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  1. 5-6 hours to mykonos from Tel Aviv? You shouldn't have skipped school so much
  2. at 0:58 Just look at that vein in her neck. Its obvious that she is singing over the track. So bye you.
  3. I have always said that she sings over the track. Not every song maybe, but at least songs like Lucky and Perfume. Just look at the vein in her neck, its tensed when she sings. Her mic is just really low
  4. She says she hopes she is, but is she really? I have the feeling the young artists aren't looking that much at Britney anymore. They only look at beyonce. Maybe the old stuff still inspires artists like Selena, but not really her current work and performances.... What do you think?
  5. Omg I love those big crowds so much! Love it when they are screaming so loud!
  6. Looks like Sam inspires Britney alot to workout, so nice