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  1. the boys get to see that their father is a stable figure in their lives unlike their mom who keeps changing boyfriends and not even respecting their words Don't forget that
  2. Is this remix official ?

    u act like u had anything good to say. lmfao
  3. britney herself admitted that her boys dont like the whole sh!t with bringing bfs all the time and she clearly doesn't give a sh!t for what her boys said bc she still hooked up with sam 2 weeks later. wow u can't even comprehend that. u are hopeless read again my posts honeypie who said she cant have her boytoys? I said she needs to separate her private personal life from her family time dont let the kids get attached to every new boyfriend and suddenly these bfs disappear. She shouldn't let the boys meet every second a new bf. That simple. i said shes irresponsible and immature and all the things i said prove that. but britney herself said it in interview that her boys don't like the whole thing with her boyfriends and 2 weeks later she hooked up with sam. thats ur PROOF "just" had jason/david/charlie/sam now. and the boys get to see how their dad kevin is with his wife in a stable relationship for years now while their mom is changing boyfriends every 5 mins and u think that's fine? lmfao snatching the boys on father's day eventho she could easily bring them to her tour 1 day later after they enjoy fathers day with kevin but nevermindddd, Britney can be a spiteful bitch towards kevin bc she can right? yes she can. that doesn't make her look nice tho and definitely NOT mature either the kids seem so "fine" they had to tell her they don't like the whole bfs thing she does yep. they are reallyyyy fine! if they are fine then why did they tell her this? wow u guys don't even use ur logic welp;
  4. she keeps bringing new boyfriends every few months to meet her kids. the kids don't like that and they have said it, do you remember how she revealed publicly what her sons told her abt the array of bfs she brings around? they don't like it and they are right. they get to meet a new man being around everytime and if they grow to like him then suddenly that man is disappearing. it's damaging and irresponsible of Britney. Immature behavior? oh well,after how she admitted that in the interview, 2 weeks later she hooked up with Sam andddd ofc the boys met him too. another indication of her immaturity? well she ditched her family AND her boys to go spend Xmas with SAM. In her little tour she did later on she snatched the boys on Father's Day and that out of spite for Kevin. Who the f**k takes the kids away from the father on fathers day lmfao. She is putting her OWN needs above her boys wishes. Keeps bringing around her herd of boyfriends mindlessly and ignoring her own kids feelings. The problem is not that she has boyfriends, she can have that. But she needs to separate her private personal life from her family life. Don't let the boys know/meet her new boytoys over and over again. That shows IMMATURITY and how irresponsible she gets. And cappy? before you write any response to me, try to think of the situation from her kids perspective.
  5. britney is irresponsible and immature as f**k. she still is immature to this day but she just has now the army of enablers and guardians around her that keep her from doing any heavy stupid sh!t.
  6. B10 vocals

    ITZney would be nice. Glory,FF,BJ those albums can burn for all I care
  7. even in britneys interview with ryan seacrest in 07 she was asleep. Sam had to wake her lmfao. She partied all night and slept all day. Let's not forget also the fact she was smoking right in front of the toddlers, there is pics with her son pulling out a cig of her packet and she attempted to take it away from him (while she had a cig in her other hand lmfao...) there is a reason why she lost custody. she was a sh!t mom neglecting her kids
  8. her own parental coach reported that to COURT. you are not in position to question that unless you want to try to call liars the parental coach AND the court? please try it, i want to laugh
  9. Is this remix official ?

    yes its mediocre and u will deal billybooo
  10. Love it! get higher wall tho please! #TeamDaddy
  11. at least she doesn't have kids and neglecting them like britney did while being on drugs. you try to 'drag' them for drugs and whatnot but you forget easily how britney your fave has done worse
  12. LMFAO thats cute; when will Barbie yeah at that age we tend to make um.. interesting fashion choices. i've never been fond of pink color. the rest colors tho..
  13. Trump is a brilliant daddy. you hater
  14. lmfaooo they'd have to pay me 1 billion to put that pink disaster on
  15. oh yes. his sisters debut show haha. britney started posting runway shows vids ever since. shes copying too much her bfs lmfao
  16. lmfao it was a prank she organized and she had the fake "cops" take him to his bday party. it was that night she performed with pussycat dolls
  17. Underrated

  18. yy its nostalgia.she had some good outfits too in her prime tho. she is young and pretty there but that outfit is f.ucking hilarious
  19. you proved my point ppl like it only bc she has pretty face there "too" sure
  20. u accept it bc shes pretty there. not for singing
  21. it's not better at all.maybe better than 1-2 pom costumes that are truly atrocious like the candy wrap red outfit but majority of pom outfits are far better. that funny moment when they suck too but being better than this one
  22. shes not into it "because of him". she was already into it before Sam. with sam she just started these ridiculous runway fashion clips shes been posting on IG. that was the only change.
  23. Is this remix official ?

    how to make a mediocre song even worse? Add T.I. to it. at least its not nicki to make it completely trash so that's something
  24. how is it better than pom outfits lmfao. if she wears this for pom im sure everyone will drag it