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  1. Have all eras ended terribly?

    I have to respectfully disagree with this. I think, because of how incredibly entertaining and successful Britney had been for the duration of her first four album cycles, we now tend to romanticize the past and believe she would still be on top of the world if not for the knee injury and/or involvement with KFed. But realistically, "Toxic" saved the ITZ era. By that point in her career, she had lost her drive to continue working in the same manner as before, and her image/overall brand had already suffered tremendously, even prior to KFed and "Chaotic." As such, she had lost the universal adoration of the general public and media alike. The Onyx Hotel Tour opened to mixed reviews, which was a sharp deviation from the critical acclaim she enjoyed during the OIDIA and DWAD tours. Further, the OHT had relative difficulty selling tickets; another first in her career. For the first time, she became known as a tabloid figure first, and pop star second. Therefore, I wholly believe she was rapidly headed toward a distinct decline in both her career and personal life following the ITZ era, irrespective of the specific extenuating circumstances she actually suffered at that particular time.
  2. What do you think about Madonna's vocal abilities?

    Well, not quite. Madonna is truly an outlier, because the other best-selling female artists of all time are comprised of the likes of Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Barbra Streisand, etc. So overwhelmingly, huge voices with multi-octave ranges have historically consistently sold better than pop stars with mediocre, yet unique, voices. Thus, Madonna (and Britney, for that matter, although I think she has such more natural vocal talent than Madonna), are truly the exception rather than the rule. Madonnna is a very savvy businesswoman and hard worker though, that's undeniable.
  3. Christina Aguileras new look..

    Honestly? I don't care at all what Xtina looks like as long as the music, live vocals and passion are on point. The only two eras wherein she both looked stunning and delivered an amazing album were during her debut album and Back to Basics. In contrast, during Bionic, she was beautiful but the era itself was a mess, while during Stripped, the music was impeccable but she frequently looked like a hot mess, and often her rather trashy appearance during the latter era detracted from the quality and content of her music. Also, she looked gorgeous during several seasons of "The Voice," but that career choice only held her back further. For reference, these highly questionable looks were in concert with the quality of music (e.g., "Lady Marmalade," Stripped era, etc.), that I think the vast majority of us would love to have her release once again: In contrast, during her highly criticized Bionic album, frequently referred to as her first "flop," she looked stunning and classy: Again, looking flawless during "The Voice," while her actual music career was irrelevant: Overall, I think everyone knows Christina is naturally beautiful, but when it comes to her appearance, she likes to march to the beat of her own drum. Thus, I'm just hoping for great music and true passion in her forthcoming project, and am not otherwise concerned with how she'll choose to present herself.
  4. Pick the album poll!

    It's always hard between Blackout and In The Zone, because they have different strengths, but Blackout is ultimately my favorite Britney album. Between Circus and Glory, I give the edge to the latter because it's more cohesive and vocally superior. The former has some huge hits and great deep cuts, though.
  5. He backtracked pretty quickly after his comments about ARTPOP II essentially caused civil unrest among the Little Monsters (NOT a mellow bunch BTW, they even meltdown upon receipt of good news). But anyway, he then explained it's just going to be a follow-up to the record wherein he had previously collaborated most heavily with Gaga, rather than indicating the next era would be a sequel sonically, thematically, or visually to ARTPOP. I just saw her in concert this past Friday, and she was fantastic. Her costumes had deviated since the start of the Joanne World Tour; there were fewer cowboy hats, denim and fringe, and more looks reminiscent of The Fame era. She's already heavily involved in the making of LG6, so I think she is prepared to return to her dance-pop roots.
  6. Taylor Swift working on a Slave 4 U remake

    Wtf my phone just went crazy. Anyway, I honestly feel kind of bad for "dragging" anyone; generally when I dislike someone's music, I just don't even bother to comment. (With the exception of that whole "Katy Perry/Katy Keene" thing, that was just too bizarre to keep to myself). But anyway, I'm just really sick of seeing threads about other artists within the "Britney Spears forum" multiple times per day (although I obviously understand this particular OP was Britney-related).
  7. Taylor Swift working on a Slave 4 U remake

    Baby, don't you wanna... Dance up on me? (To another time and place) Oh baby, don't you wanna, dance up on me? (Are you ready [for it])? Leavin' behind my name and age (Like that!)
  8. Taylor Swift working on a Slave 4 U remake

    Well, Lorde is undeniably awkward as well, but she is fully aware of her eccentricity and plays it up as part of her persona. Taylor pretends like she's in on the joke of her being perceived as awkward as well, but then contradictorily tries to be sexy nevertheless. It's confusing and IMO she'd be better off not attempting the sexy/cool persona altogether.
  9. Taylor Swift working on a Slave 4 U remake

    And the funny thing is, I literally just typed in "Taylor Swift Dancing" or "Taylor Swift Dancing 2017" gifs. There's a ton of (fan sites?) literally dedicated to "Taylor Swift Awkward Dancing" and the tag "awkward" alone immediately pops up when you just Google her name + dancing. I didn't go in that direction because I was trying to be fair.
  10. Taylor Swift working on a Slave 4 U remake

    I really doubt the veracity of this report. I mean, Britney was a 19-year-old dancer when "Slave" came out. Taylor is a 28-year-old woman who has never been able to master a single dance move. For comparison: Vs Vs Vs Vs Vs
  11. 1. Britney Spears 2. Lady Gaga 3. Kelly Clarkson *Honorable Mention: Christina Aguilera
  12. Underrated Performance From Each Other

    ETA: My phone's at 2% so I'll compile my list later, but I just wanted to endorse DWAD's "Anticipating" as seriously underrated. It's super silly and fun, but the choreo is good, the song is great, and I personally like the colorful costumes and how much personality the performance has. Given the age of Britney and her fanbase at the time, it's a perfect precedent to the super sexy "Slave."