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  1. What Do You Want For B10’s lead single

    I want it to be like Overprotected (original).Strong,tells something specific with good choreography and good vocals...also i want a real ballad like Let Go. I'm really done with collabs and trends. Havana is awesome but it would just perform like Slumber Party if it was a Britney song,ya know
  2. How do you feel about this pic?

    I love it.I can't help it. It took me years to understand it's actually not ok since i was very young at the time.But it looks great!
  3. She shouldn't. She's gonna be 36 in ten days.Why would she want that? Our skin wants some meat on it after 25-30.Otherwise we start to look older.
  4. Making A New Britney Game Called...

    I think i'm starting to understand
  5. What do you guys think of the 3 music video?

    I absolutely love it
  6. Making A New Britney Game Called...

    I didn't get it
  7. Queen of being more perfect, before being perfect (video)

    I'm not against improving looks if it affects the person too much but i hate how they do little things like Britney's,Angelina Jolie's or Scarlett Johansson's nose,some eyebrow lifts to look like other movie stars and it goes like that.I understand it's their choices but i'm having hard time to understand some of them.
  8. her hand D:

    There's nothing wrong with that move.She's doing it in weird times sometimes but it always goes with the beat.
  9. Queen of being more perfect, before being perfect (video)

    They made her an Instagram girl Britney is perfect. People should have different facial features than each other.
  10. Make Me. I remember it because it's recent.It was such a magical experience.Ah so good! Oh i would love to hear MATM too!