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  1. Hmm you're probably right. But we don't know what her peers think about her, so yeah....but I guess she was fine with staying in the middle giving a safe answer. But hopefully she will gradually be more comfortable answering challenging questions like this with more honesty.
  2. Don't get me wrong, I'm not defending her, her answer is pretty weird and untrue, but I feel like owning up to it will do more harm than good. She will probably lose a lot of respect from her peers. Also, who's to say people will not say "You don't dance great". I could go either way. The answer she gave is like some sort of mid-ground, but she ended up sounding hypocritical
  3. I'm just happy she's comfortable answering such questions lol, and at least she isn't totally lying like she did in 2013
  4. I mean what did you expect? She's not gonna say "yeah, my show is a 100% lip-synced, because blah blah blah". I too feel like the answer she gave was kinda weird (and she sounded a little pissed), but I don't think we would've ever gotten more. At least she is admitting to some playback (unlike 2013 Vegas interview). But yeah, dunno what credit she's talking about
  5. What exactly did @Iggy. do to get -26.5K down votes
  6. All I want is her doing an album not all about sex, but also experimenting and playing with her voice like she did in WYN
  7. Imagine Britney's version of this song, her listing all the things she owns: I mean, she got rice, corn and apples