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  1. What is Britney's best album? (2008-2016)

    Circus had the best singles and accompanying music videos, but Glory is the greatest as a whole. It’s the most cohesive.
  2. Sorry but none of those people are even a fraction of as influential as Britney and XtIna were in the early 2000’s. The performance doesn’t need to be redone...no need to mess with perfection.
  3. I'm not a fan of the KKK (either one, for the record), but it's quite a shame that Kim thought it necessary to do this to herself. She used to have an incredibly exotic look, but now looks like everyone else in Beverly Hills. Don't get me wrong, she's still an attractive woman, but unfortunately she removed everything that made her uniquely beautiful. However, since fashion and the construct of the ”ideal” image change relatively frequently in Hollywood, I'm kind of hoping the plastic surgery craze eventually dies down. Not that I'm bothered by what others decide to do with their own bodies, but am admittedly somewhat saddened by the fact that society is losing its unique representations of beauty due to everyone morphing into one female-like prototype clone.
  4. She looks great! Really confident. And it's exciting to see her gracing magazine covers once again. However, the outfit makes me imagine a ”Sexy Mario” costume worn by some girl on Halloween.
  5. I wanted ”Medicine” or ”Would You Call That Love.” But I adore Kelly regardless.
  6. Is Camila Cabello bigger than Britney?

    This, I wouldn’t have known her name/what group she came from if it weren’t for exhale. For some reason it seems like several members on here have an extremely overinflated view of this girl’s musical impact (or lack thereof). I mean, even Meghan Trainor was substantially bigger with her slew of crappy hits a few years back.
  7. Welp. Lindsay Lohan Is Now A Spokeswoman For Lawyer.com

    I don’t know who her manager is, but she needs to fire him/her stat. She should be trying to land film roles, and being associated with ludicrous side projects like this kills her (remaining) erstwhile credibility as an actor. In fact, this entire pairing is a disaster for both parties involved. I mean, what civilian facing legal troubles would consult a law firm that’s endorsed by Lindsay Lohan of all people? I would certainly not have an ounce of confidence in finding a reputable attorney from a site that’s effectively bankrolling Lohan’s Greek parties.
  8. The conservative daughter of Senator John McCain, who was the 2008 GOP presidential nominee against Barack Obama.

    For this reason alone, I prefer to not even acknowledge BJ anymore. As a fan since the very beginning, it's very hard to reconcile with the reality that your favorite artist not only took credit for lyrics she didn't write whilst referring to them as the most personal of her career, but actually took credit for vocals she didn't sing. For one of the best-selling female artists of all time to release a major studio album replete with vocals by a ghost singer is simply unprecedented, with the infamous exception of Millie Vanilli, that is. Frankly, Britney is very lucky her star power had dwindled considerably by the time BJ was released, because otherwise it would've destroyed not just her current career, but likely her legacy as well, since no one would ever be able to take her seriously again following this discovery. So, with all due respect OP, I strongly disagree that album deserves our appreciation.
  10. Wendy Williams: Kevin Deserves More Money

    That's what I was wondering, as I don't know a single person who watches her show (honestly, I had never even heard of her prior to exhale), but I looked it up and it turns out her show actually ties with Ellen for the #1 daytime show hosted by a female, with 2.4 million daily viewers.
  11. what's your favorite Britney pic

    She was always the most beautiful and interesting to me while performing.
  12. I thought I was the only one who preferred him chubby! I think it's because I fell in love with his character on Parks and Rec, and just can't take him seriously as an action star.
  13. Respectfully, I think the majority of fans on here tend to veer toward extremes. People act like it's either black or white; like Britney’s attire is either sufficiently demure and unflattering so as to be socially acceptable in Saudia Arabia, or alternately she's 95% naked on stage, with only her genitalia and nipples covered by some scraps of lace. There should be a healthy balance (which, incidentally, she ascribed to very comfortably during the first five years of her career). While the above is clearly hyperbole, there is nevertheless a very effective way for a woman to be both sexy and classy. All that to be said, however, Britney is obviously free to wear whatever the hell she feels comfortable in, and it doesn't reflect on her actual character in the slightest.
  14. I can't imagine how anyone possibly thought that particular craze was a good idea. Want to walk somewhere in shoes that have all the bulk of roller skates and none of the stability of regular shoes? Buy these!
  15. She looks great! It's almost like a high-fashion version of her Skechers ads:
  16. I've always thought Britney and Jessica looked similar, and it's becoming more pronounced in recent years. Even in childhood, they could've passed for cousins: And even their mothers look alike, ha. (Not implying that this is a bad thing at all, obviously, as both women are extremely beautiful. But given this is exhale, I figured that disclaimer was necessary)