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  1. What's crazy to me is that some fans still deny the overwhelming presence of Myah on BJ when even critics acknowledge it! On metacritic, the lowest rating for BJ is a 30/100 by Boston Globe, and this is their main quote in reviewing the album: "Nowhere does Britney Jean sound like Britney Spears." I mean, if the critics even noticed that the vocals don't sound like Britney, then her fans of two decades definitely should.
  2. That performance was not too pleasing to the ears, haha. I do believe she had (has?) great vocal ability and potential; however, as this clip illustrates, TERRIBLE technique. Thus the end result sounded very strained. Nevertheless, I think she could've been way more successful had she emerged into the pop scene at a slightly different point in time. Whenever she debuted, the market was just too saturated with female artists she couldn't possibly compete with. Since she wasn't a dancer/performer (or very charismatic at all, for that matter), she couldn't compete with Britney at all, and although her voice was strong, it was nothing compared to Christina's. But since she was incredibly beautiful, likable and talented, I still think her best course of action wouldve been to really market herself as a teen pop/girl-next-door version of Mariah (not saying their vocal abilities were analogous, but just in terms of having a big voice known for power ballads and midtempo love songs). Ultimately, I think having an uber creepy father as her manager, in concert with a record label intent on molding her into Britney 3.0, was her downfall.
  3. I forgot about "I Wanna Love You Forever!" I used to be so obsessed with it, her vocals were AMAZING. It's too bad she was never taken seriously as a vocalist because her potential was incredible. Totally bopped to "I Think I'm In Love With You" too. The MV was Britney-fied for sure, but I thought the song's overall influence was more Mariah a la "Always Be My Baby."
  4. I LOVE that red dress! It's so flattering.
  5. "A Public Affair," "Irresistible," and "With You" were my jams!
  6. I have to disagree here...yes, there are some similarities, but that's because they're both blonde, southern girls with similar styles and facial features. I mean, just look at how much their respective mothers look alike! ETA: Britney and Jessica resembled each other A LOT in childhood, IMO:
  7. You beat me to it by a minute! My thoughts exactly.
  8. The purpose of terrorism is to keep people in fear from living their daily lives and inhibit them from enjoying each day they have. None of us knows what the future holds and granting some homicidal extremists that kind of power over our thoughts and activities is a waste of the time with which we have been given. Not even to mention that statistically we are nearly infinitely more likely to die from a motor vehicle collision en route to a concert than we are at the hands of a suicide bomber at the concert itself. Don't worry about Britney, or yourself. Live each day as if it were your last. Anything less is a disservice to the victims.
  9. I'm a big fan of Ariana and do not have any intention in trivializing what she has gone through; she is a secondary victim of this tragedy and must feel horribly guilty even though it's clearly not her fault at all. Also, if the report of her paying for the victims' funeral expenses is true, then that's a beautiful and generous gesture on her part. With that said, however, I can't help but find it somewhat disrespectful that fans are circulating slideshows which are seemingly celebrating the life of Ariana, when she is still very much alive. Let's see the faces and names of the real victims, please.
  10. Thanks for posting, I've never seen this video before. It made me so nostalgic for the time when women ruled the music industry. I'm so ready for female chart domination to make its long overdue comeback!
  11. No, she is not a "hoe," her attire withstanding, as a "hoe" is a gardening tool. A "ho," on the other hand, is slang for "whore," and thereby insinuating a woman of questionable moral values. However, whether or not someone is a "ho" also remains entirely independent of their wardrobe. That's all the advice I'm able to provide.
  12. I haven't seen either of the performances, but the gifs posted on Huffpost are amazingly awkward:
  13. Haven't been on Exhale for ~3 months; just logged on and read Britney's going on a WORLD TOUR. What the actual f**k?! :plzexplain: Anything else pertinent that I should know? TIA :gloss:

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      Thanks:gaspney: I'm a :flop: but what's the RDMAs?

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      Radio Disney Music Awards :shameless:

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      I looked it up on YouTube after your first message and her acceptance speech was so cute! I loved how everyone started chanting her name :gobaby: Queen of Disney. 

  14. This is beyond devastating. Imagine how excited these kids were prior to this show, they probably counted down the days for months until they could attend their pop idol's concert. And now they're dead. The innocence of the pink balloons released during the encore juxtaposed with the blood and carnage leaves me speechless. And I think we can all relate, in a way, having been kids ourselves who lived for pop music and concerts such as these. This could've been any one of us. My heart honestly breaks for those affected by this senseless brutality. RIP.