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    Secret Project preview

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    You know they haven't announced Britney yet right? they're not supposed to show her face till tomorrow. These are just teasers you effin assholes
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    It's great, considering the fact that the song has no video
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    she makes half a million dollars per show and cant even be bothered to look pretty and wear nice clothes brit if i can do it on my £7.85 an hour so can u
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    Why are you all so negative... This is going to be AMAZING
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    So I got the Britney hoodie from urban outfitters a few months ago and I really love it. It's beautiful and comfy (duh). My brother, who is 15 years old, often borrows clothes from me. Since I showed him that many celebs had been wearing that hoodie he really got into it. He knows how obsessed I am with Britney and he's one of those siblings that are annoyed by that fact lmao. He's also the cool type in his school (not saying that to boast or sth) and he's str8. (we live in new york btw) So when he wore that hoodie at his school one of his teacher was so surprised that he liked britney and she told him that she's going to britney's concert in new york (same date I'm going). Two days ago my brother went out with his friends in manhattan and he wore my hoodie again, and he called me while I was at work to tell me that 12+ people stopped him and said "It's Britney, Bitch". After all these incidents (and more) he's really realized the fact that Britney is super iconic and in her own league. But for real guys, we all know this wouldn't happen if it was a Madonna hoodie, or a Lady Gaga hoodie(Gaga is my second fave but lbr). I'm not gonna even mention the current celebs like taylor, ariana etc. It wouldn't even happen with a beyonce hoodie and we know how loved she it. Britney just got something special about her. Something that transcends through the newer generation and people cannot just ignore her.
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    no. no worrying on my part will change anything. She has stopped messing with it and hasnt done anything in a while. This site is so predictable tbh. during FF almost everyone here was whining and saying she needed to get surgery, she got surgery and then started getting dragged, now she stopped again and people are complaining that she looks old af. Sure she fucked up her mouth but the woman is turning 40 in a couple of years she will never look like primeney again. Even in all of the edits you guys make or what she would look like if she never had surgery you remove all her wrinkles and set unrealistic standards, Im just happy that she is happy and that she is fit and healthy.
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    She just looked beautiful and just killed it on stage That heartfelt moment when she talked about her pregnancy and her newborn son at the time Those christina-who riffs When she had to turn around because she got emotional while singing Just the overall raw feel while she performed You can't also deny the fans in the audience loving it No wonder she won 8 Grammys that year for the song
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    They don't want to reveal who it is yet... that's why we haven't seen her face yet.
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    Britney Spears is officially back and better than ever! This effin comeback narrative for everything she does
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    This fan base is impossible to please. She's the face of a huge brand, and its something no one guessed, she's about to go on a world tour, and there's the possibility of music... 2004 was a long time ago. Keep up.
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    the most beautiful person who has ever lived
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    For a second I really started doubting maself
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    The Britney Army won't have to wait much longer to see Britney Spears star as the new face of Kenzo's Collection Memento N° 2 line. The Britney Army won't have to wait much longer to see Britney Spears star as the new face of Kenzo's Collection Memento N° 2 line. The high-end fashion brand just teased a visual today (March 16) that included a brief shot of Britney wrapped up in an oversized denim jacket. How are we sure this is Britney? Several weeks ago, three promotional images of the pop star were leaked. Not only did one of those photos include the Kenzo logo on it, but the setting and clothing matched what Britney wore in her ~secret project~ Instagram post.   [adinserter block="1"]   Very exciting! And there's more to come. Kenzo says they'll reveal the new campaign on March 20. Watch the clip below and stay tuned...   Thoughts on the promo? Leave a comment below! And while you're at it... follow us on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.
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    Do Somethin'

    Oops!... I Did It Again Tour

    Waaaay too underrated and i don't know why. it has everything imo, great coreographies, live/pre-rec (?) vocals, props, etc... gif
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    I don't know about a number ONE hit, but "Do You Wanna Come Over?" could have probably reached the top 10. It was fun, catchy, and with a halfway decent video, could have been an instant Britney classic TBH. Don't forget, someone even created this really fun animated music video for it. It had potential. Such a missed opportunity. I can't believe they thought Slumber Party was the better choice.
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    That's highly subjective, I like that look on her. Other people will like it too. Just like Zara, their autumn/winter collection was s--t and ugly to me, but a lot of my friends liked it. Britney looks flawless in the pics so far and let's just appreciate that.
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    Britney pays for everything. Those 20k go for Kevin's expenses only and maybe to fill their refrigerator every month so the kids can go to his house and eat when they're there. Maybe giving them some present for their birthdays and holidays but that's it. He doesn't have to pay for their school, clothes or anything else cause Britney gives them those things already. It would be different if they shared expenses. That's why Jamie keeps saying that the kids have everything they need and there's no reason for an increase and he's damn right, 20k is enough money, even to support his whole family
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    Exactly! Thank you! Some exhalers just
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    I was browsing YouTube for some old Britney videos on TRL and came across this 10-second gem. Thought I'd post it since I doubt many, if any, have seen it before. What I'd do for some more behind the scenes footage of "Goder". Someone should hit up MTV studios and tell them to leak the full thing.
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    she looks nice but photoshopped to death
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    The queen is coming, already iconic
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    I remember watching the news the next day
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    I know that most fans hate it. Personally I kind of respect it because it's more iconic than my life Anyway, whether you like it or hate it, my question is: don't you think that it's part of an unfinished "narrative"? I would like a remake of that performance with the same setting but with fierce choreo and attitude, at a Superbowl Halftime show for instance (let me dream). I think it would be a big FU to many people who make fun of her still today. What do you think?
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    The intelligence on this forum baffles me sometimes.
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    of Someday? unfortunately it was a one time thing, and the only thing online available is a fanmade version done and they used Everytime to dub it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-8pmrkYdoyc
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    OMG I got goosebumps listening to this song. This is exactly what I wish Britney would come out with. Its that perfect pop song that’s catchy and different at the same time. This is simply brilliant from the first chorus til the end! Everyone check it out NOW! I can only imagine Britney nailing 2:07! And the breakdown! Anyone else heard this song and is in love?
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    It's still so fresh It's still so iconic My panties are fizzing
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    She looks like Britney to me... Dunno what y’all are on about tbh
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    Click the pics for HQ http://xray.breatheheavy.com/displayimage.php?pid=552432
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    Child support is a delicate thing, specially when involves that much money. The law is the law, but still how will he justify that that amount of money is not enough to fulfill the kids needs? Everything needs to be pretty damm analized before you make a move about it, and in his case, make it *public* like he did which is even worse. Britney is probably the one who pays their school, the one who pays for the majority of clothes they wear, the one who buy toys in general, pay for medicines and doctors and so on. So why does he need more money? Cant he feed two kids when they're with him? Cant he buy enough gas to take them to school? The first thing you need to do when you ask for more money is to point everything and bring receipts to the table to prove that thats not enough *specially* when you receive an already big amount of money. If he has 127472948281 other kids to feed thats not Britney's responsabiltiy, the money she gives to him is for their kids alone. If he's spending that money on things that are not specifically for them he shouldnt be asking for more in the first place A simple hack os his bank accounts can do wonders to see where that money goes, Papa Spears just needs to pay the right person.
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    Just to add to my point that the media has actually been unusually forgiving with her since her breakdown: consider the media reaction if any other pop star would display some of the highly unprofessional antics Britney employs regularly (lipsynching to decade old vocals, lipsynching to Sia, music continuing to play after she tore mic off, no longer moving lips to mime once she thinks the audience can’t see her, etc., etc.). Let’s be real: For example, if Katy Perry was caught “singing” to vocals by Rihanna or something, it would blow up all over the internet and turn into a huge scandal, with people demanding their concert ticket money back, etc. (Just think about how the one time that Ashlee Simpson was caught lipsynching on SNL, it immediately ended her career despite her having a #1 album and huge hit single at the time). Britney has definitely had far more than her fair share of bullying from the media in the past, but over the past decade, she’s honestly gotten away with a lot more than her peers do.
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    First, I read 2nd and I was like Then, I read Céline Dion and I was like
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    Why are you hoes complaining about everything? this happens all the time, just look at the photoshop Versace did to Gaga for their campaign, or L'Oreal to Beyoncé
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    Can you just enjoy this and stop complaining!
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    i hope its just the low quality image and not the actual editing on her face because she looks like her ps2 self
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    I don't know if it is but somehow she makes the clothing look cool.
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    get a life and a psychiatrist asap
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    A true pop anthem
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    she wasn´t nice with the lizard guy tho
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    finally somebody who acknowledges this underrated performance it was cute when they showed on the screens the picture with her son at the end
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    She's making the clothes look epic as f**k! OMFG!!! What is happening???!!!
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    Britney lyrics for a neon sign?

    “Two more years!” ”it just didn’t work” ”Scrapped”
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    Ppl need to stop saying her name. Could be like Bloody Mary. Instead of saying her name three times in a mirror, if you say Randee three times by a light she may appear. The horror