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  1. Yep, I enjoyed Ocean's Eleven, but can't even recall what distinguished the plotline between Ocean's Twelve (2004) and Ocean's Thirteen (2007); either way, the franchise should've been discontinued after the first one back in 2001 (which, incidentally, was also a remake of Ocean's Eleven from 1960). I don't understand why anyone thinks it's necessary to butcher this even further, a decade after the trilogy concluded. I mean, I'm sure Ocean's 8 will do well in the box office due to the high-profile cast and commercial impact of the Ocean's trilogy, but I'm personally getting sick of every single movie and/or movie franchise getting remade, especially since they are so rarely superior to the original. The same complaint is in effect for the inundation of novels receiving big-screen adaptations. Has Hollywood just completely run out of original storylines? And on another note, just because I can't sleep and am feeling kinda bitchy, Rihanna is a beautiful woman but honestly doesn't stand out on that movie poster in the slightest; I had to peruse it several times before I could even spot her. And as @it's so much Betterstated, one of the few actual stand-outs on this poster is that of a highly esteemed and critically-acclaimed actress (recipient of two Academy Awards, three Golden Globes and three Screen Actors Guild Awards, among countless other accolades), whose name was misspelled (despite it even having been supplied on the attached movie poster in question). However, we are supposed to be smitten by the profile shot of a pop star who has yet to prove herself as an actress? Also, I can't believe I wrote this much about a movie I have zero interest in. Insomnia does crazy things to your brain, kids.
  2. Yeah, even though I am not technically a fan (haven't purchased any of her albums), I do recognize her vocal talent, and could see myself eventually becoming a fan if she were to find her way musically. I also actually like her personality; she tends to be a bit obnoxious, but as you said, her compassion for others seems genuine.
  3. No problem! I'm actually trying to fact-check my own information because I honestly don't remember if the individual she's singing to/about is fictional, and therefore metaphorical, or if it's actually inspired by a real-life story, but the song in question is entitled "Karen Don't Be Sad." Either way, I distinctly recall hearing/reading Miley say that "Karen" was a transgender teen who committed suicide due to bullying, and this performance was dedicated to both the loss of Karen and to serve as an inspirational message for all current transgender individuals to encourage them to remain strong in the face of great adversity.
  4. So I'm not actually even a Miley fan, but in her defense, she wore this costume while singing a ballad about a transgender individual who, if I recall correctly, committed suicide due to the extreme stigma and subsequent bullying of her transgender status. Hence, she is wearing both female and male sexual organs. It was intended to be a tribute.
  5. rare: Whitney responses to brits my prerogative

    While a very troubled woman, Whitney was a fellow human being whose cause of death was drowning. That's a tragic loss of life and an extremely inappropriate thing to laugh about. As Britney fans, who very easily could've witnessed our favorite artist suffer this same fate, one would think we'd have more compassion.
  6. Well-deserved! I was at her sold-out show this past Friday in Dallas, and it was phenomenal.
  7. He's a cute kid, but these pictures make me feel absolutely nothing, although I know I'll be in the extreme minority here.