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  1. I messaged Sam Asghari

    Oh dear, I missed that! Imagine her reading this fake Twitter account. The imposter could have used it to sink their relationship.
  2. So this perfume was real! Everyone was saying that the ad and promo posters were way too terrible not to be fakes!
  3. I will have to re-enact the Touch of My Hand. I wish it was Breathe on Me, though. "Aaaah, the single life", as Britney would say.
  4. This one too. How could I forgot this one. Essential!
  5. Okay, so here's my list: Why is she never singing live even though she seems to have kept a decent voice? (that could allow her to sing at least some parts) Why was the Make Me... original music video cancelled? Why is she still under conservatorship? What were really the terms of her Vegas contract? (about her not being able to perform elsewhere in the US, etc.) What are the terms of her contract with RCA? (number of remaining albums, money invested by the record label, creative freedom, etc.)
  6. I love it, same as the other Christmas one they made. But it is too expensive for me, especially when shipping to Europe is included. (So I bought a Star Wars Christmas one yesterday, for €15, a bargain)
  7. You guys should listen to the main edit and the extended one since both are now on YouTube. Flawless!
  8. At 50 they will still be breaking up, kissing and making up every now and then. It's hard to keep track of all this.
  9. To celebrate Blackout 10, Nick* has released his third remix Break the Ice, this time titled "Sub-Zero". As usual, it is amazing. Blessed be his stems! Listen to it under ↓ + link to the other edits of this remix.
  10. I have been playing the new Break the Ice remix on repeat! I feel cleansed. :bparty:

    And those vocals... :TOMH:

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    2. If U Seek Me

      If U Seek Me

      Here. Don't forget to download the whole EP. It slays my existence tonight. :sendinglove:

    3. If U Seek Me
    4. SlayOut


      Thank you sis! Also slay at Britney for copying Gretchen in that emote!!!


  11. By the way, the extended mix is 6 minutes of eargasm. I usually dislike them but now I feel like @Dripping For Britney when in trance. Also, do I hear new vocals? (By the way, I have found a link to one of his previous Break the Ice remixes). You should grab the whole EP.