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  1. Omg but she was supposed to be innocent!
  2. Britney with a bitch attitude >>>> britney with a bitch attitude with iggy azalea
  3. I just googled that.... wow iggy really needs to stop her career is/ has been over she needs to venture out and do some other kind of thing with her fame. Maybe movies
  4. She been lost her ass since last year when she got skinny
  5. https://instagram.com/p/BR-sLOHgjuA/ sometimes im convinced she's a malfunctioning robot when she messes up like this
  6. Ehhhh Britney had moments of unique photo shoots and a lot of hot ones but Rihanna is like another level she stays taking risks with fashion-inspired shoots!! Who tf isn't photoshopped tho
  7. do people really think theres gonna be one?? i thought everyone was just joking around lol
  8. she doesn't even know all the words to Make Me or Work Bitch so i highly doubt it lol
  9. i always was disturbed when she said that...
  10. u missed the most iconic word "when you CUMMMMMMMM all ova me"
  11. This was edited really fucking well