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    Ok, I know I may be so behind, but what's "BTS"? To me, it only means "behind the scenes"!
  2. New IG- idk what to make the title

    I'm SCREAMING! Did she even posted on Instagram for Blackout 10? I don't even remember, so even if she did posted something, it was not spectacular.
  3. BOMT Blanket

    But they paid dust to Blackout's 10th anniversary. It's the point of Christmas sweaters, though. I bought a very ugly Star Wars one a few days ago. My friends and I usually have an "ugly X-Mas sweaters" party once a year. (But it was cheap, unlike Britney's merchandising).
  4. We French people don't understand her French. Her accent is outta this world.
  5. Britney enlisted at Maverick Records

    Not that surprising. "Reindeer Entertainment" is such a terrible name. No credibility at all.
  6. Stop the French fetish, please. @Brichney.: ça n'est pas avec une émission comme Danse avec les Stars que What You Need va devenir un hit.
  7. Britney should get a song like HAVANA

    This remix is amazing!
  8. What would you call the movie of Britney's life?

    With the conservatorship, her silly team not pushing her to work harder, all those producers and writers doing most of the creative work and artistic direction, I would call it: Under Influence Which does not mean it is necessarily a bad influence. Drag me, Exhalers, I am ready for you!
  9. Pretty Girls, How It Should Have Been

    This remix is still amazing!
  10. Yes, I saw the thread, but only three days later, as I was banned and couldn't read Exhale.

    Time for my iconic gif. (Of course Britney is also to blame, but a better team and record label would not allow her to be this lazy).