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  1. Anyway, they should date each other to see their sales skyrocket. @Larry Stylinson
  2. Flawless rapper releasing 2 music videos per month! When will Britney?
  3. This is quite good! The chorus is a bit lacklustre but the verses' beats are good and CupcakKe's rap part is on point! @SlayOut
  4. Funny that all the tweets got deleted but the "U little fuckers".
  5. Well, he still has many other places he can perform and show bad behaviour in!
  6. Not these promo videos again... Remember when we analysed the one for the MTV VMAs 2016 to determine if the TV was showing the original Make Me... video? We thought the that maybe the original video would be released during the performance. Fools that we were! (I think it is now somewhere in this thread).