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  1. 3 months ;; u so generous habibi remember this? we need one with britneys face on some noodle package
  2. Xtina having Oreo a famous brand, she also teamed with shaquille o'neal. Britney got a random soon-to-be-forgotten noodle shop somewhere on the world map. Are we sure her team even knows abt this shop? screaming ;;;
  3. remember when

    Britney didn't invent anything lmfaooooo. She copied Xtinas whole circus theme. sorry not sorry sweet pie try again
  4. you don't have to worry about that though. He doesn't know you exist, he won't like anything of yours don't worry
  5. Britney Spears - Legion

    nah sweetie that song is sh!t.my ass won't have to deal with such atrocity of a song. you on the other hand...
  6. He is free to like whatever he wants.So what? What's your point Jordan? Find something else to make a mainpage about
  7. Britney Spears - Legion

    those are so bad songs cackle. The entire BJ is a disgrace. No wonder Britney fled the studio and had Myah to sing in her place
  8. Britney Spears - Legion

    ur sh!t ass taste liking Legion and tiky tiky boom is definitely a tough life issue
  9. Britney Spears - Legion

    what fun? nobody likes that song though it's as sh!t as Legion is
  10. Britney Spears - Legion

    I am legion I am yours I am ruthless I am torn I am Cesar I am sun I am human I am x10000 I am x200000 yes let's feed some more Britney's egocentric personality Glad she didn't record it tbh, this sh!t ass song with those lyrics sounds like what 5-6 year old kids read in books to learn words "I am legion" "I am cat" "I am dog" "I am sun" "human" "Caesar salad" "momma" "daddy" "I am shitting my diaper" weeeeeE
  11. this must be the most hilarious post I read all day he has signed nda honey and britneys team is very strict when it comes to paid fuckboys he can't post anything he wants.her team is scared that he will post something that will make her look bad.hence the nda too "respect thing like couples have.." screaming what do u know abt respect in general though kisle? You approve and support/excusing death wishes goodfuckingbye
  12. accurate can we draw over their heads "britards" and "sjws" too?
  13. "She's 35!!!!! She's not 19 anymore!!!"

    Britney is fine
  14. Bored of negative fans

    that's funny coming from you considering you used mental health issues and few other "cute" remarks repeatedly to try to drag ppl "you have horrible control issuesss and im worried for your future partnersss" "u have control issues and u need helppp" "cannibalism issues" lksdf;la; that one was just.... "hope u are okkkk...hope u find someone to make u feel fullfilleddddd..." "go to somebody for your issuessss" "you have some serious control issues and I recommend seeing somebody about this before entering a serious relationship" "I hope your mental health is ok and wish you well " "you are depressive and I recommend you go get help " "they so negative they need helpppp" "log off you boring depressive monggg" "lg off you faaaaattt" so fucking childish sweet pea if you don't like the "negative" comments then get the f**k out of the site. Everyone is entitled to voice their disapproval if they dont like Britney's work ethic.There's a reason why so many people complain. Britney is not doing her job right as she SHOULD be. She is taking OUR money and she has to deliver what we pay for. Deal with it