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  1. This photo works so much better as a wide shot. oh my goood it should be the full cover not the close up one
  2. Delusion is real on this forum
  3. This photo is million times better than the actual cover. see ? that's the example of how to look like yourself
  4. omg the delusion is real if you think she looks the same as in real life you need to go to the doctor to get your eyes checked or to the psychiatrist. you might have a different perception of reality at least different from a person that sees things the way they really are if you read some articles, forums, tweets and go outside exhale you'll find out people are asking who the f*ck is that women ? and these people are general public and sees her the way she is, not in the same way as her delusional fans. photoshop is not a bad thing. using photoshop to retouch a pimple on your ass or wrinkles on your forehad is not the same thing as changing someone's face to the point the person is unrecognizable.
  5. no she's not. her nose looks like a toothpick and her lips are plumped up to the size of Angelina Jolie. there's a difference between using photoshop for advertising and creating unrealistic image. i don't know who's that girl on the picture but it's not Britney
  6. she looks so beautiful in kenzo video. whoever edited this magazine cover needs to be fired
  7. what have they done to her face in this picture
  8. why it is so short ? i need mooooooore
  9. Britney Spears Talks About Her New Campaign for Kenzo and How She Defines Mom Fashion