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    Studying brains and listening to Britney.

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  1. Apparently logging on to Exhale through my shitty ad-blocker app on my even shittier paradoxically stupid "smart phone" doesn't allow me to see some pertinent notifications...Like, I just logged on here via laptop for the first time in over a month, and saw several private messages dating back several weeks, plus apparently I "won the day" earlier this month and had no clue. :pieceofwhat: So, now I feel both like an asshole and like a badass at the same time due to this new set of conflicting information I just received. Rollercoaster of emotions.:tehe: Also, across the board apologies to everyone's messages who I have seemingly ignored. I'm not THAT innocent, and definitely sometimes (a Britney) bitch, but what looks like me blatantly ignoring people was definitely my phone's fault, not mine! 

    1. Iced Tea

      Iced Tea

      disgusting, fake c*nt :uknowit:


      But i'm really just pressed that I haven't won the day yet. :uknowit:


    2. LostInAnImage


      Maybe you have but you just won't be alerted for several weeks, like me :unbelievableney: