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  1. Beyonce is deeply involved in Paganism and Witchcraft

    This. Christianity has reformed meanwhile Islam remains a rotten disgusting religion that refuses to reform and adjust to today's world
  2. New IG- idk what to make the title

    Sadly I can totally see that happening Brinny will be liek 50 and her boytoy 20 yo dating goals
  3. New IG- idk what to make the title

    LMFAOOO watch her getting rid of Sammy soon and getting an even younger boytoy . "Below 20 is the new thinggggg"
  4. There may not have been a lot of EDM on GloryShitHole, but there sure was a lot of SHIT to make up for it shitle
  5. Making A New Britney Game Called...

    all these tags and nobody understood the game bc it makes no fucking sense
  6. Malibu "soulful"? OP you are ridiculous
  7. That's a lot to take in, but it's false. All of it. Britney's longtime manager, Larry Rudolph, tells BreatheHeavy.com: "There is no truth whatsoever to this rumor." Case closed
  8. she's not leaving RCA this doesn't mean anything
  9. for some fucking flowers and a questionable story from someone who is supposedly her butler now we have to feel sorry for her millionaire sorry ass? no I won't feel sorry not even in the slightest. She's filthy rich, she lives a full life, she's getting half million each show for her pathetic POM residency and overpriced ridiculous M&Gs and we need to feel SORRY for her? Sorry for what? She has everything she wants for a lifetime in a bit her fans will feel sorry for the day they ran out of caviar in the kitchen for her fucking bread "poor brinny she didn't have caviar and ate just the bread with the colorful salad"
  10. oh please the f**k is "saddddd"? She's spending ridiculous amounts of money for the most pointless sh!t eg: xmas lights. She's living in mansions, has many cars, she goes wherever she wants to go to, trips etc, buys anything she wants. The f**k should we feel "sad" for her millionaire ass? Gimme a fucking break "poor Brinnyyyyy" this is bullshit
  11. Justin Timberlake Filmed A New Music Video

    @Girl On The Moon opinions on Eiza? She's in a video with JT
  12. Unpopular opinions

    britney was a filthy junkie
  13. 3 times actually and she lost custody in October, with court order and the cship later too they made her sober up. Check again your facts shittybot87
  14. She didn't enter rehab just once. Get your shitty facts straight crappybot
  15. i dont give a f**k if you recall it. Go google it.
  16. She had plenty changes to change and she didn't. The court took the kids away and she got forced into rehab. She learned her lesson the hard way and changed AFTER this
  17. it doesn't matter. Just like it doesn't matter for Selena too they both did/do drugs. So what? Britney is lucky she had her family to step in otherwise she would be still today a filthy junkie
  18. She did drugs for years and at early age even when she was Selena's age. She lost custody of her boys because of drugs, alcohol and failing to be the mom she was supposed to be. She had no choice but to get into rehab to get visitation rights for her boys. Like it or not she is obligated to stay away from drugs. both her and Selena were/(one still is) junkies. so what? Move along yourself
  19. Britney puts on a show? What show lmao, the tragedy that POM is? Yeah crawling around like a walrus and tapping her knee and ass is not a "show". Selena takes drugs but let's not act like Britney is any better. Do you forget that she was a junkie too for years?
  20. It's not a shade, it's the hard truth. cackling if xtina was bad (and this one was bad) then britney would be x100 awful had she tried this. she never sings a note live either except for that happy bday in her little tour because of the backlash, so let's not.

    I'm dying, all they do in the vid is twirl Who the f**k cares soon they will get rid of him and Britney will get a new boy for her lonely days in her mansion. Let's hope it won't be anyone under 20s tho