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  1. he is "safe" either way "told u there would be an announcement" and in case there isn't any announcement then he will go with the typical "they changed their plans"
  2. timothy used to post on exhale and once he started getting backlash he ran off to pj
  3. LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO not timothy againnnn. hes not an insider. hes just using sh!t goldsoundz and other reliable insiders say on pj and posting vague random sh!t to avoid getting dragged and later say "they clearly changed their plans" excuse
  4. 1. check her "Guilty" song, Britney herself didn't deny cheating when Diane Sawyer asked her about it in her interview she admitted that JT wasn't wrong for what he said abt her. Let's not forget her Everytime-apology song too.Besides if she never cheated and JT was lying then Britney would have called him a liar and fire back, but guess what... she never did but agreed with him instead. and hold on... what the hell is this lmao. everybody cheats in somehow? ummm no? the right and logical thing to do is breakup if they feel they can't commit to the relationship. and they were both in their 20s with a brain in their skulls to think what is right and whats wrong... well JT at least did have his brains unlike Britney. 2. I mean how she keeps being immature for her entire life to this day (something that keeps being proved over the years thanks to her behavior), unstable which is being again proved by the very same actions multiple times over and over. Also another indication is how she can't even keep a man for more than a year for years now and they have been too many. This is not a coincidence. Did that solve your question hunny? 3. Her current situation with being in a c-ship and in her own bubble world plus she makes every man she dates to sign agreements to shut them up and trust that no genuine guy with respect for himself will put up with that bullshit or any other bullshit for that matter. Anyone who agrees to put up with that is purely for their benefit. 4. Having kids does play on some degree a part actually. Not everyone wants to date someone with kids. 5. Did I talk for other celebrities? I'm talking for Britney. lmfaoooo "pure truth" and Britney in the same sentence thanks for making me laugh 6. Lets get something straight. The boys have their dad kfed who seems to be a stable father figure to them. It's unhealthy and damaging if they get to constantly see over and over their mom bringing a new boyfriend every few months. They get attached if they grow to like them and see them suddenly gone. It's not so much about the fact she dates so many boyfriends, she could do that in the right way tho. She SHOULD separate her personal life-boyfriends from her family time/life. She wants to have 23423 boyfriends? No problem with that as long she doesn't involve them in her kids lives. Keep them separated, don't let the boys know she has onceee againnn another fuckboy around. The boys are annoyed seeing all the time new men and they are right. Britney didn't even respect that and she still went on two weeks after admitting that on radio interview to hookup with Sesami.That was selfish and immature on her part.PERIOD. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- as for your last question. I don't see how it's related to the Britney discussion or any of your business
  5. who the f**k cares for that? we are talking about the cheating. stay on subject or don't quote me again.
  6. clearly you didn't. what exactly wasn't a "valid source" sweet pea? Try again
  7. sweetie not sure which part of my post you didn't understand.Britney herself didn't deny her cheating.and yes her weakness=cheating.she admitted it, her songs prove it, she admitted what JT said abt her was right.there isn't anything else left for debate.
  8. check her "Guilty" song, Britney herself also didn't deny cheating when Diane Sawyer asked her about it in her interview she actually admitted that he wasn't wrong for what he said abt her. You go check the interview yourself also let's not forget her Everytime-apology song Besides if she never cheated and JT was lying then Britney would have called him a liar and fire back, but guess what... she never did but agreed with him instead as for any other questions for what I wrote u can go and check my history of posts where I've spoken for everything. I ain't digging out anything for you huntty lemme direct your ass to read the above. you're welcome
  9. oh please she's been surrounded by lgbt people since early age. do you forget also how she kept hanging out and being friends with her gay dancers too? shes been always aware and exposed to ppl and stories. let's not act like she suddenly saw the light in 2013 conveniently when her career started going downhill.
  10. I know you guys try to think that Britney genuinely cares but she doesn't. Proof to that is her history alone. If she truly cared or was connected to some level (eventho to feel connected would be a bit hard considering shes not lgbt, she has stated shes straight) but let's pretend for the sake of the example that she genuinely cared and was connected to some level ok? She would be far more active and supportive since the beginning of her career. You know when exactly she started suddenly using the LGBT supportive-sympathy card? 2013-present day, when her sales and career started dramatically declining it's then when she started talking for her gay fans. She thinks that gays are somewhat girls like she said. Imagine if a hetero male said that. What if it was JT saying "gays are somewhat girls"??? There would be riots 100% This instance is a glaringly obvious PR stunt. LGBT award and next two tweets for two different gay athletes. Nop, it's not random at all. Also that guy Gus Kenworthy attended her show too months ago haha. How convenient hmmmm??? She is just using lgbt fans for promo.Simple as that.
  11. all the men left her tho not the other way around 1. History as a cheater. 2. History of being batshit/unstable/immature. 3. Her current situation. 4. She has kids to another man. 5. Pathological liar. She is lying for the smallest things so shes gonna lie for bigger things in private too. 6. She is incapable of taking into consideration even her childrens emotions. Her kids told her they don't like the herd of men she keeps bringing around and she ignored them to bring Sesami.She said that about her kids on radio and just two weeks laters she hooks up with Sesami. These things will make her hard to date by default and the only thing saving her is bc she is who she is with money and fame.Nothing else.
  12. how is it journalistic decision when that skater all he talks about is being gay and kissed his bf on tv? and he is the first openly gay in winter olympics. believe it or not it was a PR stunt. Oh! Also funny how Britney tweeted another supportiveZ tweet to ANOTHER gay athlete why she doesn't give a shoutout to hetero athletes too? hetero gymnasts since she loves gymnastics? I am laughing my ass off at people thinking that it's random the LGBT award and then tweets for TWO gay athletes it's a lgbt targeted PR stunt period period period if it was the other way around she would have tweeted for hetero athletes too. Also the FIRST american female skater to do a triple axel won the gold medal for the US. So how come she doesn't tweet abt her? She is now 1 of only 3 females in Olympic history that managed to do triple axel where is britneys tweet about this historic moment? oh nvm she is busy flailing that tired lgbt PR stunt left and right for days now I will keep repeating it for your stupid brain and u will deal PR stunt. go seethe some more bitch
  13. good for him idc at the end of the day what remains a fact is the PR stunt Britneys team pulled with the lgbt reward and giving a shoutout to that skater and u will deal Lol
  14. Balletney strikes again

    Soooooo you know she is not perfect and you don't expect her to do everything perfectly bc she doesn't know how to do it right. Like it or not she is not professional dancer honey nor a professional ballerina.she is a singer that took lessons for dancing for her routines in her performances. she is a performer not a pro dancer for fucks sake.all she does and all she has learned is choreos for her pop shows you and anyone else that believes she is a top notch pro dancer are deluding yourselves. She did for fun pirouettes and like it or not NO she is not obligated to do it right or KNOW how to do it right because she doesn't give a sh!t for it.She is having her fun and that's about it. Oh reallyyy? Show me which professional dancers make fun of her.Because any professional dancer who knows Britney they will know she is not a professional dancer and it's pointless to make fun of someone who was not trained to be a professional dancer. she is a singer that dances You just can't handle that your useless e-ballet criticism was pointless and uncalled for
  15. you mean you are narrow minded bc only narrow minded fans like u would be so naive to believe that britney knew this skater and now out of nowhere she decided conveniently to publicly say she is a fan of him right after the lgbt award. its a 10000% PR stunt. period. perhaps u need to get your head out of britneys ass
  16. don't be naive sweetie. first the LGBT award and a bit later this too? out of nowhere she is suddenly a fan of a gay skater she just followed this
  17. Balletney strikes again

    she's trying to do pirouette but she is not trained and she is not going to dance without mistakes.Just because "dance is in her blood" she can't execute moves from every type of dance perfectly without knowing the techniques/practicing and she is bound to make mistakes. Criticism is not a bad thing but you chose to criticize her on something she doesn't know.You are ridiculous LMFAOOOOO no serious dancer is going to make fun of her for doing something for fun in her own house, she is not going to be a ballerina nor she is in some competition. Since you believe that dancers will make fun of her tell me are you making fun of people when they do for fun a dance move they have never practiced before hmmm? So if Britney tries let's say jazz or contemporary or ballroom or whatever dance you want and she will make mistakes undoubtedly are you going to list again all her mistakes or make fun of her?? Because apparently dancers will make fun of her rightttttt??? Nah you just can't admit you were being extra with criticizing her mistakes like she is supposed miraculously to know exactly how to do RIGHT that dance move.That's it and nothing else.Take your e-ballet list of complains on your way out and don't forget the pirouette K
  18. Balletney strikes again

    for someone who "knows" the differences between ballet and other types of dancing with ballet especially being demanding and difficult since its highly technical(if not the most technical dance in the world) you surely didn't even give her a break considering shes nowhere near being professional ballerina and you proceeded to criticize all the mistakes she did. You literally criticized her for something she has no knowledge of for someone who "knows the differences" you would also know the difficulties too and not expecting her to do it right You just don't want to admit it Agreed you should do that
  19. Balletney strikes again

    she took some dancing lessons as a kid and did gymnastics too. that's nowhere near ballet and you will deal. she is not professional ballerina and she never had to be one. Choreography for pop music is not ballet sorry sweet pea! you are talking for different types of dancing with specific training and techniques. without learning and practicing ballet she is never going to do it right and she doesn't have to do it right when she is just fooling around in her house.period.
  20. Balletney strikes again

    We get it you couldn't come back with anything at all to what I said and you just don't want to admit the simple fact she is not a professional ballerina so it's only natural she will do it in whichever way she can and you will deal don't be so mad sweet pea
  21. Balletney strikes again

    And the fact remains the same. she is not a professional ballerina so take ur e-ballet diarrhea corrections elsewhere Someone else is mad here Oops
  22. Balletney strikes again

    Do I need to remind you she's NOT a professional ballerina? Also shes in the comfort of her own home and shes just playing around. Shes NOT obligated to do it right. Again, don't expect her to know how to do it right especially when she doesn't even do it in her shows or anywhere else ever. It's you that can't handle that your brief e-ballet list of corrections was unnecessary.