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  1. other fanbases can't say britney is flop

    what the f**k is that comment?
  2. @Edge Of Getting Clocked running for the hills as predicted He is all bold and confident to say "I as a dancer idc about anyone's opinion but dancers only, it's a no brainer that Britney's dance is harder" yet he can't prove it and he conveniently ignored that professional choreographer's view Janet's routines are HARDER and ACTUAL dancers in this thread said this Also goodbye with Edge's tragic lie about learning first Janet's sexy routines at age of 9??? Which teacher would teach 9 year olds these routines?? Him calling the Toxic routine "insane" eventho this one is not difficult? It's great to look at yes but even non-fans managed to learn this routine in one night and uploaded their clips on yt. "Insane" tho If he was indeed a dancer he wouldn't call Britney's routine "insane" @edge time for you to rename into @Edge Of Being Full Of sh!t "the kids at school don't daaaaaaaare to mess with meeeeehhh, they know im not oneeee to mess with he-hee" in his sleep maybe lmmfaaaoooo
  3. other fanbases can't say britney is flop

    that little 'click' is 'clicking' u hard tho "only a matter of time" for what btw? do u still dream about that little 'click' getting banned? that will never happen Clicky Holidayyyy
  4. @cheri how come and he remembers that??? You said that on the same day @Edge Of Getting Clocked registered onsite Creepy how he remembers what you said on the same day he registered. he tried to say in the other bey thread smth like: "idk idc what cheri saysss how i would knowww what point she makes etc etc" to pretend like he wasn't scrambling for our attention in threads
  5. You are not in position to tell the owner what to do with his own site
  6. if u dont care then dont read. simple he brought it upon himself with opening his big mouth though so its too late for that haha
  7. "look at meee im a teenager that just pwned an adulttttt" eventho he made a fool of himself i swear something is wrong with teenagers these days lmao
  8. lmao witch cauldron I yelped dls;kf button offered to help him out to just confirm if hes a dancer or not.There is no reason to tear down a dancing video. It's just dancing. Plus verify to button on tinychat so we know for sure without doubt. Button could ask him things only he would know answers to etc. it's very simple to do the dancing vid for Janet and Britneys routines and then verify everything on tinychat too. @Edge full of sh!t tho won't do it bc he can't. Nah it's not his fear, he is just simply lying bc if he is so bold to claim that the kids in school in person "don't dare to mess with himmm" then he wouldn't have an issue to prove he is a dancer in a private DM ONLINE without even revealing his identity. In fact he would be the first to run and post a vid to show off his dancing skills and prove us wrong. That's what he would do naturally if he was telling the truth.
  9. Exactly. He should have apologized publicly to both of u and definitely britisthecolor since she got called names for no reason first. Yes absolutely, nobody does have to prove anything to anyone but problem in his case is he tried to use his "experience as a dancer" to prove/validate his point and that he only cares for dancers opinionsss. Well thing is if he is going to make such strong claim he needs to back it up 100%. There is no point in mentioning something he can't prove. Why even saying it?? "no kids dare to challenge me at schooollll" yet he is whining and going in a circle of excuses for a super simple dancing clip without even revealing his identity publicly. He is such a bad liar lmao. peace
  10. btw @Edge Of Clockin' You the comment in previous page "are you on drugs or something?" it wasn't directed to us, it was directed to the OP and to you too since u agree with the OP im sure you only upvoted it bc you thought it was directed to us hahaha You got bothered because I called your opinion sh!t yet you upvote a comment like this. hilarious. Too bad it wasn't for us