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  1. I don't know.. I have these:



    I never really smelled them, because I'm a guy, I just bought them because I was such a big fan back in the day (and they were like €10)

    The ugliest is Cosmic Radiance, that bottle is so fucking awful :imok: I just smelled it and it smells really nice. Gonna try the rest now.

  2. 54 minutes ago, JKW said:

    Uhm what? Am I missing something? Never seen that. :gaspney:


    Show me receipts. 

    Last year i bought a t shirt from the esquire shoot, with this pic;


    It was in black and white. Im too fat now to wear it, but its still in my closet. I will make a pic of it later. Bought it at Jack and Jones if im correct.