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  1. who says they aren't speaking the truth?
  2. whats the point to bring Myah lmao. whether its CD or Myah hidden backstage with a mic and singing for her life, Britney will be still lipping to the CD...or Myah..
  3. this tweet from his ex gf also confirms it. Also watch the dates of those tweets. That person in your post posted it on December 19th, and Mayra posted few days later on 23th. It's real lmao That didn't stop Kfed and David (allegedly) to cheat on her though. Just because shes Britney doesn't mean she can't be cheated on. History proved otherwise
  4. I will laugh if they force her to sing live. Her dusted stiff vocal chords will suffer dramatically
  5. not Brit related reported
  6. lmfao i wonder what kind of animal? lets pick one with the biggest tongue. pig or sheep? hilarious how he started agreeing with such comments only when BreatheOnSHIT started agreeing too with those who criticize Britney.I wonder if Breathe is even aware he has a pet that follows him around like a drooling piggy. Dying. What can I say tho,the kid even tries to expose exhalers against their will he finds on Tinder.
  7. honey I'm not the one who brought it up though, why you keep saying that? Did you even read the entire thing?Like I said, go ask BreatheOnSHIT why he broke again his part of the deal.
  8. Yea she did. She was being sarcastic and she can't spell. It's real
  9. she wrote "incedent" instead of "incident" and "unfortunatly" instead of "unfortunately". Not sure why you use the grammar as insult when Britney spells like sh!t??And it's not the first time she does that either. For all we know whoever wrote the google searches in the OP pic might not have Engl as first language
  10. cackling Blackout "too edited" compared to those songs? bye
  11. Actually you shouldn't have quoted me, go quote BreatheonSHIT because he is the one who can't even keep his end of the deal HE wanted at first place. I kept it, but he keeps breaking it, so far TWICE lmao.... how are you saying that to me when I'm not the one who went crawling to the mods in the first place? HE did. Not my fault if he is a dumb twat. He can't take the heat and crawled twice to the mods to ask for the deal bc he keeps fucking breaking it all the fucking time. They told him to block me and not make any reference and what did he do? Exactly the opposite. Lying dumb trash
  12. It's your fault when you INITIATE IT. fucking lying dumb kunt you don't even do what you are being told to and lie about supposedly blocking others
  13. kim is more popular tho and she had a lot of success with her game and all, Britney cant do that lol
  14. You admitted you DIDN'T BLOCK ME, and therefore you BROKE AGAIN the deal YOU wanted at first place... TWICE IN A ROW. Fucking dumb TWAT. Not only you didn't block but you fucking USE my own goddamn quote in your miserable thread while the point of this was to NOT MAKE ANY REFERENCE TO ME. You keep breaking the deal like a fucking DUMB kunt. Why do you go to crawl up to the admins ass anyway if you KEEP BREAKING THE DEAL EVERYTIME LIKE A MORON???ARE YOU THAT STUPID???? Why the f**k would I contact the mods for YOU like you are any special snowflake?You were the one who went cryinggg to cling on their leg like a fucking pu$$y. Go f**k yourself you lying twat you didn't even do what they ASKED YOU TO DO, to BLOCK and NOT MAKE ANY REFERENCE TO ME. IDIOT.