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  1. 1) Britney 2) Gaga 3 ) Sia and Shania
  2. The songs from her that she doesn't like?

    She never said anything negative of Bombastic love , and just because she doesnt perform some tracks on albums does not make them hated. It is a fact she wasnt to fond of recording Cinderella during that Time she was in a good relationship and didn't want breakup material on Britney .
  3. And as stated I am still waiting for a girl to come and have an impact on the pop world on a worldwide scale and the industry like Britney Spears did and Madonna and Janet....i'll wait.
  4. I have never even heard of this biotch and he wants to say next pop princess? I'll go check her out .
  5. If Britney worked with Dr Luke again?

    He can f**k himself