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  1. FACEAPPney

    She's stunning at the moment tho. But she's gorgeous, in and out, so doesn't matter.
  2. Thank you. It was a good performance, they should have let stuff like Boys or Do Somethin go instead of 3. Cuz when she was on fire, it was just wow.
  3. Ya'll know she'd get shredded to pieces if she used (again) that much of vocal enhancement. I guess it's okay when it's not Britney
  4. So I just was looking for pictures of 3Dney in BDB, and I came accross this webpage. http://www.boydlake.com/gallery/britney.php This is Boyd Lake's website, and apparently he was in charge of creating a model of Britney for the game. He spills a bit of info on the game, stating that the game was kinda a flop because they weren't able to get more than 5 of her songs licensed for the game. Quite interesting. Not many more info tho, but cool pictures and it's always good to learn more