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  1. Fair enough. But isn't everything an opinion, though? Lol. IA that she is restricted by her image. She isn't "cool" to follow unlike celebs like the Kardashians, Bey, and Rihanna. She needs a refresh of her image (both as a celeb and as person) I think she could pull of another hit or two, if she really works for it. She just needs to pull in more people first. However, she CANNOT top Toxic, like ever, as the OP thinks. Do you honestly believe she could? I'm not being shady, I just think Toxic is her best and most popular song ever. Some people might mistake Oops or BOMT with some other popstar, but not Toxic, you know? It's a Britney signature song
  2. I did NOT know that Imagine all the guys in the locker room spraying with their Private Shows, I do not wanna smell that
  3. I have all her perfumes but can't wear any of them it hurts It's my one true wish for her to make a scent for her gays, besides getting Rebellion in full of course. Am I asking too much She could put it in a bundle, Britney Spears: Twink Fantasy with Rebellion single CD It would sell more than her last 4 albums combined but she just doesn't care
  4. Britney’s team sent SP for SOTY and ROTY

    Good for them There's is nothing wrong with aiming high
  5. That's true. Those people who didn't know it was a Britney song, but knew the song, is very common. My dad didn't know Everytime was Britney, until he saw me watching the MV back in the day, but he knew the song and it wasn't even a big hit. I think IWG is slightly more popular than WB. It depends on the area I guess. Latin America stans hard tbh. If I was a celeb, I would work my ass off to get on the good graces of Central and South America, and Southeast Asia. They are the real deal. In North America, we are incapable flops I see Britney releasing a Greatest Hits: My Fantasy and B in the Fantasy Mix to celebrate her 20th anniversary tbh I'm still salty there are no male Britney colognes, when the gurls have all the fantasies in the world they could ever ask for
  6. I mean, I didn't say Work Bitch is totally unknown. It was the last britney song to have some sort of impact. Perfume, PG, MM, and SP were all total flops, so naturally people know WB as her "last" song. WB has also been the opening song to all her POM and festival performances for literally four years, so it seems like it's well known. But I know GP people who could chant the Womanizer verses easily, and I've personally heard a group of young teenagers playing and singing along to Womanizer on a beach. These teenagers would have been toddlers when the song came out, so the fact that they even knew about it amazed me. My straight guy friends know about the song too so that says something right.. I'm in no way hating on WB btw. I'm just trying to be objective here. I do have to say that the line "You want a ____, you better work" is sorta iconic. I've seen people reference it tbh But the song itself is not. Also honest question, you really think Brit will have another hit perfume? She has like 50 fantasies. I think it would be hard to top the original Fantasy and Curious.
  7. Will Britney age decently like...

    I love Britney with all my life and she will always be my queen no matter what. However, I am not deluded and I'm unbiased towards her. Britney at 35, already looks older than Kylie at 49. Britney didn't take care of her looks, and all the stresses in her life don't help either. Smoking (and probably drugs) is bad for her skin. She just has different priorities in life, other than vanity. Beyonce is what a 35 year old Britney would look like in a parallel world where she never met Kfed, never had a breakdown, and never broke up with JT (as much as I dislike him) Beyonce also has a village of people taking care of her, putting her looks together for her, and giving her sound advice that she follows, and Beyonce never had a 2007. Same with Kylie M, JLo, Madonna, etc. Britney's Lousianna lily-white ass couldn't care less about looks and so she's let herself go so easily through the years. Take note, I said Britney looks old for her age, not that she's not beautiful. She's still a very beautiful woman. It's just that she failed to keep her peak beauty (2002), unlike all these other celebs due to many factors. Who cares tbh. All that matters is that she's alive and well.
  8. Unfortunately, she will not. She isn't revolutionary and ground-breaking, and she doesn't care. She won't ever have a #1 single or album ever again, nor will she ever be relevant and current again. Her army of supporters continues to dwindled down, more than half of her fans left her through the years, and she fails to gain new followers with one flop era after another. She will always be iconic because of the legacy of the Britney Spears name, but she will not add anything to her legacy now or ever again. Anyways, we can all argue about this day and night but doesn't change the fact that Britney will never have a hit again. Not a hit song. Not a hit album. Not a hit movie. Not even a hit perfume. She seems perfectly happy and she absolutely deserves to be content and live her life the way she wants to. We, as adoring fans, just have to accept her for who she is now and have realistic expectations for future projects. On another note, y'all delusional for thinking Work Bitch is a signature song. It's neither iconic nor remembered in the gp. It had absolutely not impact whatsoever. Even TTWE is a reach. Only fans and the gays know about those songs. If anything, Scream And Shout is more known and it's not even a Britney song. Her last real worlwide signature hit is Womanizer.