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  1. Fifth Harmony Announce Indefinite Hiatus

    And they should've been for Britney
  2. Good photoshoping is fine. It's the bad photoshopping I hate. Kenzo give good photoshop
  3. Fifth Harmony Announce Indefinite Hiatus

    Celebrity Big Brother....
  4. I want new choreo Imagine seeing Britney doing non-POM choreo IT'S BEEN 7 YEARS!!!!
  5. Anyone else worried about her face?

    Not so much her face I'm worried about just those effin panda eyes
  6. Myah doing photo shoots now too huh?
  7. Slay La La on the way to be VeVo Cert.

    Embarrassing song and MV
  8. "3" performance looked like a lot of fun!!

    I always quite liked the 3 POM performance apart from the last few seconds where she should be dancing hard, but instead just touches herself But the bar bits were fun and cheeky and the hairflicks were fun and her energy was cool Also - the vocals sound like FFT vocals? Slay me Britney
  9. How could anyone forget how they played the music video in the background and then the shooting scene was recreated on stage with 10 UK armed police officers shooting Britney with confetti?
  10. Will 'Despacito' Break the 16-Week Record for a Billboard Hot 100 No. 1? On the Billboard Hot 100 dated Aug. 5, the remix of Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee's smash "Despacito," featuring pop megastar Justin Bieber, spends its 11th week at No. 1. Could "Despacito" be the song that finally matches the all-time record 16 weeks on top of the Hot 100, set in 2005 by Britney Spears' "Someday (I Will Understand)"? Source: Billboard
  11. Tinashe Shares 'Joyride' Release Date And Album Cover

    That cover. When will Britney?