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  1. In what song? Or do you mean 2007 or 2012?
  2. Mood Ring

    Buy it bitch
  3. Omg britney’s worst picture is going viral

    I was talking to the OP, you just posted the pic he was supposed to post
  4. Omg britney’s worst picture is going viral

    That's not even bad you flop
  5. I still want to hear the full song she is playing in both video's
  6. Let ha just do ha thing. But personally I think its disgusting
  7. Really?! Americans are sad and hypocrite. People would never do something like that here
  8. Where is the dance break tho? Missed it I guess
  9. how? (face)

    Only the lips are different. Her eyes a bit too, but its because of aging
  10. Change the title please. Put 'fanmade' in it