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  1. I mostly love that she gets to feel the love of full arenas and not just the Vegas theatre hope she enjoys touring more and wants to do a proper tour next year
  2. Well, Britney gets what de deserves shes not dancing hardcore and I believe last time I checked she lipped Alien on a chair and didn't even do it properly. then to say you're pissed off about it.. she's built her own bed and now has to lay in it. Not complaining though, love the interviews she's giving
  3. Wait, so he wasn't there until now? But he's been with her since 1973
  4. I honestly thought Larry would read the questions before and strictly forbid them lol
  5. Queen of performing and posting on the same time!! Simultaneouslyney!!
  6. She literally just posted something on her instagram hahahaha
  7. Maybe she and everybody else forgot the opening song
  8. Just read on instagram that she is already delayed by an hour..? true?
  9. Love the fact that she mentions it's sold out, let them lessers know
  10. Thanks
  11. yeah.. was reading here that she is expected to gross 25 million
  12. I've read somewhere here that Britney:Live in Concert is expected to gross a lot of money.. where do we have that info from?