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    Britney Featuring Panic! At The Disco?

    the only thing Britney will release this Friday at midnight is the farts she's been holding all day
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    Seriously, I've never known a Team to treat their fans so bad. I'm not even talking about lack of promo etc, we know where that truly lies. My main issue is when it comes to rumours. We don't live in the early 2000's anymore, other artists who genuinely care about their fans squash rumours left right and center. I know there are literally dozens of rumours floating around, but every now and again there's one that picks up steam and usually has a set date, but rather than squash it for us, they allow us to be dissapointed. This is Britney's biggest fan site, someone on her Team DEFINITELY reads this forum and sees all the latest rumours. I'm talking about new music, VMA performances and other business ventures. I don't expect Britney to actually keep us sane (which is sad) but someone on her Team could help us out every once in a while! Sorry, rant over, it's just been grating on me for years!
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    WE should leave all that apple pie rumor,... because of that we aren't enjoying that we are having new music this summer ! I FEEL SO FREE WITH YOU.. im sure it's going to be great, it better have a cool video! And remember that Britney once told she would love to work with Marc Anthony ! And now she just did it ! Let's be positive. And let's hope, the song it's amazing, im ready for a scream and shout 2 success,
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    Uma is notorious IG/Twitter troll. Her account is super funny but she drags EVERYONE, even Britney. Was happy to see some love If you look at the comments she writes 'Outsold both their discographies'. Pretty sure this is in respond to that UK site that apperently shaded Britney. Figured I'd share!
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    She had too much apple pie last night and had a big dump this morning, that explains the fluctuation
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    so the meltdowns are already starting?
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    So we're getting... Britney Spears ft. Panic At the Disco Mariah Carey ft. Britney Spears Pitbull & whatever ft. Britney Spears Britney Spears presents Apple Pie whats next, Britney Spears: Live from PBS?
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    Maybe it was for I FEELSO FREE WITH YOU.... AND NOT FOR APPLE LIE, i doubt Marc Antony and Pitbull were in the set, but maybe they are going to film each one parts in different sets, SINCE BILLBOARD said that the song is going to be released before august, and the tour is about to start, im sure they are going to release the song really soon, Who knows,,, it's still a mistery what was Britney doing on that set, and i just really hope that I Feel So Free With You have a video
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    Three UK posted this about Britney

    So Three a massive UK cellular network posted this on their story: Tweet them: @threeuk
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    She is Mrs. She's too big, now shes too thin..
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    Britney posted this fishing trip picture because she excels at trolling us for +20 years She's the best
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    That's what they want us to think so they can surprise-release Apple Pie tomorrow and slay the world
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    DISCLAIMER: I am here DEFENDING britney Ok so, in the bodybuilding and fitness world, things aren’t as simple as thin or thick. You always have two stages in your routine 1-Bulking phase: during bulking phase, you work hard at the gym, you eat more carbs and protein to induce muscle growth. This is why most gym enthusiasts sometimes look thicker than usual. You grow your muscles and feed them the nutrients they need. You gain some fat in the process 2- Cutting phase: Cutting phase is when you feel that you reached a good level muscle wise. After you grew your muscles, you need to shed off the extra fat that comes with building muscle. In this phase you focus mostly on eating protein so you shed the fat and look toned BOTTOM LINE: If britney seemed thicker it doesn’t mean she just decided to get fat, she has a gym coach and is most probably in her bulking phase to grow more muscles. When she is thin it means she is in the cutting stage and is shedding fat I’m sure members here who are hardcore gym enthusiasts relate to this
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    I really don't understand when people say Paris is a bad influence. I mean, have you looked at the woman? She's one of the only ones that came out of this whole paparazzi media craze as a sane human being (unlike Lindsay for instance). She used it to her advantage to get the exposure she needed and then basically built a mega empire around her persona which she is now managing from behind the scenes. This woman realized a looooong time ago that one has to play the media game for a while but also has to know when to stop, refocus and use it to one's advantage. And she stopped successfully, not unlike Britney herself. If ANYTHING, I think those two are super cute together and I think both Britney and Paris are awesome, good people. I've met Paris like 3 times and she has been nothing short of sweet, kind and incredibly patient w/every single person that approached her for a picture, a quick chat or whatever.
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    I think that Cher was referring to Mariah.
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    The day Hold It Against Me was released people were expecting Britney to do radio interviews, tv appearances etc, but the only thing we had was candids of her fishing with her sons and parents The rest is history
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    Pitbull is harldy a D-Lister IMO. I'm looking forward to their collab tbh
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    The Desert Performance was kinda out of this world though I was like
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