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  1. We need to talk about short hairney

    Less hair for her to play with = better performances tbh. I also think the lack of weight on top of her head makes her freer and lighter when dancing. Come back short hairney!
  2. I don't like her, but that was just mean. First Blue Ivy and now this kid - she's gonna get a complex! "Kids HATE me" etc...
  3. CIRCUS Officially Sold 7 Million

    4) Glory is definitely worse than Britney Jean, which is logical because of her trajectory. The drop in sales of the global market is not a valid argument since the huge majority of purchasers for both albums are not casual buyers but instead fans. Losing 40% of sales when the bulk of buyers are fans is a harsh drop which shows her fan base is being crippled! Ouch at this bit
  4. Blue Ivy looks like a spoilt brat, who will get very far with little to no talent because her parents are who they are. Beyonce might be selling lots of records and concert tickets, but she's clearly a bad mother and that is what will truly define her as a person
  5. Kesha Postpones 'Rainbow' Tour To Undergo Surgery

    Lady Gaga-teas
  6. Britney Spears Is The New Michael Jackson - Here's Why...

    Make your own post then, expert
  7. Lost childhoods (Britney wanted a career in showbiz and lost out on a normal childhood. Jackson also missed out on a regular childhood and would later attempt to recreate a childhood through his home Neverland, surrounding himself with kids and singing about his youth in songs such as the creatively titled "Childhood." Though Britney does not directly complain about her childhood - in recent years her Instagram account has depicted a person who thinks they're much younger than they actually are - from blissful twirl videos, to "look how high I can jump" photos to fashion shows in her mansion. No doubt, if Instagram had been around in the 1980s - Jackson would've used it to upload videos of water balloon fights in Neverland... Jackson's father was mentally and physically abusive to him as a child. Spears currently has little to no control over her financial affairs - her father does. She also has to pay him for the privilege. Mr Spears has a say in who Britney dates, what she buys and who she hires. Jackson's career peaked early in his solo career with his album "Thriller." Sales of his later albums - although strong - were far less impressive and never lived up to those of Thriller. Britney peaked with her debut solo album Baby One More TIme and never hit those incredible sales ever again. Michael's final studio album in 2001 was a commercial disappointment. He barely promoted the record and blamed Sony for its failure. Britney's last studio album in 2016 failed to make a dent in the charts for long and fans blamed both the singer and her incompetent label RCA for the record's demise. Only 2 singles were released off Invincible/Glory before all future singles were cancelled. Michael's plastic surgery addiction was well-documented and clear for all to see. Britney may or may not have had: Breast implants, nose jobs, lip injections, eye lifts and liposuction. From amazing music videos (Thriller, Billie Jean, Scream, Earth Song & Black Or White to the abysmal You Rock My World & Cry.) From incredible music videos (Toxic, Me Against The Music, Oops I Did It Again & Work Bitch to the lame Make Me, Ooh La La & Perfume.) Charitable work - both artists did/do lots for various charities. Both artists have famous sisters - Janet Jackson & Jamie Lynn Spears. Both artists have a connection to Justin Timberlake - Britney dated him, Jackson performed with him more than once in 2001. Both artists have a connection to Madonna - Britney collaborated with her in 2003 and performed with her in 2008, Michael dated her briefly in the 1990s. Towards the end of their respective careers - Michael and Britney both stopped being known for their show-stopping award performances and started just turning up to collect awards for their past work. Jackson bagged "Artist of the Century" and "Pop Artist Of The Millennium" and "Artist of a Generation".... Britney won "Millennium Award" and "Video Vanguard Award" and "Icon Award" - these are ALL awards for artists who no longer win actual awards for their recent work. Britney and Michael performed together in 2001. Britney presented MIchael with a cake on stage at the MTV awards. Both artists suffered injuries which affected their performing abilities - Jackson in 1999 and Spears in 2004. Both artists married and divorced (twice) and both had kids. I'm right and you know it
  8. Britney Spears Is The New Michael Jackson - Here's Why...

    Relevant promo would be a good start though...
  9. Britney Spears Is The New Michael Jackson - Here's Why...

    Breaking News is NOT Michael, nor is Monster and a number of others on the MIchael album. Behind The Mask is absolutely MJ though and Place With No Name is him. A mixture of MJ and not MJ - such a shame. He was such a perfectionist - he'd be spinning in his grave
  10. iHeart Radio 2016 new angle bits

    I think it's good she didn't aim to have radio hits with Glory because clearly that plan worked out really well
  11. Kylie Minogue - britney-teas

    http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-5394517/Kylie-Minogue-charges-fans-965-meet-greet.html Remember when icons used to make money by selling records and tickets to their shows? Now they just milk fans for M&Gs instead. Disgusting