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  1. Britney and her hands

    This one is an oriental move just like TOMH intro.It looks so sexy Others are just her moving with the beat
  2. TEI SHI mentionned BRITNEY in her last music video

    I liked the other one better because it has a vibe in it that i can't decribe.But it's only for the first listening,i don't know what i will think after a few times
  3. TEI SHI mentionned BRITNEY in her last music video

    The music scene is very boring lately.I really liked this song but i totally get what you mean.
  4. TEI SHI mentionned BRITNEY in her last music video

    Wow it's a good song
  5. [POLL] The most annoying move on POM?

    We were so glad when she first started to bend her knees,wipe her ass,move her head...We thought she was finally doing her own moves.We're a little bit ungreatful...she's doing them when it's not a right time and place....Here we are now,trying to stop her
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  7. Current Mood

    How nice. My mood :
  8. Painterney edits

  9. Britney Spears - Legion

    It's repetitive but at least meaningful and has a pleasing melody.I would love to have it,instead of Body Ache
  10. MATM is the best part of POM for a really long time.It's much much better than the others and she always has a better energy than others,never skips anything...This video you posted is extra good I think she really has a big passion about this song.I think it's the guitars
  11. New IG- Brit and Sam and.... Mozart?

    The dance looks like a wedding dance Cute video!
  12. The Good Place [Spoilers]

    I laughed so hard to his crisis face Talk about it next week
  13. The Good Place [Spoilers]

    It is actually turning into a real "good place" like this I was sure something will happen between all of them but Tahani and Jason is so exciting because of their differences.I can't imagine what will happen to them and it's great.
  14. The Good Place [Spoilers]

    @mylonliNESS @Chaoscontrol We just watched it.It was a fun episode.This season had its boring moments to explain things and generally i'm fine with it (my mom isn't fine with it but liked this ep).Tahani and Jason thing makes me wonder how it will go.I really don't have any thoughts about them.(except Tahani's super big chest ),I wonder what will happen next week because Michael's situation in this episode was very open to develope.Ted Danson is a wonderful actor!