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  1. where is the miracle boy? It's been weekssssssssssssss. @Бри́тни Спирс come out come out! We won't bite! Just give us the fucking recordings and we will let u go right @cheri @button @danny1994 ?
  2. since @Catalin still keeps following us around like a lost puppy even in this thread, hey catalina while you are at it how about you answer our questions sweetie? You ran for the hills instead like the typical idiot u are you have yet to answer to @cheri and me in this thread. http://www.breatheheavy.com/exhale/index.php?/topic/746556-britney-live-in-concert-official-thread-june-15-2017-manila-philippines/&do=findComment&comment=16030389 http://www.breatheheavy.com/exhale/index.php?/topic/746556-britney-live-in-concert-official-thread-june-15-2017-manila-philippines/&do=findComment&comment=16030662
  3. Button didn't even attack you. danny and button they both gave you receipts you kept asking in the thread and once you dismissed the receipts with telling them that they are "reachingggg", button told you that you seemed like the rest fans who approve of sam just bc of his looks and totally ignore the receipts/proofs/background (the few things we know so far about him). How is that exactly an attack? He didn't even insult you with name calling and such like what you did. Was it that serious for you to lose your marbles? I don't think so. You then lost it and started attacking him on a personal level by calling him a 15 yo dipshit and insulting him. That was the point of where you lost this cause. Because not only you kept insulting him and he of course will naturally try to defend himself, but you also dragged anyone including me,danny for no reason and name calling us for quoting you and showing you your errors in the thread. It's impossible a majority of ppl as in us-button-danny-cheri-me being all "wrong" and you being "right" don't you think? It shows that something is not right and somewhere you did a mistake to cause that reaction from us. Anyways. I'm done with this story. Moving on
  4. what opinion. You attacked for no reason Anyways, I'm fine with letting it go since you apologized and I assume you learned from your mistake. You make sure to stay cute and not attack like that again anyone. I guess @button and @danny1994 feel the same?
  5. the fact that the only reason you blocked me at first place is because I pointed out your wrong behavior in the other thread and you didn't like it
  6. I already said in the previous page that I know now it's the grammarly plugin what you have in your browser sweetie I told you already that I confused it with the VPN icon. That means = I believe you.
  7. it's this icon
  8. Oh yes, I just looked up now the grammarly plugin i see it now. It has almost identical icon with the hotspot shield. I see why I confused it. My mistake. My logic is "poor"? Sweetie this thing is going for days now bc you were unable to understand your wrongdoings at first place. The fact you attacked button for no reason and then proceeded to attack anyone who quoted you (me, danny, etc) was UNCALLED FOR. Yes I claimed you did create the dupes and I still believe it. I will wait for the staff to check it out along with the IPs of the posts where you claimed you were to the doctor/home.
  9. honey who talked about the icons at the bottom of your screen? I specifically mentioned your browser. The icon top right on your browser. That looks as the Hotspot Shield VPN icon. So are you gonna tell me again abt the bottom of the screen now? I'm not trying anything. I genuinely asked a question, not my fault if you don't read my post right. Now I would suggest we wait for the admins to check thoroughly the situation. I'm very interested for the results. Technically... you started all this and you trashed us first in the Sam thread. YOU attacked us first. And now you backtrack bc u are in trouble. That's all.
  10. @MeowBurglar I have a question for you In the screencap you posted here: The pic is kind of blurry/low quality but is that VPN I see in your browser sweetie??? Also it's alarming how you knew exactly at the time when that "other dupe" was downvoting me and button at the same time I was upvoting him and he me. HOW did you know we were upvoting each other ??? You would ONLY know that if you were with the fucking dupe downvoting us and you SAW the notifications of the upvotes of mine and button's. I think it's time for the admins to check your IPs and those two dupes. Also the IPs of the posts from the timeframes you claimed you were in the doctor/and home to see if you were lying. For your info, the VPN IPs are noticeable. They will know who used vpn or not. Your last chance to admit what you did and whatnot. @Vixen @CashmereCat can you guys please if you don't mind me asking to check the above? It's against the rules to create second accounts. Thank you.
  11. Bitch you act like I would care for what a bunch of strangers would think of me. In fact truth is they won't think of anything bc actually your history in the Sam thread just proves what a fucking psychopath you are. Poor you for thinking that you could do some sort of grand relevation for the "Bad bad Lilithhh". I mean... have you looked at yourself? I know Im a c.unt thank you But you know what? Im not a dumb psychotic c.unt like you that loses her marbles all over the thread thrusting like a fucking witch "I HAVE A LIFEEE, YOU ARE NO-LIFERRR, YOU 15 YEAR OLD BOYYY, YOU LIVE IN THE BASEMENTTT, I DONT CARE ABOUT SAMMM ,WHA WHA!" eventho you asked for proofs and ppl just gave u what u asked? Also It's pretty obvious you never went to that doctor you say, your posts don't even have a time gap. How did you even drive to the doctor and at the same time posting on here? oh wait, I know your next excuse "Someone drove me thereeee" so basically someone gave you a ride, and you were glued the whole time on your phone to post here? psychotic much? IT will be hilarious if we ask the staff to check your IPs what you say? Shall we ask them?
  12. but it is you making second account sweetie. Why you keep denying it. meanwhile you keep fuming for the wasted effort of yours with second accounts to downvote
  13. You are in the doctor's office waiting and instead of focus on that, you are SO PRESSED you had to log on exhale to keep your little meltdown in your dumbass thread? Some priorities you have! "ohh i have a life and errands to runnn"