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  1. the entire footage is probably not even new. hair/makeup/everything from this day: https://www.instagram.com/p/BZC8Ec1F-Hv/
  2. Britney: Piece of Me 18/10/2017

    you're delusional as f**k "new vocals for slave" lkds;lsd';f; well it wouldn't be the first time the sound is "different" to you considering you couldn't even make the difference in a BOMT live vocals clip from DWAD u insisted was fake instead
  3. Omg this POM video

    another exhaler made it.its been used around for a while agree. this over exaggerated smile she does for the entirety of the show is just a turn off. even for songs where shes not supposed to smile and giggle and sh!t but be more serious and have that eye-fucking-teasing stare. she used to do that in her prime. she turned from a sexy provocative popstar that used to put on great shows onstage to a fucking permanent annoying 5 year old goofball that stares to the void and giggling/smiling/laughing nonstop.the sailor moon hair she now wears just completes the disaster.
  4. Omg this POM video

    her face expression and that hair are killing me
  5. remember when

    try harder.that was pathetic
  6. omg britards like u trying to twist everything and make Britney seem like shes better than any other artist? In this case trying to say that JT tried to bring her down and Britney supposedly out-did him in everything? groundbreaking, shocking, outrageous, always seen this happening on this forum. f**k off u cuntfish
  7. well its her fault for cheating on him.What did she expect? Him turning and tell her "thank u britneyyy for cheating on meeeeee"? lmao He had every right to say and do anything he wanted. Britney cheated on him and he reacted, good for him. Britney didn't really learn her lesson as proven by her history after that though, I wonder when she's gonna learn that was a nice joke honey do you have more of those?
  8. don't feel embarrassed, just see it for what it is.its funny in many ways. if it opens get pics asap before brinny's team shuts it down

    brinny be like:
  10. It's the POM hour

    now we don't even get updates/ppl don't post on IG anymore? I will laugh my ass off if Britney gets another residency there it will fail big time lmfaoooo
  11. 3 months ;; u so generous habibi remember this? we need one with britneys face on some noodle package
  12. Xtina having Oreo a famous brand, she also teamed with shaquille o'neal. Britney got a random soon-to-be-forgotten noodle shop somewhere on the world map. Are we sure her team even knows abt this shop? screaming ;;;