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  1. As I've said here once, I have a friend who always gives me some exclusive information about Britney, and since Britney became part of the Epic Rights team the marketing agency where my friend works began to provide services to Epic and he started send me some news. Regarding all these rumors, he told me that they will release a buzz single to promote the tour. The track had already been introduced to Britney about three years ago when she was still recording Glory. The pictures she posted with the dancers were at the place where the video was recorded. He told me that people who were in the location of the video said that the single sounds like 'Clumsy' but a little less EDM. The video and song will be out together on June 22 and she may be at the GMA to promote the song and talk about the tour and the next steps in her career. I asked him if the song was called Apple pie/Apple tree or if it had any relation with apples, and he answered me back with an apple emoji.
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    rumor Maybe official announcement is coming

    June 22. Be ready.