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  1. If she gets pregnant again and puts her career on hold even after it's been on hold since 2013
  2. #DelusionalKween
  3. When the highlight of the tour are some nice M&Gs and fans holding glow sticks - you know the tour is a mess
  4. Oh please, the only amazing thing Justin Timberlake has ever done is Britney Spears
  5. OMFG the sigh and then "that sucks." And the interviewer is just waiting and waiting for more reaction CRINGE x1000 - I loved her reaction!
  6. DEAD @ me not knowing about this
  7. So this is just the Israeli interview snatched for the Uk Metro?
  8. How dare you question Adele's sex appeal. I know lots of guys who fantasise about her wearing black latex bodysuits and pouring milk all over herself in a seductive manner
  9. Relevant in the 1990s and 2000s, but totally redundant now.
  10. T4P OP. How odd I was listening to FF and Circus album tracks last weekend and was stunned by how many times she said "CRAZY" in her songs. I was going to tally them up but couldn't be bothered. I wonder if she says "baby" or "crazy" more overall? We'd have to include Greatest Hits because she says "I'm just a crazy kind of girl" a lot and she says "They say I'm crazy" in the new tracks......
  11. I would never say Britney is the smartest person in the world, but she's savy in some ways. I was surprised when I first heard about her coming up with the BOMT outfit idea - that single idea really helped to launch her career, as it made her look even sexier to guys and helped young girls relate to her. She came across as articulate and self-aware in For The Record, but her robotic interviews of 2008-2014 only re-enforced the "she has no brain" narrative.
  12. Yeah, I felt a bit sick when they did MJ Hologramney, but I also cried because it was like part of him was still with us I realise they've only done holograms for performers who have died, but as Britney broke new ground by being a pop star in Vegas, she could be the first living legend to have her own Hologram Tour. She would have lots of input into the show, but she wouldn't have the chore of having to rehearse or perform or travel. And it would make her lots of money so she'd be happy I can see the press release now.. "Pop icon Britney Spears today revealed her plans for a World Tour, but she won't be performing - her Hologram will! In another bold move by the pioneer pop star, Britney is working with hologram experts from Asia to put together a new tour featuring her iconic choreographies. Britney's manager Larry Rudolph had this to say, "After 20 years plus of performing, Britney has decided she wants to focus on her family for the next few years. But she's really excited about this ground-breaking new project. Britney will have lots of input in the show including helping to decide on outfits, props and the set list. But fans will also be asked to vote for which performance they'd most like to see included in the tour from the VMA snake performance of 2001 to the equally iconic Make Me performance from VMAs 2016" We'd get better outfits, as Britney wouldn't be wearing them so she won't care about comfort. We;'d get better set lists because fans would help decide them. We'd get better choreo because it would be the original choreos. We'd get so many great things from a Hologramney Tour. I think it should be called, "The Iconic Tour" and it should visit 100 cities and tickets should be cheaper than regular Britney shows. The M&Gs would be amazing too with Hologramney always having flawless make-up and hair
  13. The first 1 is perfection. Kween of poses
  14. Glory hit #1 on Billboard and stayed there for 6 weeks in a row? And how Make Me's official music video clocked up a massive 1 billion views in its first day? And when Britney won critical acclaim for her 2016 VMAs performance, which was both exciting, ground-breaking AND fully sung live? Britney remembers