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  1. Could be (lol) but Sitar could also be a Sanskrit word: Another etymology is that it may be derived from Sanskrit words saptatantri veena (Sanskrit: seven stringed veena), which later was called as saat taar ('saat' is number seven in hindi numerical system and taar stands for 'metal chord') which eventually became sitar. (Wikipedia)
  2. When I watched the Toxic MV in 2012....I guess its a good thing I didn't now about the X-Factor stint back then
  3. Oh ok, I guess its from a different angle thats why....
  4. What song is this gif from?
  5. shouldn't it be inversely proportional? I,e, more the amount of fillers , the worse she looks?
  6. Did she really write that? Cuz that apology doesn't even make sense. A movie role really? Did she really write that? Cuz that apology doesn't even make sense. A movie role really?
  7. Ikr. Especially these: Remember the Bible The sins of the Father. What you do You pass down No wonder why I lost my crown. The guilt you fed me Made me weak. The voodoo you did I couldn't speak. You're awakening The phone is ringing. Resurrection of my soul The fear I'm bringing.
  8. remembrance of who I am: Read it. It literally sounds like Rebellion's cousin....
  9. true, iTunes/ Apple Music have the whole thing available in my country for USD 3....much better and all material in the boxset is available. Dunno how much it is in the US iTunes Store, but im guessing about USD 12-15?
  10. Lol CYM is anything but mid tempo.....If CYM is a mid tempo song, then better is too... BPM: CYM- 118 Better - 97 DYWCO - 121
  11. I get calling her a slut/ hoe is wrong....but naughty? I don't think that's degrading to women. If Britney does something sexual, if you can't call that naughty, what else can you say besides sexual/sexy?
  12. My phone started playing Rebellion (whatever part of it was leaked) at 3 in the morning. Lord help me, I've never been so scared in my life.