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  1. BOMT -  I Will Be There

    Oops -What You See Is What You Get

    Britney - Lonely 

    In The Zone - Touch Of My Hand ( she wanted this as a single )

    Blackout - Toy Soldier or Heaven on Eath

    Circus- Kill The Lights

    Femme Fatale - Big Fat Bass ( YUP the GP would have loved it ) Or He About To Loose Me

    Britney Jean - Hold on Tigh

    Glory - Change Your Mind

  2. Her life her choice...her life does not belong to US .....it belongs to her and her children . If she is doing the residency for more time with her children and being able to have time off between shows to be the best Mom she can be to them I am not going to knock her for that but praise her.:sendinglove:. Ever since she had her kids they always came before her career and that is how it should be ....again BRITNEY SPEARS IS NOT OUR PROPERTY!