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  1. He absolutely KILLED that render, looks EXACTLY like her!
  2. The way that crucifix earing falls perfectly when she eye fucks the camera in the last pic... This woman is an otherwordly floating sex goddess
  3. Her best look

    Anoyingly so sometimes... "just keep doing it". Its so general and makes her look dumb. How did this bitch survive as a mentor on the X Factor Oh yeah.... By saying "amazing" and looking bored
  4. Songs where you like Britney s singing styLe

    Make Me, Womanizer, He About To Lose Me, MOOD RING IS MY ALL TIME FAV. THOSE VOCALS >> oBV Everytime. We need another tbh.
  5. Her best look

    i HATE when her response is "keep going dont give up" when they ask her about advice she would give to someone starting out also Britney: "i would like to be remembered as someone who makes you laugh"..... Mario: "Are you funny?" Britney: "Im really not... but i wish i was" Bitch all your achievements and you want us to think "oh yeah Britney really made us laugh"
  6. We need to talk about short hairney

    if it stops her touching it then yeah chop it off but she looks amazing and there is literally no fidgeting. her long hair obviously annoys her and shes constantly trying to find moments to fix it while performing. she also looked amazing in all appearances with the short hair so I'm here for it.
  7. This is why she needs to go back to Light Brown Hair

    She looks SO good with brown hair i cant even... it changes her whole face.... black eyes with bleach blonde hair was never going to look good on ANYONE. Show us your beauty Brinty stop making yourself look haggard, we will all be old one day why ruin your youthful appearance
  8. When your feeling sexy in the club but you've had a hard week at work...
  9. Songs Like Work Bitch?

    It was produced by one of the former members of Swedish House Mafia, so any of their stuff tbh. Although for a popstar no one has had quite a hard hitting EDM record Like Work Bitch. Only a KWEEN.....
  10. What are you talking about? It was an interview and so he was speaking about his pre-game rituals... What is the problem?
  11. This is infinitely more cringe than the knee tapping, pu$$y bopping ADHD hands and hair fixing. Worst "dancing" of her entire career.
  12. She is so gross and desperate effin sick of seeing her on here