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  1. We need to talk about short hairney

    She moves so much better with short hair and it looks awesome when it's styled well.It would even look better now since her face is thin
  2. So what is next? four months of Nothing happening

    I always enjoyed POM but it's very tired.I think she needs to do new things,rehearse and share with us (but not scrap them later) I didn't expect more than hair,makeup,real shoes and nicer costumes last summer because she had her actual show right after Asia but this time she has a huge sponsor unlike Asia Tour and her job in LV is done.So i'm expecting serious progress in the show. Real costumes,shoes,shorter and better hair and makeup,choreography and setlist changes.
  3. Is it Britney speaking in "Change Your Mind"?

    It sounds like her to me.
  4. Favorite Slutney pictures?

  5. Favourite look of 2012

    Posting different ones from others. She was very off in here but she looked great imo.