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  1. 3 hours ago, Godney's Sweet Ass said:

    I actually love the FF pre-recorded vocals - along with the hits and the 4 singles/music vids - they're some of the only good things from that era. 

    After the CD tracks of Circus Tour - it was nice to see her team learn and do something better on FFT. I don't WANT her to sound perfect when she's performing. I want her to sound like herself even if she is still lip syncing. Better to lip sync and sound live than lip sync and sound autotuned to perfection. 


    And at this point the GP will drag her whatever she does, but she should try to please some fans and I don't want CD vocals. 

    AGREE 100 %

    The whole performance looks better with pre-recorded vocals. 


  2. 54 minutes ago, The Greatest Show said:

    Lady Gagas current tour. Live singing, plays instruments and amazing production.




    Katy Perrys current tour great production


    Shakira will go on tour soon and while her stage is usually more simple she sings live, dances her ass off, plays instruments and interacts with her audience


    Pink sings live, plays instruments, dances sometimes and has about 3 songs with acrobatics and has great production



    Kylie Minogue always has stunning visuals and sings live



    Ariana Grande sings live and dances ok and has a nice stage with costumes


    Justin can dance, he sings live and plays instruments live and his production is also amazing


    Same goes for Bruno Mars


    And Justin Bieber


    JLO can dance and sing her stage was ok


    oh and Janet Jackson???

    Justin Bieber? From what I've seen (Purpose Tour) he lip syncs and doesn't put any effort in dancing, he looks over it all the time. No energy. Production is nice that's all 

  3. Just now, really really cool guy said:

    Who else has a water mirror in front of the stage? I've never seen big stars like Madonna having one. Y'all should be proud of Britney's innovative stages :lemmetellu:

    The "Toxic water" in Vegas could never :tiffcackle: