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  1. most of her performances are/were good, its more a case of performances that "ruined" POM e.g Stronger, Crazy and for me the TTWE choreo is an anticlimax to the show (the original choreo is much better).....
  2. thanks for the reminder of why i stan for this woman.
  3. i just cried wtf..... t4p
  4. So true tbh a lot of artists have used her formula and improved on it, making her less relevant and she hasn't evolved quick enough as an artist. I hate when other artists sh!t on her cause she literally paved the way for other young females to take over the industry. Britney is like a cappuccino, a classic, the original. Whereas other artists are serving Frappuccino with whipped cream, chocolate sauce and honeycomb pieces (McDonald's impact ) You get me? She needs to adapt her formula
  5. It's a shame some spice is exactly what her career needs
  6. Is it normal to be this much influenced by someone you have never even met
  7. just proof she needs the right people around her... first that chick who coordinated and turned around Glory and now her "swagger" coach who has improved her performing skills almost to primeney level...
  8. its so true... that is why she defaults to these little movements because she literally doesn't know how to fill the small gaps in her performances and tries to cover up how awkward she feels. She told us during IABJ how awkward she is an not sexy at all. I've actually started doing that hand thing, what the f**k is happening to me
  9. do you think she even knew where she was... she looked confused af the entire time
  10. You would honestly be surprised how many fans she gained during FF. I remember going to a friend's BBQ and they were playing FF on repeat... I was so fucking shocked cause they were the "cool kids" and they didn't know I even loved Britney. Even my sister loved the album and she's 40 yo I think she even had criminal as her ringtone Not to mention all the celeb attention who said they loved the album...
  11. She looks ok. Makeup is ok... It's the hair. It needs to be brushed more into her face and brushed into a softer wave, like this ->
  12. Literally feeling the music and giving a performance
  13. Of course she always sings live