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  1. If you ever wanna see a gay club truly explode, request “Gimme More” and wait for “It’s Britney, bitch” to drop — a true declaration of survival and resilience. Ten years ago, magazines had prewritten Britney’s obituary. No one had witnessed someone so famous come undone at the seams so violently and so publicly. The fact that she didn’t die makes those three words feel so much more important now when you hear it today. LGBTQ people have always looked to their musical heroes to provide inspiration or strength. Protest anthems can be weapons or sometimes armor — but sometimes we also want these songs to strut and slap us in the face



    damn straight facts. That’s powerful

  2. 5 hours ago, Pedro Dantas said:

    I feel like the B9 era could've been her comeback but she wasted it completly. The album was generic, her image is way too pointed to her fanbase instead of the GP and she's basically a nostalgia act at this point. She hasn't shown any artistic growth in a very long time and that's very worrying. The fact that ITZ is a more grown-up album than Glory says a lot. The same thing about her interviews. Add to that the shitty collabs (G-Sh!t, Iggy, Tinasha), questionable fashion choices (pig tails, bad make up, sh!t costumes) and an overall sense of tackiness (sex scenes in Make Me, orgy in the original MM, lesbian scenes in SP, d*ck grab at the VMAs) and you just get the sense that she's still stuck in 2002. The way they handled the era was catastrophic: she took way too long to release the lead single, wasted an entire BBMA slot to perform a GH medley where a quarter of the tracks weren't even singles instead of performing the lead single, and then didn't give a speech so people barely knew why she was there in the first place; scrapped a bad video and replaced it with an even worst one, went to CK just to lipsync, went to the VMAs and delivered a horrible comeback, went to iHeart with horrible choreo, costumes, make up and hair and then wasted another slot to promote Parody of Me, went to JR and actually gave a great interview but the song was already dead by then. Then they released SP way too late with an irrelevant singer and didn't promote it on TV at all even when it was rising on radio and got added to a few important playlists. Then the Glory era died and we got stuck with some of her worst costumes, M&Gs and performnce skills in a very long time.

    Even in the rare moments where the public is somewhat here for her, she and her team manage to f*ck it up.

    saying nothing but straight facts