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  1. Dear Diarrhea, Banana Juanita, Riccus...
  2. Remember when Ben Mor was impressed the Army praised him for making Britney wear pants in the wb mv
  3. POM DVD-Blu-Ray?

    I like it too, it also picks the best dance moves and angles
  4. literally thought this was a bumped thread from december 2016
  5. POM DVD-Blu-Ray?

    This is probably better than any pro footage they eventually release
  6. Idol come back!!!

    performance wise, POM mid 2015-early 2016 >> anything from Circus era
  7. The difference...

  8. Britney and her hands

    Not related but that WB edit is awful geez
  9. the sound engineers were probably too lazy to include that whisper stem on the track lol. and I can barely hear her lead vocals in the bridge, I'm quite sure she lips to the background vocals and her adlibs