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  1. I MET BRITNEY! + Photo & Video

    no honey, their convo was like this: neemz: hi Britney! do this pose pleasee!! Brit: "K sweetie" *say cheeseeeee* "r u happy with it?" neemz: "yeah I love it so much, love u Britneyyy" *neemz runs off to smoothen her skin with filter-edit tool*
  2. less SJWs, quite reasonable reduce in crimes too,and by far less troubles for everyday routines. Oh yes the digital black face, i think it's a reach. if we are going to start monitoring ppl if they use black gifs then i have no hope for this world
  3. agree we should be able to use logic before feelings, it would save us a whole tonz of troubles how so? cackle the discussion kind of took other turn around page 3 i think
  4. without feelings we wouldn't be humans. we will do some fucked up sh!t and whatnot if emotions get involved. The things he said were bad, i didn't like them and I wish he didn't say those but truth is he was allowed to say anything he wanted and had the right to do so. and actually what was truly stupid and wrong and childish was Britney cheating on him. not what justin said. he got cheated on and rightfully reacted the way he felt best for him.
  5. well its britneys fault for cheating on him. If she didn't do that justin wouldn't have a reason to react the way he did. he had every right to say anything he wanted. was it bad? yes it was bad, i didn't like what he said after the breakup. but it wasn't wrong either. he can literally say what he pleases. what "should" be private is a choice, not obligation. he was hurt and reacted the way he did. not everyone react the same way, some people might not say anything at all, some others will react x100 worse than Justin.
  6. not sure why ppl are angry at JT for doing superbowl. The nipple incident was all janet's fault. She changed the plans last minute and didn't tell anyone. Justin did what she asked since she was desperate for that controversy,her mistake was doing this on a family show. she could have pulled this stunt for any other performance and nobody would give a flying f**k, but a family show? big no. Why would Justin care for Janet's stupid decision? It's not his responsibility.He played along,did his job and took his money. He could have refused that's for sure but we don't know what went on behind the scenes and what was on his mind. for all we know he probably didn't want to argue with janet last minute since she changed the plan last moment and he just went on with it. He did face backlash too after that. As for Janet's permanent ban from superbowl i do think they should allow her after all these years, she definitely learned her lesson but I guess they keep her banned as an example for the future performers to never try pull any stupid stunt like hers.
  7. I cackled that's not slut shaming sweetie. and no he wasn't wrong
  8. I MET BRITNEY! + Photo & Video

    it's edited.skin smoothing-filter.
  9. Pink Comments on Britney

    my bad, forgot to include that lemme edit
  10. Pink Comments on Britney

    the only things that go in her head is money, food, sleep, sh!t, Sam, kids
  11. Will Britney age decently like...

    sweetie, we are not talking abt the "glammed up" look. we are talking for hygiene habits. TWO different things. She can be without makeup at all if she wants, she has the freedom to do that, her sh!t hygiene though makes it WORSE for herself bc no matter if shes with makeup or no makeup and no matter if she has botoxed lips or any other proceduredone on her face, the fact that she doesn't take care of herself for the most basic hygiene rules everyone needs to follow, shes bound to age badly and her skin will look like sh!t even if she has 100 layers of makeup on it.
  12. I agree that the leopard was very possibly drugged for security reasons obviously, but we don't know if it was sad and sick imo. Also that scene looked edited, they most likely took a vid of the leopard in other spot alone and edited it into the scene with the dancers. i mean that would be the safest way to for everyone. For sure they shouldn't have used an actual leopard bc those animals get drugged often for numerous reasons, but we don't know any further details really. I just wish they wouldn't be using living wild animals for entertainment purposes like this.
  13. Will Britney age decently like...

    Yes, shes been having horrible hygiene habits since years. That's one of the reasons why she aged like that and tries to cover it with botox etc.
  14. she chose the part of the song for a reason out of hundreds of songs/parts. she is not a stranger to showing off her Ego and how she thinks anyway so not sure how is this song choice a "reach".
  15. out of all songs in existence she chose that one. Besides she has shown that Ego before in stuff like Mona Lisa. Add the incidents here and there and the most recent ones like in her tour that showed exactly how her Ego is.
  16. what's funny is the lyrics of the song in that video in the bg. "operator, innovator, f**k u hater, u can't recreate her" Interesting how Britney chose this to inflate her Ego. Britney sweetheart since when u are an operator,innovator that is being recreated by others? That Ego of hers has been going on a wild ride lately for some unknown reason first the "they should be begging for meee.they are horrible" in her tour, then claiming she deserves credits(???) for her hard(???) work. now this? c'mon Brinny i see RED RED RED and that's the STOP sign for u to calm down a bit and humble yourself

    with few fans that had Britney tattoos (like that other girl with a britney tattoo on her arm too), Britney is taking sometimes double pictures to keep one for herself. Where exactly in those pics did you see her turning her profile on purpose? She only did take double pictures to show THEIR tattoos after the fans SHOWED those tattoos to her themselves FIRST. she even poses closely to the tattoos on purpose for us to see the "similarities" between her and the tattoo with her face on full display. I know honey, thanks
  18. Will Britney age decently like...

    what does this have to do with my comment regarding her hygiene? I said that even when she gets procedures done to her face,they won't help her bc her hygiene is sh!t.

    no it wasn't Britney's idea. She never suggests poses. the M&G people choose how to pose, it's their pic and they pay for it.they always either suggest a pose or they just get straight away the typical pose for pic. If Neemz tries to say otherwise then he is lying to try to save his ass. It's obvious why he chose to do this certain pose. There have never been ANY story of M&G's where Britney suggested a pose. Never. it is edited

    that was smart idea ngl to tell Britney to turn on the side for profile pic. it doesn't reveal anything so we don't have to see the potentially awful makeup ppl should start following Sia's example too to take pics of their backs;;
  21. Will Britney age decently like...

    britney is 35 and already looking like 45. if she wont take care of her skin soon, she will age really badly in the next 5-10 years for the worse. She doesn't even take off the makeup from the previous night. that shows she doesn't take care of her own hygiene and wash her face properly. the procedures she keeps getting done on her face/lips/whatever is it, won't do her any favor if she keeps ignoring the basic hygiene rules to keep herself fresh,clean and beautiful. a lot of times she was seen with nasty oily skin that shows she didn't even wash her face, let alone take care of it. add in the mix the smoking, tanning, she is headed for a really bad road shes gonna regret it BIG time. oh well
  22. Hold on. how he is sexist btw? why no comment on britney and her family's hunting hobby? You only 'love' animals when it's convenient to you? Because they do the exact SAME thing, they kill truckloads of animals. I guess you wouldn't care if they died too right? An animal's life is more important than theirs right? You got it twisted honey. No animal life is BETTER than humans. PERIOD. Fortunately that "vile,heartless,sexist,piece of sh!t" eric trump, will continue living a great life and thankfully he will never acknowledge some strangers comments saying that an animal's life is more important than his.
  23. oh so because someone kills an animal they deserve to die,be skinned,stuffed and put on display?? Also u realize that Britneys family do hunt and kill animals too right?
  24. "edgy,dark,different" ? how is it edgy,dark,different when in the same sentence you call the production basic and being the same as everyones songs? how is it dark btw? or different? its basic and poorly done. britney hasn't done any "dark" or "edgy" song in her career lmfao