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  1. Ah i hope it's true
  2. How I Roll Appreciation Thread

    Love it!
  3. Nothing but the truth in her new Instagram post

    It's true but it takes time to understand that
  4. HIAM I still get excited while watching the video.I love aggressive things and aggressive Britney
  5. Mario Testino photo in colour

    Love it Unlike most people i love colorful makeup if it's not something like blue,purple,red combination
  6. Will she ever perform Not A Girl again?

    It doesn't have to fit her. It's her song She can and should sing it even when she's 70. I'm desperately hoping to hear it again
  7. I don't even know who he is but that's so sweet
  8. Ongoing Debate. Is Britney blonde or brunette in Oops video?

    Of course it's blonde!