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  1. Godney's Sweet Ass

    tour She HAS to be rehearsing

  2. Godney's Sweet Ass

    tour She HAS to be rehearsing

    I know that's what normally happens, but I choose to believe she's changed After 6 months off, Brit was getting bored and so she's determined to throw herself back into work now...
  3. "Work Bitch" "Womanizer" "Break the Ice" / "Piece of Me" "...Baby One More Time" "Oops!... I Did It Again" "Me Against the Music" "Gimme More" "Boys" "Do You Wanna Come Over?" "I'm a Slave 4 U" "Make Me..." "Freakshow" "Do Somethin'" "Circus" "If U Seek Amy" "Breathe on Me" "Slumber Party" "Touch of My Hand" "Toxic" "Stronger" "(You Drive Me) Crazy" "Till the World Ends
  4. He owes all he knows about trolling from the genius of the trolling world... Ms Britney Spears. She taught him well Next he'll be asking us what we think the 3rd single from Glory should be or if we'd like to see the full original MM video
  5. Godney's Sweet Ass

    tour She HAS to be rehearsing

    Nothing from her on IG for days and days... this can only mean 1 thing... she's rehearsing for the tour and adding new songs. I'm actually a bit excited
  6. Team Flop obviously got jealous because this merch is 100% better than the awful real merch. Jesus, they're so bad. Surely a good team would think "wow that stuff is amazing, let's have a conversation about using it instead of the crap we currently have." But no Team Flop are like "They can buy our crap or not have anything good. They can't have both."
  7. Godney's Sweet Ass

    exhale Bring back this choreo

    I miss Andre
  8. Godney's Sweet Ass

    exhale While you guys focus on all these rumors of a New single

    I'm just curious to know which female singer will do Brit's vocals when the song gets promoted because we all know it won't be Brit Brit...
  9. Godney's Sweet Ass

    other Harry Styles asked about favorite Britney Spears song

    Slave was the game changer. Toxic is overrated. I said what I said and I stand by it
  10. Godney's Sweet Ass

    rumor (RUMOR) IT'S MARIAH! the feature is Mariah!!

    Here for Honey 2.0, Always Be My Baby 2.0, Fantasy 2.0 or Heartbreaker 2.0. Not here for ballads
  11. Godney's Sweet Ass

    music Using DWAD Tour Setlist Over POM Choreography

    Loved it I miss hearing different songs of hers being performed. The set list had BETTER change on tour. She's got hundreds of songs but sticks with the same few Hits get ignored, album tracks get added IDGI
  12. Godney's Sweet Ass

    other What would you name a Britney men's fragrance?

    Piece Of He The bad grammar would be classic Team Flop
  13. Godney's Sweet Ass

    news 'Liberation' Sold Out

    I'll bet she sold out on Itunes too
  14. Godney's Sweet Ass

    other Madonna "shades" Beyoncé

    Kween of Pop 4ever. Nobody will ever touch Madonna's impact and success Beyonce & Jay Z have no eras. It's just one long pile of crap