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  1. Only ONE song can claim the TITLE "Best of Letter" for each of the 26 letters in the English alphabet. Over the next few weeks, we the fans can choose which songs take home the V. Speaking of V... I need to address a few quirks of the competition... 3 letters are unrepresented by Britney's discography (V, X, Z). This needs to be remedied, so I Got a Plan for when those letters arise. 3 letters have only one candidate, so those 3 automatically win. (Kill the lights, Now that i found you, Quicksand) 4 letters have two candidates, which will lead to high-drama head-to-head battles where true allegiances are tested. (F, J, U, Y) Songs beginning with the word "The" will be represented by their 2nd word (the Answer, the Beat goes on, the Hook up). The song "3" will be represented by the letter "T." The list below should represent ALL of Britney Spears' official releases. If you see something that shouldn't be there, call it out. If you DON'T see something that you should, leave a reply. You can also reply with your winner predictions. A "Alien" "Amnesia" "The Answer" "Anticipating" "Autumn Goodbye"' B "...Baby One More Time" "The Beat Goes On" "Before the Goodbye" "Better" "Big Fat Bass" "Blur" "Body Ache" "Bombastic Love" "Born to Make You Happy" "Boys" "Brave New Girl" "Break the Ice" "Breathe on Me" "Brightest Morning Star" C "Can't Make You Love Me" "Change Your Mind (No Seas Cortés)" "Chaotic" "Chillin' with You" "Cinderella" "Circus" "Clumsy" "Coupure Électrique" "Criminal" D "Dear Diary" "Deep In My Heart" "Do Somethin'" "Do You Wanna Come Over?" "Don't Cry" "Don't Go Knockin' on My Door" "Don't Hang Up" "Don't Keep Me Waiting" "Don't Let Me Be the Last to Know" "(Drop Dead) Beautiful" E "E-mail My Heart" "Early Mornin'" "Everybody" "Everytime" F - Head 2 Head "Freakshow" "From the Bottom of My Broken Heart" G "Gasoline" "Get Back" "Get Naked (I Got a Plan)" "Gimme More" "Girl in the Mirror" "Girls and Boys" H "Hands" [Ensemble] "Hard to Forget Ya" "He About to Lose Me" "Heart" "Heaven on Earth" "Hold It Against Me" "Hold On Tight" "The Hook Up" "Hot as Ice" "How I Roll" I "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction" "(I Got That) Boom Boom'" "I Love Rock 'n' Roll" "I Run Away" "I Wanna Go" "I Will Be There" "I Will Still Love You" "I'll Never Stop Loving You" "I'm a Slave 4 U" "I'm Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman" "I'm So Curious" "(I've Just Begun) Having My Fun" "If I'm Dancing" "If U Seek Amy" "Inside Out" "Intimidated" "Invitation" "It Should Be Easy" J - Head 2 Head "Just Like Me" "Just Luv Me" K - Uncontested "Kill the Lights" L "Lace and Leather" "Let Me Be" "Liar" "Lonely" "Love Me Down" "Lucky" M "Make Me..." "Man on the Moon" "Mannequin" "Me Against the Music" "Mmm Papi" "Mona Lisa" "Mood Ring" "My Baby" "My Only Wish (This Year)" "My Prerogative" N - Uncontested "Now That I Found You" O "One Kiss from You" "Ooh La La" "Ooh Ooh Baby" "Oops!... I Did It Again" "Out from Under" "Outrageous" "Outta This World" "Over to You Now" "Overprotected" P "Passenger" "Perfect Lover" "Perfume" "Phonography" "Piece of Me" "Pretty Girls" "Private Show" Q - Uncontested "Quicksand" R "Radar" "Rock Boy" "Rock Me In" S "S&M (Remix)" [Featured] "Scary" "Scream & Shout" [Featured] "Seal It With a Kiss" "Selfish" "Shadow" "Shattered Glass" "Showdown" "Slumber Party" "SMS (Bangerz)" [Featured] "Soda Pop" "Someday (I Will Understand)" "Sometimes" "Stronger" T "That's Where You Take Me" "Thinkin' About You" "3" "Tik Tik Boom" "Til It's Gone" "Till the World Ends" "Tom's Diner" "Touch of My Hand" "Toxic" "Toy Soldier" "Trip to Your Heart" "Trouble" "Trouble for Me" U - Head 2 Head "Unusual You" "Up n' Down" V - NOTHING W "Walk On By" "We Will Rock You" "What It's Like To Be Me" "What You Need" "What You See (Is What You Get)" "What's Going On" [Ensemble] "When I Found You" "When Your Eyes Say It" "Where Are You Now" "Why Should I Be Sad" "Womanizer" "Work Bitch" X - NADA Y - Head 2 Head "(You Drive Me) Crazy" "You Got It All" Z - ZIP Again, let me know if the song list needs to be updated before the competitions begin. I plan to release the polls 4 letters at a time.
  2. Your Favorite Live Performance Outfits?

    DEFinitely THIS. The straps, the brunette hair, and the flowing purple fabric make this undeniably fierce.
  3. I was gonna suggest 5 from your list but then I wound up with 10! It's no easy feat to narrow down Britney's songs. But you're doing a nice job and putting a lot of thought into it. And the front/back covers you posted are STELLAR! I love the iconic silhouettes, layouts, and color scheme. It pays homage to her career while creating something new and distinct to stand on its own, too.
  4. Britney Spears Music Videos Song Titles

    Dang, I was working on doing this same thing. Though I was only going to include 2 defining repetitions of each title. I'm still planning to make a super-cut of each time she says "baby" in her videos.
  5. Your Favorite Live Performance Outfits?

    Y'all are posting some great ones! I must say I'm fond of the ones below, too. Lots of nostalgia tied to them. Someday... I will understand how to post pictures. https://imgur.com/kqTfYy3 https://imgur.com/E1Z8Nou https://imgur.com/pbGkeb9 https://imgur.com/ScWMNG0
  6. Your Favorite Live Performance Outfits?

    Love the look and the LOOK on her face! Do you know which tour/performance this is from?
  7. Your Favorite Live Performance Outfits?

    Lots of nice ones-- Do you know which performance this one's from?
  8. 1. S G 2. T o R 3. A A 4. T f C 5. E E
  9. Post pics of your favorite live performance outfits/costumes from Britney's career. I'm looking for ANYTHING that stands out, not just the well-known looks. DIG DEEP! Tours, award shows, talk shows, etc. I'll need about 20 of them for a small component of a much larger project. Music video looks and red carpet outfits will also be included; but that's another thread. Y'all know I'll keep you updated with the results, so bookmark me.