4. Top 5 | Britney

    Britney + her team = The hydraulic machine Fans = hopes & dreams
  5. Whats her worst song...

    Play me like a guitar, and swing swing swing swing
  6. Share Your "Drunk" Stories!

  7. What's Your Favorite Britney Instrumental?

    Its such a good f**k You song lol
  8. Top 5 | Britney

    On a fresh note, I feel like I Run Away could have been a promotional single, if not an actual single (Anticipating can go home, its an ok song, but was not single worthy)
  9. What's Your Favorite Britney Instrumental?

    Mannequin, drag me but I love its chaotic sound
  10. Top 5 | Britney

    What does age have to do with whom you are fat shaming? And to add to this, you fat shamed @danny1994 said you had a meltdown. Whats you're excuse now? That you wont acknowledge an ignorant comment because someone else said that you got agitated a bit too much? Thats like me saying "All LGBT people must die", then face backlash. Then proceed to say, I wont acknowledge that what I said was wrong "because XYZ insulted me!" AWWWW (sidetone sorry for the graphic example used, but sometimes its needed to make people understand stuff)
  11. Top 5 | Britney

    Très bien!
  12. Top 5 | Britney

    Funny you don't even acknowledge your ignorant comment
  13. Top 5 | Britney

    How is this even connected to what y'all are arguing about? Fat shaming isn't funny,