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    That would be a little slap in the face to JT. Like she's stealing attention away from him in his big moment. I like it.
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    omg, that black swimsuit, isn't that one of Britney's costumes from POM?
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    Lately a lot of britney related tweets have gone viral, and we are on the eves of a new era. Coincidence? Maybe. Maybe Team Britney are finally doing their job
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    Imagine a commercial with Britney looking snatched AF popping up right after his performance.
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    It’s good that she’s staying relevant in social media.
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    A big portion of Britney's fanbase is basically lgbtq people and I think being a judge on there would boost her credibility as a gay icon tbh. Could you imagine the queens recreating her looks while she watches. A whole episode dedicated to her like the Gaga one on season 9 or the night of 1000 Madonnas. Just a thought... They reference her a lot on the show. Ru loves her.
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    Omg these fucking videos always makes me feel about 100
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    Team B is too cheap for that
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    I guess he found his next gig after all
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    Before MM video premiered, someone came here saying he was at a pool party with some of the dancers, and that they told him they had to scrap the original video, because it didn't work, and supposedly they shown him the video, and "it didn't make sense". And he said they had already shot another one, and we were all like "sure jan" because we had already seen some pics and gifs from the original video. And then the day of the premiere came, and we learned that everything he said was actually true, well, not sure if everything, but at least the most importan part: MM video being scrapped and replaced by the official version we got. Since that day we can only trust people that attends pool parties with backup dancers lol
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    Or maybe most of her friends aren’t celebrities and she respects their privacy by not posting pictures with them.
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    A superbowl commercial (which costs millions) to announce a mini tour in Europe? Sure why not
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    are you guys seriously blaming her team for her choreo now?? Britney is a notorious choreo cutter and even Brian didnt want to work with her during FF because she got so lazy. Britney chooses the choreographer and the dancers. If she didnt like something she could say it, she could also say "Hey I want this specific part of choreo to stay because my fans love it" like she obviously does for the slave breakdown. Its amazing how people here take all the blame away from Britney and blame her team for absolutley EVERYTHING. Is it their fault that she has shitty costumes too??
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    It would be fun I guess, for an All Stars season though. No amateur queens. But her fanbase is not all LGBTQ at all. We have a very diverse fanbase here in the Army.
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    So we're pretending Courtney, Laura Lynn, and Jansen don't exist? True, she doesn't seem to hang out with them as much as she used to, but they're all adults now with families.
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    Team B be like
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    It's like two different people..

    Am I the only one who watches her old performances (DWAD / VMA's / ONYX / etc) then watches ANYTHING recent and feels like they're watching a completely different person. I'm not talking about just dancing either, I mean just all around in general as a human being.. its like I don't even know who I'm looking at anymore. What happened to that bad bitch attitude that would OWN the stage the second she stepped out, not just skip & prance around on it. It's like shes blatantly forgotten who she was in the past & whats even more bizarre to me is that she basically wont acknowledge her legacy whatsoever. Everytime anything from the past is brought up we get responses like "I don't remember" or "I forgot" which is actually kinda scary because how do you just forget colossal moments of your life. For example (VMA 1999): “I think the whole setup was a classroom, and my four main dancers were in the front at their desk and I came out of my locker. But, you know what, I don’t remember at all. I have no recollection. I couldn’t tell you anything about it.” HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE!!! I'm not trying to be one of those people but... she's been cloned she's been cloned she's been cloned. No but really, I just wish she would sit down and maybe watch some old performances or SOMETHING to make her realize she's not just this typical everyday mom who happens to be the #1 popstar of all time.
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    don't know what worse - that you're stalking the lotto dude's IG or that willie sent that
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    Seriously, I had listened a couple times but recently actually listened to it and this ish is my new jam I'm not sure how this didn't make the standard edition of ITZ, but this song is a gem. I have a GP friend who was obsessed with ITZ when we were kids (long before I even became a fan) and I sent this to her asking if she had heard it. She hadn't, but she'll be listening tomorrow am on the way to work. I'm sure she'll love it
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    Do they really expect us to believe this? We may look desperate,but we are not fools. Can't wait for their screenshots though.
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    Because I couldnt edit the old one and Jordan made another thread about it so i wanted to let the old thread die and make this seperatley. I made this because people wanted Hold it against me and Onyx. So here. I actually think its worse than the one yesterday... but is has Primeney dancing so who really cares? Songs: Hold it against me, Love me down, It Should Be easy, Private Show, Man on the Moon, Shattered Glass, Big Fat Bass, Work Bitch
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    I always said this: I hate his guts. Attention seeker trying to use Britney's legendary status to garantuee his own career. He is not even that good of a dancer. Britney never even let him assist her backflips as I recall He probably asked to suck his D for big money
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    I still dont get the purpose of this commercial
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    Ru does love her (even knows of Glory's existence, actually), but I kind of feel like it would be really awkward unless they were feeding her lines. (Which, I mean, they could easily do. They do it for Ru.)
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    Team Britney isn't responsible for this henny. They're letting the b army do their job.
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    as someone who works a few blocks from time square i will do my best to keep an eye out!
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    The different types of britneyss remind me of Beyoncé Pepsi commercial.
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    the other guy's reaction to it
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    They should put her entire discography list up, have fans vote for their like top 25, and use that to help inform their decision making. Definitely not saying the entire set list would or should be chosen based off a user poll, but it would properly illuminate to Team B what the true fan favourites are and encourage them to mix things up a bit.
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    I would be fine with them feeding her lines. We would get a gif of Britney saying "I liveee" I would put it on my tombstone
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    I saw that on buzzfeed or something like that, it was one of those posts with multiple tweets about FBI watching through webcams
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    Britney is a loner (my realisation)

    this forum has reached such depths of boredom
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    Did it though? Let's wait and see
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    Britney when she sees this:
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    She must have told her seamstresses "I want something like this" and then handed them the fabrics she bought at Kmart lol
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    I HAVE A DREAM That Britney will release B10 before the new residency I HAVE A DREAM That B10 totally slays me as much or more than Glory I HAVE A DREAM That Britney will add more Glory songs and B10 songs to her show I HAVE A DREAM That Britney will not lip sync to 20 y/o vocals I HAVE A DREAM That Britney will totally slay with new choreography and excellent execution I HAVE A DREAM That Britney will snatch all y'all's wigs next era
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    I thought it was a bottle of lube
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    Yes, because it will be exactly the same show.