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    Studying brains and listening to Britney.

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  1. Was forced to take another Exhale break thanks to school demands, but now it's swung to the other end of the pendulum and gotten so overwhelming that I desperately need a guilty-pleasure-esque outlet. Hope I don't regret logging back in when next week's exam comes around:woopsie: 

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    2. LostInAnImage


      Did I write an initial "Tom's Diner?" :calculating: I do a lot of weird sh!t I have no memory of while sleep deprived, but that seems particularly taxing. Or are you confusing me with that old Italian (I presume) gentleman that Britney collaborated with for about 80% of a song by the same title? :mattafact:

      If I'm not making any sense, I apologize. I was running regression analyses for 26 hours straight and now I'm on my 3 hour commute to school. "Everything is still a blur..."

    3. falka


      For me You have good looking mind, old gentleman,

      but can You-dude, look like a Lady called  for example Luka?
      In my language luka means loss of small part of memory.
      Best wishes. :brityes:

    4. LostInAnImage


      Not gonna lie, I've officially become completely ignorant as to what we are discussing.:nocomprende::Lshark: