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  1. There is just one rumor from a messy twitter account and yall started the rest. Dont blame Britney when nothing is coming on friday
  2. brintyjoan

    socialney Paris Hilton (And Rapper Lil Xan) Stan Britney

    How do you know? Maybe the text or call each other
  3. brintyjoan

    other Britney's Carpool Karaoke got brought up again

    Who gives a sh!t? Its a fact people hate her for not singing, why cant celebs dislike her? At least he's not saying her name, if its even about her..
  4. brintyjoan

    other Predict Liberation’s First Week Sales

    Id say around 50k sales only
  5. Bitch, how do you know? Do you know what she did today? What she did yesterday and the day before?
  6. brintyjoan

    other Three UK posted this about Britney

    Mona Lisa part 2 coming for that #1!!!!
  7. I have hobbies next to work, dont yall? Shes not working 24/7. Tired of complaining hoes
  8. brintyjoan

    other I'm worried about the Europe leg...

    I understand your feelings and I feel sad for you, but you cant let fear lead your life, that's what they want. Its more likely to get hit by a bus. Try to enjoy the concert!
  9. You have to wait and see Something is coming. My friend who works at RCA told me, but i cant give any details
  10. Let the meltdowns begin! So ready for this
  11. brintyjoan

    rumor (RUMOR) IT'S MARIAH! the feature is Mariah!!

    Britney doesnt want to compete. She has nothing to prove anymore
  12. She looks so fvckin' good!! Take notes Brinty And I hate Bleach for releasing this EP now. I bet Jay Z cheating was made up to create buzz