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  1. He is right and Britney wants to retire, so what's the problem? I hate him tho
  2. Nothing anymore, because Im used to all the songs. But I remember when I heard Toxic, Outrageous, Slave, Womanizer and Breathe On Me for the first time and I was like "Oh sh!t"
  3. Do you remember the extended version of this? Where her voice goes higher and higher and ends in a beep? Do you have it?
  4. Mood Ring (Acoustic Version)

    I guess you're referring to Shittiverse? Recently browsing: 1 member. If you don't like it here, you can leave Just keeping it real, like Jay Low What you get it what u see
  5. Glory Alternate Tracklist

    1. Invitation (No autotune/vocoder sh!t) 2. Man On The Moon 3. Clumsy (Finished) 4. Change Your Mind 5. Do You Wanna Come Over? 6. Slumbert Party 7. Just like Me 8. Change Your Mind 9. Make Me (No G-eazy) 10. Just Love Me 11. Private Show (Without Chipmunk Vocals) 12. If I'm Dancing 13. What You Need (More instruments and without Chipmunk vocals) 14. Hard To Forget Ya
  6. Your Britney room decor

    I removed everything when I became too old for this (around 21). But I still have everything in boxes.
  7. Mood Ring (Acoustic Version)

    Not available But it probably is sh!t anyway
  8. Where is this shoot from?

    Flop fan. This has been posted for a million billion times. You think we are stupid? Why the fake watermark? It's not your creation
  9. Did team Britney ever do the right things?

    Circus was sh!t, because she didnt even recover from the breakdown probably. I still feel like they pushed her into touring and making an album. So thats a big mistake. I think her team always has been sh!t.
  10. This pic forever ICONIC

    Its not iconic, but its cool and faded
  11. We arent in a great place either Since 2004
  12. I love the video, but hate the song.
  13. Tom's Diner, no vocoder

    Fix the title please, its misleading
  14. Is Britney big gay icon?**

    The best support is to just accept. Thats why Britney is the queen. She doesnt use the gays for attention.
  15. 20th Year Idea!

    Only if it comes with B10
  16. Love the look. And I love it when shes a bit thick like this. Jealous of her flawless skin
  17. Do you have any idea why...

    Not when they're working But props for the queen; singing live, hardest dancing shes ever done AND chewing gum at the same time. When will your fave?
  18. He just made that up. Everyone can start rumors and Britney ore her team get punished for it. And we are dealing with the meltdowns
  19. Britney as Regina George

    You didnt watch the movie?