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  1. The ironic thing is, nearly all of Pink's greatest hits are by Max Martin, Martin & Shellback, Dr. Luke, and Linda Perry. So she literally has the exact same songwriters and producers as Britney and Christina; in contrast, however, she's only continued to improve her performing skills over the years, to the point that her shows are essentially now a Cirque du Soleil complete with huge pop hits and great live vocals. So, it just comes down to how little effort Britney and Xtina began putting into their performances, while people like Pink and Beyonce just kept improving.
  2. Yeah, it really is impressive. Because even though BB estimates she sold about 250k from the tour bundle, that would still mean she sold 158k in and of itself (which is actually a good debut in 2017, especially since it doesn't have a huge hit single). But no, I still haven't gotten around to listening to the album either. Critically, however, I'm pretty sure it's her lowest rated album ever.
  3. Forbes: Who Still Likes Britney Spears? (Infographic)

    Well the data was only gathered from July-August of 2016; I'm guessing that's when both of Britney's segments on Kimmel and Corden were televised, and that's why they were positively associated with Britney fans (I.e. Britney fans Tweeting about her Carpool Karaoke, etc).
  4. #ImWithHer Lady Gaga Poses With Five Former Presidents

    I'm pretty certain her look was a nod to Hillary Clinton, actually. Clinton famously wore white, the color associated with the women's suffrage movement, when she became the first woman in history to accept the presidential nomination at the DNC. Then, she wore it again during her final debate against Trump. On election day, it was even reported that many HRC voters went to the polls wearing white as a symbol of their support. And then at Trump's inauguration, Clinton once again wore a white pantsuit, symbolizing the peaceful transition of power essential to democratic institutions. Considering this entire event was about embracing bipartisan leadership, it definitely appears to be the logical explanation for her fashion choice.
  5. #ImWithHer Lady Gaga Poses With Five Former Presidents

    Wow, she looks stunning. Also, I miss Obama more with every passing day. Seeing pictures of him makes me feel an emotion I can only equate to what I imagine others feel like when they've lost the love of their lives. Especially since he's smiling, looks happy and seems to have moved on. Almost too painful to look at.
  6. Serious question y’all. I need help.

    I'm glad you had fun!
  7. Forbes: Who Still Likes Britney Spears? (Infographic)

    In actuality, it simply reflects just how much I'm procrastinating from doing my actual work. But I like your interpretation better, so let's go with that.
  8. Forbes: Who Still Likes Britney Spears? (Infographic)

    NBA fans are just pressed because everyone knows Britney invented basketball.
  9. Forbes: Who Still Likes Britney Spears? (Infographic)

    Thanks for humoring me.
  10. Forbes: Who Still Likes Britney Spears? (Infographic)

    Sorry. I spend most of my day doing research methods, so I actually like demographic information.
  11. So this article was actually written last year during the Glory debut, but I just came across it and thought the compiled infographic was interesting: https://www.forbes.com/sites/nickdesantis/2016/08/26/now-that-glory-is-here-who-still-likes-britney-spears/
  12. I know this topic has been beaten to death, but I can't help it. How can anyone with eyeballs think that the following is an improvement over the above costume?! The pants and corset top were flattering, professional and appropriate for dancing. I'll just never understand this leotard nonsense.
  13. I actually think the song is pretty fun, and still listen to it occasionally. I mean, it's terrible lyrically and the music video is awful, but as far mindless pop guilty pleasures go, I'll admit to still having it on my iPod (unlike most of BJ).
  14. Really? I actually think the exact opposite. I can definitely see Britney having another top 10 hit. All it takes is Max Martin and a radio deal. But musically? I don't think she'll ever top "Toxic," as it was her career-defining song. Just like "Bad Romance" with Gaga, or even "Beautiful" with Xtina. It doesn't mean any of the aforementioned artists can't still release good/great or successful music, but they aren't going to top that song that defines their respective catalogues, and made a massive impact on pop culture.
  15. Oh my god. She already performed this live, and the vocals actually blow the studio version out of the water: