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  1. Anyone Else Remember...

    ... when Britney surprised us all by turning on the Xmas lights and then picking up a microphone and singing My Only Wish (This Year) fully live with a children's choir as background singers? And then the song shot to #1 on Itunes worldwide and stayed there all over Christmas - giving Brit her first Xmas #1 hit on BB Hot 100? Wasn't it amazing?
  2. #13 sounds bad, but I remember there being loads of competition at the time. Thanks to the Uk #1 hit singles of Toxic and Everytime, ITZ actually spent as long in the Uk album charts as the Britney album and almost as long as the Oops album... when will Glory? Source: http://www.officialcharts.com/artist/7405/britney-spears/
  3. I might vote for Xtina because she promoted those Oreos harder than Brit promoted Glory
  4. Preview Lily Allen's New Leaked Single "Trigger Bang"

    Sheezus was underrated genius so I'm excited for her next music.
  5. My Only Wish (This Year) Update

    And that was only for about a month
  6. My Only Wish (This Year) Update

    I was on my phone and misread that as America and got super excited before realising... Slay Armenia though
  7. Britney: Piece Of Me Ending Party (Official Thread)

    The end of an era A tragic fucking era
  8. I hope the mom is using the GoFund money for plastic surgery for her entire f'ugly family