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  1. she really looks bad. god what did just happen after 2009?
  2. i think people like oreos more than kenzo i mean, oreos are yummy!
  3. yes. because thats how she looks in real, no? or would u date someone who looks great on IG and bad in real life? u would be like:
  4. i'm sorry but TOO much PS. This is the reality DoWnVoTe Me FoR tHe TrUtH
  5. I want IT so bad!

    THE CIRCUS STARRING: BRITNEY SPEARS DVD! - look at the f*cking outfits! - her stage presence - her old face (nevermind) - her body (idk why i like the circus body more then the one right now) - the setlist - the entrace - the bloopers (drive safe, dont smoke weed, peace mother truckers, merry christmas etc.) - the golden cage, the military boys performance, the magic trick - she was at her peak (again)