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  1. Oh I agree 100% it will come very VERY HANDY especially with all YOUR answers in this thread. Thanks for proving exactly my point sweet pea. Yes you made me laugh enough with your dumbass answers as per usual. You are dismissed for today!
  2. So you just admitted that not only you broke the agreement twice (something YOU asked when you went crawling to shove your head up the mods ass like the whiny little bitch u are) but you also admit that you can't even do what they asked from you bc it is supposedly "tickling" you. What a laughable pathetic excuse LMAOOO Way to sh!t on your friends and not do what they told you but oh wait.... not the first time you throw them under the bus. Is this how you show your "respect" to them? By not even doing TWICE now what they proposed as solution? Because both times i followed the agreement YOU wanted and both times you broke it. And you know how i could easily just refuse at first place right? Instead of refusing i agreed only bc they asked me to. You when you can't even do what the mods told you to eventho you are the one running to them. How weak u must be for not being able to follow a simple solution
  3. Well not my fault if BreatheOnShit can't take the heat. He went twice to the mods crying and they told him to block me if he can't handle my posts. I actually agreed to do the same and we were not bothering each other at all. That was the deal, we wouldn't bother each other or talk or even mention anything related to each other. Problem is, this moron broke the agreement both times lmfaooo. How dumb can he be. How many times he is going to cry like a little sh!t to the mods because he is too stupid to do what they asked him to. Besides he is the one who ran to them not me.
  4. you are adorable Not sure how BreatheOnShit is riling me up considering he is the one who ran crying to the mods to complain about me and they set an agreement for us to not mention/talk/quote anything from each other again but the little poor thing keeps breaking the agreement like a moron lmao. He will probably go back crying to the mods like a baby haha
  5. you mean how angry you get you can't even keep a block feature on despite you saying you would? Keep seething though and reading my posts lmfaoooo dumb kunt
  6. that wasn't the case when you saw what i posted in the POM thread that wasn't even directed to you and u literally quoted my exact words for your pathetic thread. Let me guess the "show this post" decided to show you the post itself! way to break the agreement dumb kunt. It's your fault. me when a dumb little peasant can't even keep his end of the deal and keeps fucking up/lying lmaooo BreatheOnShit: "i will block you-and unblock you-and block-unblock again and again bc im a pressed lying kunt"
  7. oh noooo the pathetic kunt reported me what im gonna do nowwww. lmfaoo "blocking you again - unblocking you again" yes lying bitch do that
  8. you when you realize that you are supposed to keep the block always on (eventho we both know you lied about that since the beginning), but keep breaking the agreement like a dumb fucking kunt all the time
  9. So the dailymail bothered you? Okay how about those news sites tho?? They are all lying? http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2016/12/17/french-bar-tells-women-isnt-paris-men/ https://www.thelocal.fr/20161010/are-there-police-no-go-zones-in-france-the-police-say-yes ^FRENCH news site Even wikipedia has reported it.https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/No-go_area#France So all the sites are lying?? THE FRENCH POLICE ADMITTED IT! You know well how politicians are lying for their benefit lmao. Don't be a sheep please.
  10. even the french police has admitted that there is no-go zones in there. It's only politicians who deny that bc obviously they don't want the bad stigma for their country, they care for the tourism, apparently they wont admit there is no go zones to scare off tourists. People are sheep, they chose to believe the fucking politicians over the police? lmao how sad. Jigglycunt's ignorance is on another level its just hilarious. Even for his own country? lmfaooo
  11. You live in France and you are THAT ignorant? How hilarious. No go zones actually DO EXIST in France. Do your research it won't hurt you. Just because your politicians say "no they don't exist" doesn't mean they don't. Obviously they will deny their existence. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4032680/Undercover-footage-reveals-no-zones-women-France-s-majority-Muslim-suburbs.html ^here is an example. And @ashleyBritboy was actually right in his post, he didn't write bullshit. Your ignorance is embarrassing.
  12. she does look indeed like a washed up pornstar here omg. the similarities with pam here tho ->
  13. No I didn't you fucking BITCH. Why would I remove just 1 line that is not even relevant to the question I did earlier? What's the point in going back to delete it from my post or not quoting it at all. I don't gain anything from that. You really need those glasses hunny and common sense because boy you are in great need of that. Stop looking for drama? How exactly did I look for drama when all I did from the start was to ask you a simple question? You on the other hand you tried to cover your fucking dumb mistake for not being clear at all in your original post with attempting to paint me as someone who can't read or need glasses and lastly as a fucking LIAR???. You even went back to your post to fucking tag me with your little dumb edit "edited!for clarity bc lilith can't readddd". Congrats, you created a drama bc you simply couldn't accept your fucking DUMB MISTAKE you moron. Yes there would be still ways to test the hair you bitch thank you for the useless input eventho you tried to tell me that they would just tell her to peee!!. " Uhm...even Britney isn't dumb enough to think you can avoid a drug test by shaving your head hunny. They would just make her pee. " So yes Britney was being DUMB ENOUGH to think she could avoid the drug test with shaving her head bc ultimately there is ways to get the hair anyway, and we already established that urine results are not reliable. This could have been avoided if you weren't being a fucking KUNT since the beginning. Oh don't worry.I know you edited this one. So anyone who points out your fucking stupidity in the posts = TROLL/or looking for drama? lmfaooooo sure jan we saw who got pressed and dramatic with editing 324 times his dumbass posts. K thx.
  14. The green highlighted text is what you added WAY AFTER I quoted your post and I asked you a question. If it was already there it would be in the quoted post too. Can you use you know... that little thing called "logic"? Uhm... yes Britney shaved her head to avoid the drug test hunny, besides it's a FACT she did take drugs, the court judge established it. Oh really? They would make her pee? Do you even know how that works? No you don't. Here for your information: Replacing Blood & Urine The conventional approach to alcohol and drug testing involves taking blood or urine and submitting these liquid samples for forensic tests. However, even when accurate, these traditional tests only relate to recent consumption: approximately 24 hours in blood and approximately three to five days in urine. This short-term window of detection puts children at risk in relation to parental care, public safety at risk in relation to workplace testing and patients at risk from themselves if being treated for alcoholism. Furthermore addicts are more often than not in denial, embarrassed or simply lie when asked to self-report their substance abuse (we find, for example, that over half of heavy drinkers underestimate their consumption of alcohol). As such, it has long been acknowledged by the medical profession that a reliable test to detect alcohol and drug consumption is required and hair is fast-becoming their preferred method. In short: Urine is not reliable. Hair is. You're welcome hunny Also why you tell me im supposedly seeking drama yet you go back ONCE again in your original post to add "edited for clarity bc lilith can't read"? How cute and try hard. All I did was ask you a simple question but you decided to be a fucking ass and try to save face for your mistake in your original post. I'm sorry sweetie for breaking your dream for clarity over a head shave, but it was unfortunately her stupid attempt to avoid a drug test. It's not like she had clarity when she was driving unlicensed, failing drug tests, drinking alcohol,drugs,parties,driving RED traffic lights with kids in the car etc etc