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  1. This! Where can I hear this!?
  2. Tinashe Shares 'Joyride' Release Date And Album Cover

    I don’t think I’ve heard of that one, I’ll give it a listen! I’ve been suffering from a serious pop drought as of late, and am always open to suggestions.
  3. Which era has best music videos?

    Being completely objective, I have to concede that ITZ likely has the best music videos, despite it being neither my favorite album nor era (Blackout and Britney hold those distinctions, respectively). And obviously, BOMT, Oops, Britney and Circus eras all have incredible music videos as well. But, it’s just hard to top the ITZ three (I mean, “Toxic,” in and of itself, is so damn perfect it’s hard to give this distinction to any era that excludes it). Plus, even though there’s only three MVs, they’re all extremely different from one another, from musically to visually and thematically.
  4. Which era has best music videos?

  5. Is this picture of Britney real?!

    Oh my god, I completely forgot about that. And here I thought my example was far-fetched.
  6. I love that he so desperately wants to be Eminem, and Eminem has mocked him mercilessly in his songs. In one of his more recent top 5 hits: “So baby make just like K-Fed and let yourself go, let yourself go!”
  7. Is this picture of Britney real?!

    If Britney doesn’t release some new music soon, next we’re gonna have threads measuring the distance between each of her toes. ”I miss her old toe gap!!!!!“
  8. Congrats to Britney! It doesn’t make any sense to rank Elvis with the other modern artists though, unless they’re adjusting for inflation (which I don’t see any notation of). That inclusion seems really inaccurate.
  9. Tinashe Shares 'Joyride' Release Date And Album Cover

    The only song I’ve heard of hers that stood out to me was “All Hands on Deck.” If she continued making bops like that, she could definitely gain a lot of radio play IMO.
  10. Tyra Banks never drinks alcohol either, and she stopped aging two decades ago. Perhaps it’s time for me to cease drinking red wine and walking on the sky.
  11. Tinashe Shares 'Joyride' Release Date And Album Cover

    Question to the Tinashe fans on here: were you fans prior to “Slumber Party,” or is that when you became aware of her? I’m not trying to be snarky at all, just genuinely curious as I had never heard of her prior to the Britney collaboration. However, from the (admittedly little) I've seen, she’s a good vocalist and excellent dancer, so I’m actually surprised she’s not far more well-known.
  12. My pleasure, I’m honestly only knowledgeable within a highly circumscribed area (namely neuroscience, psychology and some broader aspects of medicine), so I seize any opportunities wherein I can appear to be more all-knowing than I actually am.
  13. Good memory! I had completely forgotten about that thread. But yes, you’re correct. I’m not a fan of Selena Gomez and don’t know anything about her, but I do know about rental transplants and if there’s any evidence of drug use, the patient must enter rehab prior to getting the transplant and abstain completely (both pre and post-op). They don’t do transplants on active substance abusers as the risk of organ rejection is far too great.
  14. Expectation vs Reality (HAPPY 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY)

    Here you go! It’s from her amazing HBO special of the Dream Within a Dream Tour:
  15. Pantsney need a comeback

    They really do, pants and crop tops were seriously her signature style (in concert with blonde hair and bellybutton ring). Nearly all of her best dance performances, both in music videos and live on stage, occurred while she was wearing pants. Plus they are perfect for doing real choreography (I.e., using your entire body while dancing).
  16. Expectation vs Reality (HAPPY 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY)

    Nerd Chic Expectation: Reality:
  17. Caption This Photo

    ”Hope you love my labor of love.”
  18. And the worst part is, you'd be too blinded by their photography to even see where they are. There'd be nowhere to run. You'd spend the remainder of your life, staring into the blinding light while hearing the camera clicking for eternity.
  19. Post Your Favorite Pics and Gifs of Currentney

    Since I’ve effectively hijacked this thread (), I figured I’d go ahead and add some of my favorite recent-ish social media pictures of Britney as well:
  20. Underrated

    Haha I’m sorry, I’ve definitely been accused of being a “Grammar Nazi” but it’s honestly not my intention to be condescending in any way; I apologize if that’s how I came off! I think Martin is heavily inspired and influenced by the artist with whom he’s working; I think that’s why his material can be pretty generic or trite (because, let’s be honest, the majority of pop stars are generic), but can also create pop magic with certain other singers (Britney and even others like Ariana Grande; I don’t consider myself a fan of the latter but the Dangerous Woman album is one of the best pop records in recent years).

    Yes! It’s currently not trendy, so if she did this correctly (I.e., a great, catchy song, with a great video, with heavy radio play), it could shift what’s presently popular back to pure pop. Have a MV and live performances with heavy choreography and long dance sequences rather than quick cuts. No more r&b/rap features or collaborations, it’s just chasing trends and doesn’t make any lasting impact (and is also not very genuine). And as much as I love MM and Glory, no more midtempos (at least not for lead singles/the bulk of the album). It’s beyond time for true pop to make a comeback, and music has been so lackluster for so long that I actually think it would be well-received right now.