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  1. BBMA 2016

    She was a little stiff to begin with but overall she totally slayed it - the way she eyefucked the camera during slave was just like Primeney The only 2 downsides for me was what you said: work bitch was too short and she just walked around for ages during womanizer. Secondly, they should have included BTI (with the original choreo) it would have been so fucking iconic!!!
  2. Guess Britney's next collab

    I'm gonna need Jlo or Rih for B10
  3. Her mic is definitely on you can hear her lower voice over the track and the does all the little ad-libs live. On a side note, this was shot perfectly, when she comes down that runway it's like a Victoria Secret performance. So beautiful
  4. Damn, she had so much star potential back then, no pu$$y bopping or hair fixing