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  1. Gay audiences

    bitch go learn how to read and check the previous pages. don't embarrass yourself more. you just sound mad and ignorant af. Go.read.first. then give me ALL my quoted posts/links that PROVE i'm "homophobic". go ahead loser show me ALL the posts I wrote which are homophobic. since you "did" readdd tick tock!
  2. Gay audiences

    I know you don't care because you CAN'T READ ANYWAY! Sayonara pressed idiot rotflmaoooo " homophobic prick" ooooohhhh! prove it bitch. give me links oh nevermind... to do that it would require you to actually READ the whole thread LMAOO
  3. Gay audiences

    oh yeah it had some section if im not wrong for nsfw stuff? until jordan apparently got flag notice from Google so he banned pornography/nudity and such content entirely. Personally as long the show has a little bit of everything to keep everyone happy is good.The point of a concert is to see the artist, not what the dancers are doing or if they are more male/female dancers.Just bc the concert goers may be predominantly gay doesn't mean they have to "gay up" the concert, it will alienate the rest non-gay fans. just like how it would alienate the gay fans if britney suddenly had only girls + "guys on girls action" dancing routines.
  4. Gay audiences

    oh I know, i mentioned that both straight men and women do like lesbian porn. and ofc bi, lesbians etc. and thats true too for porn sites where the female users are minority. worldwide (on pornhub which is one of the most popular ones) its like only 20%+ female users which is not even completely accurate bc theres guys that sign up as female for some reason. anyways, all that aside, the thread took different turn because somewhere on pg2 another member said that it's manyyyyy straight women that like gay sex just like how straight guys like lesbian and he was wrong, so the subject got dragged from there. I don't think so.One main reason(out of several reasons) why straight males/females do find more appealing straight/lesbian porn/erotica/romance/arts/anything in any form of art, is bc (obviously) they feel more attraction/relate more to those through their thoughts/fantasies/what is turning them on etc etc you get the idea. that's the point anyway of those, for pleasure. be it video/or book/or images/idc what it may be. Straight males/females won't find appealing gay stuff (in any form of art) again for many reasons. attraction/not being able to relate to it/fantasies etc/add other reasons here for each person/they simply don't like the concept of two men together/and when it comes to sexual actions they won't find that appealing either between men. Straight females a lot of them don't even like anal sex with their boyfriends, they are not going to like seeing guys f.ucking guys/guys showing affection to other guys for the reasons I mentioned above. Sure there is some girls that will find appealing the romance/sex/etc between guys but as I explained, you won't find many girls like that. Im not sure why gay guys get pressed over that fact.Trying to pass off this delusion that suddenly MANYYY straight girls somehow like gay stuff as a "fact" is wrong and shows insecurity. oh yes exactly what I talked about, nudity. it was about nudity/adult content which gets flagged by Google. I was looking to find in the archives some pic with his post thank you for posting it We can post pics of hot guys/girls just not in a sexual setting (making out gifs, or gifs/pics from porn sites even if they are "cencored" to not show genitals they are still considered adult content). Thats what jordan is talking about here, not restricting hot ppl pics. he doesn't want hot ppl displayed in a sexual setting. Simple.
  5. Gay audiences

    you just make it obvious you only got in here to pick a fight bc you are pressed for what I wrote. if you were serious and interested to the subject you would have read ALL the posts in this thread ok baby boy? go read the thread. you will find the part for the disgusting vagina too until then.... f**k off at this point its only pressed gays that can't accept the fact that straight males/females don't f.ucking like their f.ucking precious gay stuff and on top of that they can't even READ PROPERLY
  6. Gay audiences

    I think you get confused abt the nudity rule he applied. we can post any pic of hot guys/girls we want as long they are not completely nude. he never said anything for not posting "too hot" guys. whats the matter? is it hard for you to click on the previous pages andddd.... read??? yeah I thought so! you are the only one yapping about that saying that straight guys/girls don't want to see ass f.ucking is not homophobic. it's preferences by your logic then you should go lecture the other snowflake that called the vaginas disgusting get a grip
  7. Gay audiences

    yawn you are late go read the thread i ain't gonna copy/paste all the posts. happy reading honeypie
  8. Gay audiences

    I see @cardiffshit and @hatchshit got offline at the same time. hmm....???
  9. Gay audiences

    have a talk with your other self @cardiffi for straight. you will get along just fine.
  10. Gay audiences

    you are wrong. all there was,was dead bodies posted by anonymous users when the visitors were allowed to post
  11. Gay audiences

    I remember the stuff he posted on his FB for the homeless people and what his ex said. i don't like him he is insensitive and opportunist,he goes after "famous IG personalities" like he said himself. Hes a sh!thead imo. Britney has done far worse things than him though, based on the facts we know so far about her earlier life. Between the two Britney did far more fucked up sh!t than hesami Show me where exactly I made homophobic posts? Give me exact links. When did I ever "proved" anything of the bullshit you wrote in this thread? honey are you on drugs? hm? is hatchet your second account?
  12. Gay audiences

    calling someone a homophobe without any valid reason just makes you look pressed af so keep proving my point. you doing well so far lmfao your tears your choice. idgaf how many. Chill pressed twinkie
  13. Gay audiences

    i wanted to quote your posts btw earlier but couldn't catch up easily with you replying to each other nonstop jesus f**k slow down if i understood right hatchet is saying that u hate on the boyfriends eventho u said u dont know britneys personal life so how can u hate on her boyfriends if u dont know their personal life correct? that was good point ngl. hes a bad troll but he was right abt this i dont like her bfs either but i dont hate them. plus we all talk for britneys pprivate life lbr lmao and that includes her bfs too
  14. Gay audiences

    not really. If that was the case then both gay/lesbian stuff would have moved forward quite at same/similar degree, especially at this day and age. there is a reason why straight/lesbian stuff is far more popular than gay. IF it ever changes it will be at a really slow rate if ever. No matter how many more girls start liking it now,in future, in 10 years?20?whatever, there will be a huge difference compared to straight/lesbian stuff well it did. check carefully the thread from the beginning why you still try so desperately to bring up a poor excuse of argument now? we are done. Your arguments were all full of sh!t. You first claimed that it was "manyyy women" then later you changed it into "some women" and now you try to twist my words too. Are you that pressed? Did I hurt your fragile little heart? Just don't cry okay? go have some air or some new "gaying up" fantasy or smth
  15. Gay audiences

    btw im dying reading the responses between hatchet and greatest show funny af
  16. Gay audiences

    what you think with how the numbers go in reality are two different things so
  17. Gay audiences

    oh wow..... honey do you live under a rock? we already established the FACTS that's majority of straight male/females that like straight/lesbian stuff and not gay stuff. What are you even trying to do now? to change history? Stop it. Jesus stop embarrassing yourself lmfaooo omfg I didn't expect you would be that pressed honey why are you so pressed? are you pressed because the statistics showed that girls prefer lesbian porn? Im sorry but it's how it is straight girls find more appealing straight/lesbian stuff and not gay stuff, same with straight guys loving straight/lesbian stuff because duuhhhh straight/lesbian stuff involves girls
  18. Gay audiences

    the numbers always keep changing it's not something static. but it will also keep being majority of straight ppl choosing straight/lesbian than gay. Why do you think gay porn/market is not popular? because the numbers are just not enough. IF in future this somehow changes and we suddenly see majority of women liking gay stuff as well then so be it. Im talking for current situation. Realistically tho the chances for that to happen are really close to zero.
  19. Gay audiences

    you didn't object to the pride link at all. you only focused to mention the links I gave if you think my links were irrelevant why don't you go quote the other guy in this thread to tell him that his pride link is IRRELEVANT too then? are you going to do it ? hmmm? Bye loser. Keep trying to save whatever is left from your poor arguments Go fantasize of "Gaying up" some more the concert instead lmfaooooo you okay? I already said since the beginning of the argument that some women will like it. I didn't say NO women at all. Keep upppppppppp! You guys tried to say that MANY WOMEN DO LIKE GAY STUFF. Don't try to twist sh!t now. In your original posts you tried to say that MANY women and LOTS OF women will like homoerotica(and you meant GAY homoerotica don't try to twist that either honepie bc your post was a direct response regarding GAY stuff) so now you claim that it's "some" women? "some" women is not majority. it's just some women, not MANY nothing compared to majority of women not liking it. Well you think that and we explained to you, that you can DREAM all you want about it but it won't happen. It's a concert not a strip club. If you want more male sexuality and men grinding their ass on you, just go to a strip club after the concert and enjoy K? That simple.
  20. Gay audiences

    thanks for proving my point. Exactly what i've been saying in this thread too. SOME straight girls yes they will like gay stuff, whether its movies/porn/art/erotica/ anything else rly. I know that some girls do like gay stuff, i never said that no girls at all like this. But the point was that worldwide, population wise most of straight men/women won't like it. SOME straight men/women will like it. Not the majority.
  21. Gay audiences

    Yes of course you can't reply. We already established that. Keep up! You just can't back up any of your arguments. Simple as that. Thats why you only resort to calling me homophobic and such bullshit Imaginary? oh wow your delusion is far worse than i originally thought No honey, calling them "imaginary facts" unfortunately won't work for you. How is the PORNHUB STUDIES IRRELEVANT BUT SOMEHOW THE PRIDE.COM LINK IS RELEVANT? THE PRIDE LINK IS BASED ON PORNHUB TOO YOU DUMBFUCK LMFAOOO!!! If anything the links i provided,the second one is actually A STUDY THAT WAS DONE AFTER THE ONE IN THE PRIDE.COM LINK WITH NEW RESULTS. SO HOW IS.IT.IRRELEVANT.YOU.PRESSED.TWINK? LMFAOOO Yawnnn. Take your entitled pressed ass outta here. You just keep embarrassing yourself. pathetic
  22. Gay audiences

    boohoooo that poor little thing is pressed and mad af. nah honey you are just MAD AF bc you couldn't back up ANY of your arguments and you were wrong. So I am somehow a homophobe yet the other snowflake that popped earlier in the thread and said that he finds vaginas disgusting is okay? I didn't see you calling him out for that But I am the homophobe for not agreeing with your dumbass delusional view about women LIKING gay stuff. wow how do you even function in society lmfaooooo how sad
  23. Gay audiences

    it actually started a while back in this thread when another member tried to claim that MANYY women are into gay sex. It's not about me, these people tried hard to make it somehow like suddenly women like gay sex and i dont understand why they even care to "proveee" that. Majority of women won't like gay stuff. it's how it is. if they insecure that's their problem, not mine wow you really can't even read Wait a minute sweet pea... so SOMEHOW that "pride.com" link which has inaccurate statistics from a study from BUZZFEED and PORNHUB is relevant TO YOU but somehow the Pornuhub (leading porn site) statistics links (and there is actually dozen more studies that state the same facts) I gave over female viewers for the discussion are not relevant? can you try at least to hide how pressed and biased you are? "just wondered" umm honey you inserted yourself in previous pages to RESPOND to posts regarding women liking gay sex and now you decided to tell us that you don't know what it has to do with it? You responded to previous posts ON that particular subject tho. It's just that you can't backup your argument that's why you keep contradicting/flip flopping back and forth in this thread trying to push your precious "womennnnn like a lotttt gay porn/gay homoerotica/etc" view on us eventho you actually have NO IDEA on the subject I don't care for what you find my remarks.By your logic then I find your remarks about me stupid as f**k too. Who are you to call me homophobic? Just bc i dont agree with your precious view im homophobic? f**k off you can't even make the difference between casual posts and joke posts. "acceptance and tolerance"? but you don't even want to accept the true fact that MOST of straight women/men won't like gay stuff. What's your problem if those people don't f.ucking want to see gay stuff?Do they bother you? "acceptance and tolerance" huh? what a f.ucking joke
  24. Gay audiences

    you forgot to add -> (Class Mammalia.)