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  1. Yall are such flops. But you still have a lot of things to see of Primeney so im jealous
  2. Wendy Williams Show brings up Shaved Head Incident Again...

    I think it's free tho
  3. Wendy Williams Show brings up Shaved Head Incident Again...

    Stop caring about Wendell
  4. Excited as f**k!!! Been a long time!!!!!!!
  5. I can't stop laughing at this picture

    Y'all are so nasty, I can't Britney deserves better
  6. There has never been a feud to begin with. The media invented this and Xtine and Brinty played the game

  8. New IG and Twitter Post

    Whats with these psycho reactions? She looks cute
  9. Did she finish "Little Me"?

    Because she is our friend and we are supposed to know. I just called her to ask and she said she didn't finish it