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  1. Godney's Sweet Ass

    socialney Predict Her Next Insta Post...

    It's been 5 whole days since "painting with the boys in the garden." I predict... random flowers
  2. Godney's Sweet Ass

    news Fall In Line Is Falling Fast

    Rise "Fall"... This is the beginning...
  3. Such a shame. Gwen churned out so many great songs: Sweet Escape, What You Waiting For, It's My Life (No Doubt,) Hella Good (No Doubt), Don't Speak (no doubt) and Hey Baby (No Doubt) but nothing she's released in the last decade has impressed me. She lost her taste/sound/spark
  4. Godney's Sweet Ass

    news Britney talks B10

    Well, she's written lots for Myah so...
  5. Godney's Sweet Ass

    music Is this the perfect recipe for B10?

    Servings: 5 million
  6. Godney's Sweet Ass

    other Femme Fatale Tour could've been...

    It's 100 times better than POM tbh. The staging, the lights, the dancers, the setlist, some of the choreo, the pre-recorded vocals. Urgh - yes it was a messy tour, but POM is even worse.
  7. I wouldn't. It's so overrated on here
  8. Godney's Sweet Ass

    music Glory hits 801k copies sold worldwide SPS

    For context - Circus did 500K in its first week.... in the US alone... And before Brittards come at me with "All pure sales are down between 2008 and 2016" - I realise this, but a drop of 400K is tragic and you know it
  9. Godney's Sweet Ass

    music Songs You Would Show Someone To...

    My Baby because of its awesome lyrics
  10. Godney's Sweet Ass

    news A little promo for “Ouch”! So underrated

    WTF? I gagged
  11. OMG she sounded so much like MJ when she spoke. But I wasn't wowed by the performance tbh. I expect more from Ms Jackson... And all the God stuff in her acceptance was a little too American and OTT for me personally. I would've preferred "About time Billboard! How dare Jennifer Lopez win this award before me. That skank was in one of my videos way back in the 90s. I was making hits before she could even speak!"
  12. Not to be too political, but it's disgusting how she performed Havana given the recent tragedy there... http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-latin-america-44184751 #heartlessbitch
  13. He's an American fad. Europeans and Brits prefer global icons like Britney
  14. M E S S I'll never understand why some singers equate screaming with actual talent
  15. Godney's Sweet Ass

    rumor I know what Britney thinks of the Myah talk and the BJ era

    Brittard of the month award goes to... Someone Who Knows
  16. He should be shot for his work not getting awards