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  1. La Bicicleta looks like it was coloured by the editing team of The Walking Dead. It is supposed to be a colourful song yet all the colours are washed out.
  2. Where are the insiders???

    @Chrisnay is there for you. Edit: burned by the above posts. I should have read the entire thread before replying. See the user above.
  3. Rare Lossless songs collection

    Yes, for scientific purposes.
  4. Rare Lossless songs collection

    Yes, I thought about that. But now that I think about it, some bonus tracks can also be considered as "rare".
  5. Rare Lossless songs collection

    I thought we were all talking about "rare" songs, hence not available on CDs. Well, let's say this is a misunderstanding.
  6. Rare Lossless songs collection

    The "rare" songs your thread is about!
  7. Rare Lossless songs collection

    Do they come from the masters? I'm really curious how we can have access to such quality if these songs have never been released to CD.
  8. Rare Lossless songs collection

    What do you mean by "rare" songs? Are you sure of the source? (Some people convert MP3 at 128 kbps into FLAC files)