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  1. Jesus, daddy spears giving Sam a run for this money in the biceps department Who knew I will keep my next comment to myself because I have respect for Britney
  2. Oh your one of "those" people Plain hamburgers from McDonald's and banana milkshake too yeah? Add some spice to your life booboo
  3. Predict The Sound Of B 10's 1st Single

    Something like Break the Ice, not back to her pop roots, back to her urban roots. Sounding like Britney. Dancing like Britney. That is all I want
  4. She was a perfectionist though in her early career and always had to live a perfect life, look and act perfect, literally people applying make up to her as she slept. I think she is now over all the glam and looking perfect (clearly...) This does not excuse her lack of live singing and half assed dancing though. Now that she is showing more of her love vocals I'm holding out for a complete 360 in her career for B10, if it does not happen and we yet again get a mess, then I know I'm done. 100%.