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  1. oh so because someone kills an animal they deserve to die,be skinned,stuffed and put on display?? Also u realize that Britneys family do hunt and kill animals too right?
  2. "edgy,dark,different" ? how is it edgy,dark,different when in the same sentence you call the production basic and being the same as everyones songs? how is it dark btw? or different? its basic and poorly done. britney hasn't done any "dark" or "edgy" song in her career lmfao
  3. lmao. whatever britney does gets a free pass for it these ppl would bash any other star if they did what britney did with her reckless behavior years ago
  4. What is your favorite Britney family member?

    sh!t,piss,blood yes exactly what jamie lynn's "career" is. oh but why? sh!t looks so fun with "!" in it! don't you like it? sh!t sh!t sh!t sh!t!!!!!! ! ! ! p!ss wouldn't look that good. it's sh!t
  5. What is your favorite Britney family member?

    thank you blood too
  6. What is your favorite Britney family member?

    I'm not wasting time, data, brain spears cells, eye sight, breath, sh!t, piss on that
  7. What is your favorite Britney family member?

    they seem like rednecks for shooting animals? well in this case they are all rednecks including Britney considering she likes hunting and her kids and her entire family hunts too. Lexi will soon be joining them once she gets a bit older yes agree. Bryan lives a quiet nice life living off Britney's money. A wonderful life for the entire family using Britneys money including Jamie Lynn's "country career" given how talentless she really is and uses Britneys fame/money for her career.
  8. What is your favorite Britney family member?

    hmm my favorite Britney family members are the ones that don't glue themselves on Britney's ass to live off her money. if they even exist
  9. lmaoooo. you realize that Britneys family and even her kids hunt and kill animals right? they are not different at all
  10. The key is

    she will get another residency and I will laugh watching the meltdowns
  11. the entire footage is probably not even new. hair/makeup/everything from this day: https://www.instagram.com/p/BZC8Ec1F-Hv/
  12. Britney: Piece of Me 18/10/2017

    you're delusional as f**k "new vocals for slave" lkds;lsd';f; well it wouldn't be the first time the sound is "different" to you considering you couldn't even make the difference in a BOMT live vocals clip from DWAD u insisted was fake instead
  13. Omg this POM video

    another exhaler made it.its been used around for a while agree. this over exaggerated smile she does for the entirety of the show is just a turn off. even for songs where shes not supposed to smile and giggle and sh!t but be more serious and have that eye-fucking-teasing stare. she used to do that in her prime. she turned from a sexy provocative popstar that used to put on great shows onstage to a fucking permanent annoying 5 year old goofball that stares to the void and giggling/smiling/laughing nonstop.the sailor moon hair she now wears just completes the disaster.