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  1. She loves it! She just posted it on Instagram recently from her trip. Rice is plain and she'll have it at home. She's talking about spices and unusual dishes she's not used to.
  2. I could cry at every answer tbh. Just a complete and utter sweetheart. To quote Pink ''she deserves the world''.
  3. That's what a ton of artists do though.Artists who have a nice, loyal audience like Britney are very prone to this.Spend a couple years working on the album and then your job is done and you put it out for the fans.People need to understand that she isn't a new artist trying to get an audience; She isn't a new artist on her first album who needs to fire in all cylinders and go on tour to make people aware of her and her music. She's made her name, she's built her audience and She is very, very obviously not trying to expand her audience reach... She is just putting stuff out for the fans and hoping they take to it. That is not forgetting about your music - it's a very normal practise that keeps her busy and keeps the fans engaged. Imagine being robbed of Glory - by popular opinion one of her top 3 albums - just because she wasn't going to tour with it and do 6 singles and videos. Defies belief. It'd be awesome if fans could stop being so all or nothing.
  4. This. Wasn't getting the reaction to the no plans comment.It starts like that often. Just means they're working on it but haven't hit the right sound yet. As seen in the past sometimes there were no plans but because she records regularly - they hit the right sound and then they're off. Next thing they're doing an album and filming a video. It happens naturally. I will never understand people who want to rush this stuff. It's the whole thing of being a fan..seeing where the artist goes. Artists take years out sometimes to think of their next projects. Would be great to hear something this year but no biggie if not.