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  1. New Britney Shirt

    I never see any Britney t-shirts in France. (But you can keep this one, it is at a Glory artwork level of ugliness)
  2. I’m so nervous to meet Britney.

    Do people try? We have so many Exhalers saying "tonight, at my M&G, I will ask her about the original Make Me... video", yet we never hear about them after. Do you think Larry kills them and dumps the bodies in the desert?
  3. Apple Emoji - 4th Post in a row

    Her FROOT era is coming, it will be juicy! I want Britney to be picking apples in her next video: when will the original Make Me... video?
  4. Find out your Blackout rank

    Some choices were hard to make. RANK SONG 1 Get Naked (I Got a Plan) 2 Piece of Me 3 Ooh Ooh Baby 4 Hot As Ice 5 Break the Ice 6 Gimme More 7 Radar 8 Heaven On Earth 9 Perfect Lover 10 Get Back 11 Everybody 12 Toy Soldier 13 Freakshow 14 Why Should I Be Sad 15 Outta This World
  5. Not him using her to start his business. Well, at least he is not a stay-at-home like Kevin.