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  1. Mouth Theory

    Yes, her skin is great, but her features are fucked up
  2. Mouth Theory

    Omg @ Janet's face. WHY???
  3. They are a perfect fit. Im here for it!
  4. Paris Hilton invited Britney to her wedding!

    I love Paris. And she loves our girl. She protected Britney from showing her pussycat and from the papz. I wonder if shes allowed to see Paris? I hope shes not that protected
  5. This bitch is effin crazy and does anything for attention. And the said thing is... It's working. Dont give this deformed man an audience guys
  6. Drag Race

    No, shes too big. Maybe when shes at Xtina level
  7. What is this?!

    Who is dat?
  8. Kenzo pic edit

    Sorry, but you didn't improve the pic. Practice a bit more
  9. Other people deserve to be famous instead of Basic
  10. Why does Wendy hate Britney?

    She loves Britney
  11. POP EMERGENCY: BURNS is working on B10!

    This. Nothing is happening guys. Keep yourselves away from drama and meltdowns
  12. *NSYNC Is Reuniting! But There's A Catch...

    Why r they receiving a (brightest morning) star? They don't even exist anymore.
  13. I am listening Glory from Spotify

    let's get it to #1 y'all
  14. Who says she can't? She doesn't want to
  15. She looks amazing and phresh