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  1. Worst interview look (video)

    do you mean this one? does it really look that bad?
  2. if shes never going dark again it just didnt work.
  3. i think cardi is more fun and seems to be funnier and nicer. nicki always comes across as "angry bad boss bitch" so
  4. still think that "perfume" is one of sia's worst produced songs, compared to what she gave rihanna and bey. even her own songs are much better.
  5. Will she ever perform Not A Girl again?

    can u image any new choreo for that song? without a chair? or a horse? oh, nevermind, she already destroyed the original MATM and Toxic choreo.
  6. she should take DANCE class. not here for balettney or blackswaney.
  7. Will she ever perform Not A Girl again?

    as if S4U still fits... she should perform Overprotected makes more sense.
  8. Why didn’t she shave her head at home? (2007)

    because she loved drama and to make a statement and to be edgy and dark
  9. I MISS HER PERSONALITY !!! (video)

    he probably had a crush on her britney was sexier than jessica tbh.
  10. The Title of Britney's next album

    - Apples - Apple Pie - Baby - S.a.m (scream at me) - Ballet - Fear me
  11. Iggy Making Fun of Brit?

    we already know that britney is weird sometimes (IG) but in a cute way
  12. i hope she does a rapsong with bryan on her next record love the way u lie 3.0