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  1. Forbes: "Adele Beats Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga As Most Expensive Fan Ticket, TickPick Says." Excerpt: Adele fans buying on the secondary marketplace make her the runaway winner as the female artist with the most expensive concert tickets, according to TickPick. The British singer is way in front of rivals Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, and Beyoncé. Adele fans are prepared to pay an average of nearly $395.79 for tickets to her shows, the statistics say, based the online marketplace’s data on events from 2013 to date. Adele’s nearest rival is Swift, on $236.65 - some $160 a ticket behind. Of the 10 most popular female artists, Ariana Grande has the least expensive average ticket, at $107.12. “The main factor that drives prices is simply supply versus demand,” according to Joe Cassitto, Head of Broker Relations at TickPick. “As artists are more popular and their bodies of work more listened to, they will have higher average ticket prices.” The second factor driving ticket prices is the decisions the artist makes when going on tour, Cassitto said. This includes the type of venue – for example, football and baseball stadiums versus basketball/ hockey arenas - and the amount of tour dates per city. The larger the venue and the more dates per city, the lower the average prices will be because there are increased opportunities to attend the concert. This can be good news for the consumer, with cheaper ticket prices, but can hurt the artist’s profits with lesser turnout per show. “Katy Perry is one artist aware of this,” said Cassitto. “She performs at arenas instead of stadiums, and never adds more than two shows per city while on tour.” Full link: https://www.forbes.com/sites/markbeech/2017/06/14/adele-beats-taylor-swift-lady-Gaga-as-most-expensive-fan-ticket-tickpick-says/#295fbc874741