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  1. Just now, satanic cheri candy lotion said:

    yes it is. as lilith said, how exactly is it preventing a fight as u claim if britney and dancers are already throwing their hat into the audience? makes no difference.

    she wears the same top for 3 separate sections. she's cheap as f**k. same sh!t with her moldy hats. deal with it.  :mj: 

    Than why are u even here? If it is such a bother to you and gives you negative feelings and vibes than leave?:lemmetellu:

  2. Just now, satanic cheri candy lotion said:

    it's because she's too fucking cheap. get real. do u see the vids from tonight? shes wearing the same top for 3 separate sections. :mj:

     Jesus Christ it is not about keeping a hat because of how much it cost her team or not wanting somone to have it...get real 

  3. 1 hour ago, Lilith's Sister Nicci said:

    1 outfit for 3 fucking sections and her cheap ass taking BACK the fucking "VegasStrong" hat???????? just fucking woW :tiffcackle:
    she shows so much support guyZ :tiffcackle: she doesn't even let the fans to keep a gooddamn cheap hat that has a positive message for Vegas "VegasStrong". What's the harm in letting the fans to fucking KEEP IT? its not like she will be using that particular hat for the entirety of POM. it was designed to show support to the victims. Her team and Britney herself have no fucking sense sometimes. I cannot :tiffcackle:

    Not even mentioning a charity to donate to herself/for people to donate too if they can.
    She could at least use her fucking IG to POST something productive for few days to raise some awareness,or for charity,donation, literally ANYTHING aside her sorry ass Frecasso painting clips and glitter sh!t :tiffcackle:
    did she even do 1 minute of silence for  the victims in her first show? so disrespectful.
    Shes a vegas figure and she doesn't do anything. doesnt need to be donations via money, but something substantial at least.

     Its so people dont target and fight someone for it , also it prvents from ppl taking it home and try selling it for 5,000$ on Ebay .  You rlly need to think before opening your mouth sweetheart. :foh: