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  1. For the sake of our cochlear nerves, let's just hope it's absolutely nothing like "Work." That was literally the worst song of 2016, but because it was Rihanna, it was played 24/7 regardless. That frenzied, unintelligible babble very nearly caused me to go "absolutely insane," so the phrasing here is concerning.
  2. Demi is a huge lifelong Kelly stan, which I know Kelly is aware of, but that wouldn't really make sense given that Kelly's own album is about to drop, so she's in the middle of her own promo (and is very happily embracing a change in musical direction away from pop and toward a more soulful sound). And as far as Xtina is concerned; well, considering how much she seems to actively avoid recording solo material for the advancement of her own career, I also have a hard time imagining her suddenly collaborating with Demi Lovato, of all people.
  3. All of this. Her selective branch of opportunistic "feminism" is particularly egregious. When Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, both of whom are comedians and actual feminists, dared to make one harmless joke regarding Taylor, she immediately went on the defensive and cited, "There is a special place in hell for women who don’t support other women" (a quote she attributed to Katie Couric, even though it was actually by Madeleine Albright, aka the first female Secretary of State). But anyway, it's pretty amazing she doesn't recognize the hypocrisy in reportedly espousing such views, when she openly engages in childish feuds with her fellow female pop stars. In short, the real reason Taylor is no longer doing interviews is simply because she can dish it out, but can't take it.

    Favorite gif(s): Favorite street style look(s):
  5. I'm curious, what substance(s) was she abusing and/or dependent upon?
  6. Wow, you really are a truly pleasant individual. Once again, I will decide to conclude our conversation by taking the high road. You should consider giving it a try sometime.
  7. I already called him spineless and selfish, but you literally just asked me why I don't think he's a sexual assaulter, and considering there's never been any allegations of such, I answered accordingly. But now I'm guilty of defending overprivileged men? Unless you're deliberately trolling, in which case I'm just demonstrating an exercise in futility by desperately trying to make logical connections between your posts, then I must concede to being very confused by your thought process. @fucknfurter...help! any insight here?
  8. Um, I don't even find him attractive, but as a general rule, I refrain from assuming people to be guilty of committing horrific crimes unless there's evidence indicating otherwise.
  9. Britney Spears - Legion

    Really?! That's so beautiful, it's one of my all-time favorite Xtina ballads. It essentially reminds me of a sequel to "Save Me From Myself," which Christina wrote about her husband (the music video actually features real footage from her wedding). It's really beautiful, and given it's an acoustic song with soft, muted vocals, it's also very different from the ballads she's traditionally associated with. Highly recommend!
  10. As human beings, we are all capable of anything, from the worst atrocities imaginable, to the kindest acts of generosity and selflessness. What matters are the actions we've actually conducted. JT was spineless and selfish for not owning up to his own part of the backlash resulting from the obviously pre-planned Superbowl stunt he pulled with Janet, but that is entirely incomparable with being a sexual predator.
  11. New IG- Brit and Sam and.... Mozart?

    It doesn't say anything at all, honestly. Think about it--Britney was in long-term relationship with both David and Sam, so even though they don't resemble one another physically, she was obviously attracted to both regardless. And just anecdotally, I'm personally far more attracted to intelligent men with a quirky sense of humor and a purposeful pursuit in life than I am to a conventionally good-looking guy with nothing of substance (actually, I'm not attracted to the latter at all, even at first glance. Physical appearance alone has never been sufficient to pique my interest). It sounds cliche, but nevertheless, it absolutely bears repeating that one's personal qualities are far more important than their physical appearance. The latter may spark initial attraction in some people, but the former is what endures. Plus, most of us are looking for someone we can grow old with. And whether we are considered good looking in youth or not, we all inevitably lose our looks one day. So ultimately, in our later years, if we're fortunate enough to have a partner beside us, it's because they genuinely love us for who we are, not because of how we (previously) looked. There's nothing wrong with taking pride in one's appearance, but don't get down on yourself for something that's ultimately inconsequential. Sorry for the super cheesy (and lengthy) speech, but I think it's honestly important to remind both friends and strangers alike, that if you're a human being with a good heart, then you're fucking beautiful. Own it.
  12. Unfair? When the perpetrator of unwanted sexual conduct remains unpunished for his actions, it's a miscarriage of justice because he's committed a CRIME. Hence the relevance. Bad-mouthing one's ex may be myopic or in poor taste, but it's hardly illegal. I'm not trying to be rude or begin an argument, but that was honestly an incredibly offensive attempt at an analogy.
  13. Last Time I Saw Danceney

    Huh, interesting. Not surprising in the slightest, but interesting nonetheless. It's such a shame, Wade knew how Britney's body moved and created amazing choreography to complement it accordingly. It's clear he was extremely involved and hands-on with everything pertaining to her dancing, since you can see him actively working with her and helping her perfect even the slightest of movements on all the behind-the-scenes and "making of" videos for Slave, DWAD, Pepsi commercial, etc.
  14. On this day... 10/17 CANDIDS

    Love her expression here, wonder if she screwed up a dance move or something. Those clubgoers were insanely lucky though, imagine getting a free, surprise performance by Britney during her peak.
  15. Last Time I Saw Danceney

    Such a stupid reason to fire anyone, especially since recreational pot is now legal in California! By that logic, we should start drug testing people for potential usage of caffeine, alcohol and tobacco products. (And this is coming from a non-pot smoker; I have no personal stake in its legalization, other than the simple fact that it logically deserves to be). Sorry for the relatively off-topic rant.

    Yeah that's precisely what I was intending to say (but maybe failed in wording it well). Essentially, Glory was released during the streaming age, so naturally the promo singles would receive the most streams aside from the actual singles, and of these promo singles, DYWCO would obviously receive the most since it had the greatest amount of actual promo (i.e., Today Show performance), followed by PS due to it coming in second in terms of quantity of exposure to the GP resultant of the commercial, segment on E, etc, while Clumsy is third as it was still a promo single, but received no additional promo outside of that fact. Hence, I wasn't surprised by the numbers or their respective number of streams, unlike others on here who expected older album cuts to have made the list (despite streaming not having been a factor during that time period). Hopefully this clarified my initial post, because we are seemingly on the same page. Also, excuse the paragraph consisting solely of run-on sentences; I'm using speech-to-text and the results are grammatically egregious.
  17. Britney Spears - Legion

    Ironically, Christina did a song similar to this in 2010 (literally entitled "I Am"), but far more mature and vulnerable:
  18. Britney Spears - Legion

    She's posted about it a couple of times, I tried to edit my above post to include this, but Exhale is telling me "too much time has passed" for me to edit a post (5 minutes is too much time, really?) Anyway:
  19. Britney Spears - Legion

    The songwriter apparently denies it having been written for Britney:

    I agree, it's very pretty and still maintains that incandescent quality to accurately reflect the album title (yet refrains from blinding the viewer or washing out the artist until she's nearly indistinguishable).

    That's possible, I forgot that it's an interlude at POM. And yeah, DDB is just...there are no words honestly, there will never be adequate justification for any song (aside from something off of a "Veggie Tales" soundtrack) to be referencing steaming vegetables.

    Not surprised at all about the first three or their respective order of popularity, given 1) they were all promo singles, 2) DYWCO was actually given a televised live performance (unlike her second single ), and 3) PS had an accompanying perfume and commercial. However, "Change Your Mind" could actually be reflective of some GP interest in the song and its hypothetical chances at having been a successful single. Oh well.
  23. Why did Taylor copy Britney?

    I think placement of the hands in hair and/or face is just a really common album cover/beauty shot.
  24. Bored of negative fans

    That's commendable. Very few people are willing to swallow their pride, express regret and admit to having allowed their emotions get the best of them. So, good for you, and I think this should be the end of this particular source of drama.