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  1. I'm hoping the reason some people actually sound low-key excited about hypothetically watching this is simply because they don't actually believe it exists (like I don't). Because otherwise, I cannot imagine why her own fans would want something like this to leak. Britney would be mortified, and her sons are old enough now to where it would affect them negatively as well. It would be a horrible invasion of privacy for her, especially after everything she has been through. No fan should want this to be real (or if real, to be circulated/seen by others).
  2. Apparently I did, but I had no recollection of doing so until right now
  3. I think this year was a perfect illustration of just how little relevance the Grammys have maintained in contrast to their historical reputation, which was analogous with garnering critical acclaim and the utmost respect of one's peers in the music industry. I mean, their biggest winner across all four main categories cared so little about receiving the biggest award of the night that she freaking broke it and tossed the pieces to another nominee (which I personally think was extremely disrespectful and a level of self-degradation verging a bit on the pathetic, but that's a whole other thing). The awards in and of themselves are clearly not respected anymore, and the whole thing is essentially just a joke at this point.
  4. Honestly, considering it's $2,500 for 20 seconds, what you are paying for is the picture. To that end, it's unacceptable her team doesn't ensure every single picture is good.
  5. Till the world (or her career) ends, whichever comes first
  6. "The palest green I've ever seen, the color of your eyes..." is my favorite line, her delivery is everything. Been obsessed with this song since 2007!
  7. "Better" and "Just Luv Me" are not my favorite tracks, but I think they're probably the most radio-friendly.
  8. Fans seem to either love or hate this video, but I'm definitely in the former. I think it's one of the best music videos she's ever done, and it is so complex and powerful it actually made me love the song way more than the track did on its own.
  9. She's so sweet, but the VMAs are such a joke. Honestly, NONE of those nominated pop videos were the least bit memorable. Obviously I'm glad whenever Britney wins anything, but it's so ridiculous that "Piece of Me" and "Till The World Ends" are winning VMAs when "Toxic" didn't.
  10. So this article is from 2015, but remains particularly relevant today as many (fans and critics) alike believe that Glory was deserving of a Grammy nomination. http://www.billboard.com/articles/events/grammys-2015/6458460/britney-spears-grammy-awards-nominations It's also a nice reminder that Britney hasn't been entirely overlooked by the Grammys, as many people tend to believe. She actually has been nominated eight times, one of which obviously resulted in a win. Considering they preferentially nominate/award artists known primarily for extraordinary vocal ability and/or songwriting skills, seven nominations and one win is pretty damn impressive for an artist like Britney, who arguably has a reputation for being more of an entertainer/performer than a vocalist/songwriter.